31 August, 2013

August Goals in Review;September Goals

The month has ended already! Thank God for our lives.

I actually can't tell whether I failed or achieved my August goals. For most part, my plans concerning my hair changed completely
*I took out the weave as it was shedding and messing up my room plus having to comb it a zillion times a day to keep it looking good wasn't going to work with my schedule. That means I dealt with my own hair which took less time maintaining.

*I also got to use some New products which have turned my hair's health around. I used a black semi permanent colour as I got fed up with the henna colour. In addition, I added roux porosity control, Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1  and Cantu sheabutter leave in to my arsenal. The hair has been awesome this month and I've stocked up on these products!
* I haven't finished working on my research papers but I've been  reading. I've also had a few topics so my research is definitely going well.
*I have two more hair items to be revealed soon and I hope to enjoy one particular product to the max.
*I've been taking my vitamins too; once a day vitamins are better for my schedule. My diet has also improved so I feel stronger!
*I don't jump robes, I do something more. I'll share that later:-).
* I might not need to stock up on any product yet. If I have to, it would be Organic Root Simulator Replenishing conditioner as I've had difficulties getting Kuza cholesterol.
*I'll use up the Elasta QP conditioner so I can get rid of it. I'll then use up the Queen Helene cholesterol with Ginseng.
* Try my new hair tools as soon as they arrive.
*Get chamomille tea for tea rinses as black tea leaves the hair hard. If I get burdock root tea, the better.
*Continue massaging my edges with Jamaican black castor oil.
*Keep working on my papers.
If anything else comes up, you'll get updated!
What were your goals, what did you achieve, and what are your September plans?

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27 August, 2013

Blog Anniversary: I Am A Year Old Today!!

Maraba (welcome)
Oh! It’s not me talking, it’s the blog saying it. Hurray!!
A very fun filled journey it has been and still going strong. Truth is, this isn’t my first blog; I started blogging in 2009 (used the old blogger,lol). It was meant to document academic stuff-especially essays on gender. Well, I got tied up with the same academic stuff and left the blog hanging.

Fast forward to June, 2011 when I visited my blog again and this time, decided to delete it since I wasn’t sure I was going to use it. However, I had just bc’ed and read that documenting the hair journey was one of the ways of monitoring your progress. So, instead of deleting it, I wrote a short post on it about my hair. Then, I vanished again as I was busy with grad school. In December 2011, I had eventually submitted my thesis so I went back to my “precious” (Lord of the Rings?). I quenched that blog and set up a new one using the name “naturalemprezz”.  I’d seen too many blogs with the name “natural” attached to them and didn’t feel unique. (No offense intended). 
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26 August, 2013

Product Review: Cantu Shea Butter Leave In

Full name: Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream.
Price: 35-45 depending on the store (ghanaianemprezz shop:call 0541458372)

How I use it:
  • After air drying: I use it on 70% dry hair
  • Before roller setting: Apply it after rinsing out deep conditioner and before roller set
  • Moisturizer: Use it on totally dry hair and seal with oil sometimes at night and others, morning.
  • Leave in treatment: Apply on dry hair, cover with shower cap overnight.




  • Great SMELL!!! I love the smell of this product; not too strong and not so mild too. 
  • Very moisturizing: my hair responded so well to it the first time I used it which was at the salon; it got my stylist to request for on!! On nights I use it for Green House Effect, I woke up with very soft, moisturized hair!
  • Thickness: Not too thick, creamy so you don't have to worry about it pouring away in your back:)
  •  A little goes a long way even though using a lot also doesn't weigh my hair down. I'm not so heavy handed with products anyway.

  • Even though I was quite scared when I saw the review on it about containing protein, I'm pretty excited to say that the protein is far down the list of ingredients and thus hasn't posed any problems for me. After looking at each experience with protein, I'd have sworn off this product if I'd gotten another bit of overload. 

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24 August, 2013

Wash Day; One Hair Goal Achieved.

