August Goals in Review;September Goals

The month has ended already! Thank God for our lives.

I actually can't tell whether I failed or achieved my August goals. For most part, my plans concerning my hair changed completely
*I took out the weave as it was shedding and messing up my room plus having to comb it a zillion times a day to keep it looking good wasn't going to work with my schedule. That means I dealt with my own hair which took less time maintaining.

*I also got to use some New products which have turned my hair's health around. I used a black semi permanent colour as I got fed up with the henna colour. In addition, I added roux porosity control, Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1  and Cantu sheabutter leave in to my arsenal. The hair has been awesome this month and I've stocked up on these products!
* I haven't finished working on my research papers but I've been  reading. I've also had a few topics so my research is definitely going well.
*I have two more hair items to be revealed soon and I hope to enjoy one particular product to the max.
*I've been taking my vitamins too; once a day vitamins are better for my schedule. My diet has also improved so I feel stronger!
*I don't jump robes, I do something more. I'll share that later:-).
* I might not need to stock up on any product yet. If I have to, it would be Organic Root Simulator Replenishing conditioner as I've had difficulties getting Kuza cholesterol.
*I'll use up the Elasta QP conditioner so I can get rid of it. I'll then use up the Queen Helene cholesterol with Ginseng.
* Try my new hair tools as soon as they arrive.
*Get chamomille tea for tea rinses as black tea leaves the hair hard. If I get burdock root tea, the better.
*Continue massaging my edges with Jamaican black castor oil.
*Keep working on my papers.
If anything else comes up, you'll get updated!
What were your goals, what did you achieve, and what are your September plans?


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