#1 Tip To Stop Biotin Acne Breakout

It’s not everyone who takes biotin and goes Scott free with regard to acne breakouts so today,  I’m sharing my 1 tip to stop biotin acne breakout. Biotin has been known to aid in hair growth and nails growth. Personally, I’ve been taking biotin in different forms for about 3 years now and counting.


Biotin, although water soluble, can create havoc if taken in excess in the form of acne breakout. A lot of solutions have been given to curb this problem. The first suggest is to increase your water intake in order to dissolve the biotin in the system. Others also advocate starting from a low dose and gradually work your way up to a larger dose.


Even though ladies try all these techniques, these seem to have yielded nothing. Recently, a friend complained about biotin breakout so I put to test what I’d suspected all this time and she had amazing results within days. All that is required is to take in as much as water and then implement this technique you are about to learn.

Watch the video to get this one tip and enjoy taking your biotin.



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