I've really fallen in love with my hair again after weeks of fighting and trying to get rid of protein overload! This weekend wash was pretty simple! 1. Pre-poo with Vatika coconut oil for 2 hours 2. Diluted L'Oreal Elvive shampoo in a bottle and used it to wash 3. T-shirt dried for about 10 minutes 4. Applied Kuza Indian Hemp Cholesterol for 20 minutes 5. Rinsed the Kuza and T-shirt dried for sometime 6. Added Cantu sheabutter leave in and Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 7. Sealed with olive oil. During the week, I achieved one of my hair goals- A sock bun- which I wore for most part of the week.

1. On Saturday, I co-washed with Suave Almond conditioner and air dried overnight. 2. Sunday morning, I aapplied Cantu sheabutter leave in and Hawaiian Silky 14 in-1 and sealed with ORS heat protectant 3. Air dried for the heat protectant to get absorbed-Am doing this to see if not allowing it to get absorbed is what causes my poor flat iron results. 4. Re-wet the hair and did a flexi set, did some stuff and went under the dryer. See pictures on my Facebook (www.Facebook.com/ghanaianemprezz) and Instagram (www.Instagram.com/ghanaianemprezz)
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18 August, 2013

Wash Day @ 5 Weeks Post With Satchet Water!

--> Basically, the week past has seen a lot of improvement in my hair's  health. I've moisturized and sealed every night. I apply a coin size of Cantu sheabutter leave in, Hawaiian silky 14-in-1 and seal with olive oil and finish up with shower cap for the night.I prefer M&S in the night as my mornings are hectic. So far, am quite pleased with the Hawaiian silky and Cantu sheabutter leave in. (full review soon).
Anyway, I'd intended on a salon wash after Friday night pre-poo with Vatika coconut oil ( see my review on www.YouTube.com/EmprezzAbena.) but I cancelled it out of laziness. I didn't have water to wash to used some Satchet Water and now am contemplating on using that all the time!
*I, first, heated some of the water-the weather is very cold here- poured it in an empty bottle and diluted some shampoo with it. This made shampoo application so easy; certainly a keeper.
*I rinsed in my bathroom sink with warm water and followed with cold water;
*t-shirt dried for about 2 minutes,
* followed up with Kuza Indian Hemp Cholesterol and covered with shower cap for about 20 minutes since I was attending to a few stuff.
* Rinsed in my bathroom sink and  added a coin size amount of Roux  Porosity control for about another 2 minutes.
* T-shirt dried for 5 minutes
*Tied my edges with silk scarf for some minutes
*Added Cantu Sheabutter leave in and Hawaiian silky 14-in-1 and sealed with olive oil. I tried a sock bun and really loved it!

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16 August, 2013

Product Review: One Step Leave In

 Full name: One Step Corrective Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner
Cost: 8gh Cosmetic shops
What it claims: One Step Corrective Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner is a must leave in styling conditioner for natural and chemically treated hair. This is multi-action formula leaves hair softer, easy to comb, smoother cuticles, stronger and vibrant. It repairs hair where needed most, leaving it healthy looking, shiny and manageable.

Directions: for daily use- pour a generous amount into palm, rub hands together and work from roots to ends, style as desired.
After shampooing, relaxing, or colouring-towel dry hair and apply a generous amount to wet hair. comb through. Do not rinse out.
Ingredients: (first five) water, gylcerin, olive oil, mineral oil, polyquaternum-32 etc

How I use it

  • when moisturizing, daily or once every two days, I apply it to dry hair and seal with my oils
  • After washing the hair, I apply it as a leave in to either wet hair if am at the salon or semi dry hair if air drying.


  • Has great slip which makes detangling very easy
  • Not so light consistency which makes it easy to apply to the strands

  • No strong smell so there's no lingering scent after using it
  • Easily gets absorbed into the strands so it doesn't leave the hair coated


  • Contains mineral oil 
Overall, I like using it and would maintain it in rotation with my other moisturizers and leave ins
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14 August, 2013

Create A Hair Band With A Scarf

If you are a millennial, there is the tendency not to understand the intricacies of a head scarf in your mom's stash of clothing LOL. For us, we've been privileged to see our mothers and grandmothers adorn their hair with scarves for church and funerals. In fact, my granny insists on wearing a scarf to any funeral ground.

But do you know that what we've looked down on all these years has become a great hair accessory for ladies abroad ? That's what happens when we are so clued to the so-called modern trends and fashion!

The scarf you look down on can save your hair on bad hair days, it can add a new dimension to your styling routine and also make you stand out. So, how do you use your scarf?

