Do You Shampoo After Or Before Deep Conditioning?

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There's been a debate over whether it's advisable to dc before or after shampoo. Well, JC of has written a beautiful piece about this. If am not mistaken, she wrote a similar article years ago and it sparked the debate. Well, the lastest post discusses what to do if you want to shampoo before deep conditioning and if you want to shampoo after deep conditioning.

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  1. I really just started deep conditioning on a regular basis recently. I tend to prepoo when I have allotted my time well, wash, condition and then deep condition. I can't tell if my hair loves it yet but it's softer and my new growth hasn't gotten out of hand.

    1. Wow!Your method also seems to be a bit different and the deep conditioner doesn't get washed out. Now, don't be surprised when I try your method.

  2. After I shampoo for a few reasons: I prepoo with oils, water is the ultimate moisturizer so I like my hair to be slightly damp and sometimes I use sulfate shampoos and although I don't use the extremely drying kind, I would think my hair would suffer if I didn't DC afterwards.

    1. I think that's the best way to save time since using shampoo after the dc means using a conditioner to replenish the moisture.

  3. I didn't know any of this. I usually just go with the flow and shampoo then condition. This is all news to me...

  4. I usually shampoo and then deep condition. On days that I co-wash, I deep condition first, just out of convenience


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