I Got Featured!!!

Hello Guys,
Long time ,no see (my Ghanaian Broken English). I haven't posted in a while because my hair is in braids.I however hope to do a maintenace post soon.

I've got great news. I got featured on http://trendsandblendsgh.blogspot.com/2013/04/feature-on-afrodiva-nally.html. Be sure to check it out for more great pictures.
The whole experience was fun. I was a bit nervous at first as I've never done a professional photoshoot before.
I had banded my hair two days prior to the shoot. And when I finally took them out they were soo stretched that they looked like I had relaxed it(I really began to panic, sorry I mistakenly deleted the pictures).
 I had to reach out for some water which reverted my hair hair back to its original state,though still stretched out. What a relief that was!!!

I want to thank you guys for all the support you rendered to EmprezzAbena and I.
Thank you soo much for reading and contributing to our blog.

I'm having my Youtube 100+giveaway soon. I have 95 subscribers at the moment and a lot of prizes to give out. Keep Calm and Subscribe if you haven't.

Great Day!!!!


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