Here's a fabulous hair scarf tutorial from CoCogLam22. I'm most certainly turning my scarves into hair bands! Enjoy!

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10 August, 2013

Wash Day @ 4 Weeks Post;New Products

If you've been following me on my Facebook page, then, you'll know that the weave is out for some reasons.
Anyway, after removing the weave, I, only got a shampoo and regular conditioner wash as I'd no product there. During the week, my hair products arrived from the US so it was so exciting this wash.
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09 August, 2013

10-Co-Washing Problems (10): When Do You Stop Co-washing?

This is the last of the the "10-Co-washing problems series" though that doesn't exhaust other problems that come with conditioner wash.
For me, I haven't ceased co-washing; I do it when I feel the need for it though not as regular as when I visited the gym daily.
Also, when I had protein overload from using a protein based conditioner for co-washing, I simply quit using it and switched to a moisturizing conditioner.
The only time you may have to stop co-washing is if you catch cold as a result of it!
see previous posts below!

1. Does Your Hair Needs Co-Washing?
2. What Type of Conditioner To Use
3. Should You Do Pure Co-Washing?
4. When And How Often To Co-Wash?
5. How Do You Dry Your Hair After Co-Washing?
6. What Style To Wear After Co-Washing
7. Dealing With Damp Hair In The Morning
8. Sleeping With Wet Hair
9.  The Case of Build Up
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03 August, 2013

July Goals In Review; August Intentions

See my July goals! You may have noticed that I haven't updated you for a while. I'm stuck with work. I've been almost overwhelmed with a lot of things going on in my life such that getting my behind to create an update has been a hassle. Anyways, let's see what happened in July!
Take Vitamins: I couldn't do this again because I'd decided to purchase liquid one instead as swallowing the capsules was a difficult one. I haven't had the liquid vitamins though but I need it now more than ever as my body needs to recover from severe stress.

  • Maintaining my gym routine: I did that for the first two weeks but had to leave town after that. However, I've kept up with jumping robes whenever I have the time so I applaud myself for this!
  • Black tea rinse: I didn't do this as planned and now that am in a weave, I don't think it will come off this month. I'll use some rinse when I take the weave out to minimize breakage and shedding. 
  • Take a fruit a day: I still managed to keep up with mangoes but with where I currently find myself, there's no way I can get and take one a day. I'll purchase fruits that can survive for 3 days without refrigeration since I don't have a fridge in my current place.
  • More protective styling: Yes!, after my touch-up, I got a weave which I've had for 2 weeks now. On another note, I haven't done anything to my hair beneath the weave and don't intend to until I leave at the end of the month simply for two reasons; I didn't bring any product along and I don't trust that I'll get the service I want. I'm also too tired to attend to my hair on a weekly basis. I'm not worried about moisture because the weather here stays cold 24/7
  • I got the FC blemish cream and the sunscreen plus two new pairs of shoes!
For August
  1. Complete 2 research papers: This is the most important for me as it's about time I went back to my books so I'm working on getting some publications to ensure my place in academia.  Each month, I'll target a research paper and want to do so till the end of the year. That will mean having about  5 in the pipeline and at least 1 published.
  2. Maintain the weave till September and remove it. I'll probably be back in another one till November ending. Honestly, I don't have hair on my mind and so it's better I keep it tucked away
  3. Purchase a braid spray this week to keep the hair beneath the weave moisturized. I'll be doing that anytime I pop into the market. 
  4.  5 dresses for work. I want to focus on my fashion life too! 
  5. Get 2 pairs of sandals for work.
Did you achieve your goals last month and what are your August plans?

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    02 August, 2013

    My Current Protective Style-Sew-In With Leave Out!

    --> Hope my ladies are doing better with their hair!I got the dream yaki 12 and 14 inches and got my stylist to fix it for me.I have been wearing this artificial piece for two weeks now and haven't moisturized nor washed my hair yet!See my August goals for my hair intentions
    I was worried about adding stress to my already bad edges but my stylist had her own method of installing weaves. She left out my edges from one end of my ear to the other!

    I haven't had the urge to remove it because am under loads of pressure and having my hair out will be too risky so better this way. 
    How are you wearing your hair?

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