My Afro Technique

It's quite simple really. It's not very complicated as many people think.
People keep as asking me how I manage to comb my hair all the time.
And honestly, it gets frustrating sometimes.

Anyway, this is my technique:

1.Wet your hair using a spray bottle.
2.Use your fingers to pull out the hair as it may be compressed especially if you slept on it.
3.Apply a moisturiser- I use Hawaian Silky 14-in-1.
4.Seal with an oil.I use Coconut Oil.
5.Comb the ends of you hair. The trick I use is not to comb from the roots.
6.Pat with your hands.
7.Place your scarf on your hair and gently pat to shapen the Afro.

Thats all folks.


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