27 September, 2013

11 Weeks Post Relaxer; Battling Rain

--> You might be wondering about the title. Well,it's been raining left and right every minute making my hair damp all the time!From my early morning exercise to late in the evening, my hair stays loose as it is constantly being air dried. My hooded dryer should be with me soon otherwise I don't know how the hair be like. The atmosphere is wet throughout the day! Am  thinking about continuing the stretch till December so I need to sort out the messy hair.
I've co-washed two days in a row too. My hair,regardless of the wetness, didn't feel moisturized after deep conditioning with my burdock oil mixed into a regular conditioner. I'd given out my kuza and other stuff and had intended getting ORS replenishing conditioner which didn't materialize. I co-washed the next evening ( hair was still damp). I have been using coconut oil more to prevent hygral fatigue as a result of the constantly wet hair. Then, I got dark and lovely cholesterol just to make sure that 3 weeks of no deep conditioning wasn't creating that havoc. I also bought Forever living ph balanced conditioner to co-wash. That stuff is goodddddd! My hair felt soft. I applied the cholesterol and used Hawaiian silky 14-in-1 as leave in. Sealed with coconut oil. I hope the hair dries by tomorrow.
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24 September, 2013

My Burdock Oil

1. Emptied my bit of hydrogen peroxide from the bottle. Thoroughly washed bottle and tilted it to dry

 2. Then after a while, poured my last bit of Jamaican black castor oil ( coming soon to my shop) into the empty bottle

 3. Added a good amount of Olive oil to jbco

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22 September, 2013

Why I Won'Be Your Regular Natural...

When I was natural, I got my hair straightened once which lasted a full week!

However, I was scared of heat damage so I decided it would be easier to relax than be seen with heat damaged hair. Till date,that talk about heat damage and naturals"fake" naturals hasn't ceased in forums.

After all these years of reading, I've learnt one basic fact: People will always complain about the hair choices we make. Each time I read threads about using heat, relaxer all I see is people telling others what they think they ought to do and not what they could do. (semantics here).

I know one thing for sure: I love my hair  be it natural or relaxed but I prefer straight hair minus chemicals.  Simple. The long stretches I have are to reduce the excessive use of relaxer. I'll go chemical free but not your usual natural.

Why? My natural hair had single strand knots even at the short length and it drove me crazy. I have dense hair but fine strands. I haven't suffered any ssks since I relaxed. Keeping my hair stretched will be the best for my hair and I have definitely convinced myself about my decision to be chemical free in the near future.
My hair develops ssks in its shrunken state, matted and tangled ends greeted me if I didn't band before bed.
There are other problems I encountered but Won't delve into the details.

Am writing this because I have ladies who want to be straight naturals yet are too afraid of what others will say. Relaxed ladies like me are seen as self haters and naturals are regarded as being unprofessional etc.  I've said it before; society will never cease judging us as women and the important thing now is to achieve my vital and extremely important goals in life like getting a Phd. 

Whatever be the case, am not going to be your regular natural lady when I make up my mind in probably 1,2,3,4,5,10 years time  lol.

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21 September, 2013

Go Beyond Black And Green Tea Rinses : Burdock And More!!

I found wonderful tea Rises you could include in your wash day!
Slippery Elm tea 
Roobios Red tea
Moringa tea
Bamboo tea
Burdock tea
I have burdock root oil and will be brewing the root for rinses. I'll stock up when I can.
Click on this link for how to incorporate the teas above. Relaxedthairapy
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17 September, 2013

New Protective Style: Cornrows

--> I got the cornrows installed two days ago and it wasn't an easy task for the stylist.My new growth at 9 weeks post relaxer is awesome  but getting the comb through for the parts was a great challenge. If I'll get another braid, I will blow dry the roots to stretch it.
That was my first time with this stylist and I'm hoping to "tune" her to healthy hair practices.com when it comes to handling my hair.
I've finally discovered why I can't keep braid styles for more than 2 weeks; The pulling I feel on my head days after braiding even though the braid won't be hurting. Let me describe it; the feeling you get when you turn your head a day after braiding or the pull even days later, is just not fun for me! I get more conscious of something being on my head!
Once I get that, which takes days to go away, all I want to do is get that style down! I have that going on right now and since I can't do my braids, it's going to be difficult solving this problem.
Anyway, I'm fully aware that this is a result of being tender headed so I won't mind my usual 2 weeks. Yes, I'm enjoying the freedom of not standing in front of the mirror to do my hair at least for some days. My lifestyle is now too crazy but it will settle down very soon. I wish I could share about my life but for reasons beyond my control, I can only share bits and pieces.
Currently, I'm doing a lot of reading to keep up with changing academic trends and that doesn't give me much liberty to do hair stuff but I'll do my best to keep this blog going.
How have you been protecting your hair?
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15 September, 2013

5 Worst Ways To Moisturize Hair

Moisturizing and sealing is a big deal if you want to retain length and increase moisture in your hair.
You'll find a lot of articles on products that can provide moisture, products to seal in moisture and also to prevent dryness.

Whatever you use in moisturizing and sealing, the key thing is the technique. Having the tool doesn't mean you know how to use it. You can buy all the sheamoisture, the Carols Daughter, Aunt Jackie, We Naturals, Eya Naturals and what have you but you won't still have the moisturized hair you want. The method or technique for moisturizing and sealing is an essential step in the process. What product do you use first? How do you apply it? What do you use last? What shouldn't be used and why? How long should you use a particular product in moisturizing?
Youtuber rlinzy discusses five worst ways to moisturize hair!

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12 September, 2013

Hair Tutorial: Upside Down FishTail Braid

The fish braid style looks complicated to create but it's quite a simple one. This hair style can be created without extensions if your hair is long.

Image result for Upside Down FishTail Braid
If you want to protect your ends without relying on buns and braids, the fish tail braid does a great job of protecting your ends.

DessyQT creates a gorgeous style and I know you'll love to do it especially for a special occasion. If you can't do it yourself, show it to your hair dresser.

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09 September, 2013

Product Review: Roux Porosity Control Conditioner

The Roux porosity Conditioner has become a household name in hair care for the reason that it helps restore your porosity to the normal level. At least that's the rationale for purchasing it. For relaxed hair, restoring the pH of your hair after relaxer application is an essential part of the routine.You have to close the cuticles to prevent damage. 

Apart from using the neutralizing shampoo, a porosity control allows for the restoration of the pH. 

                                              Image result for roux porosity

In this review, I talk about the consistency, its effectiveness, how my hair responds to the ingredients and whether I'll keep using it!

Have you used Roux porosity control conditioner before? What are your thoughts?


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08 September, 2013

Wash Day @ 7 Weeks Post; Did A Black Rinse All By Myself

Ladies, my hair has been superb this past month; I simply adore it! This wash day also went pretty smoothly and gave me a great experience with twist outs!
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06 September, 2013

Do You Have To Chelate Or Clarify?

 One of my readers asked this question after seeing a conversation about chelating after relaxer and why it had to be done. To the best of my knowledge, chelating and clarifying are two different processes.
From what I know, chelating shampoos cleanse the hair of mineral deposits. When you use a no-lye relaxer aka box cream, the no-lye leaves calcium deposits and this contributes to the dryness you get after relaxer. In addition, hard water can leave mineral deposits in the hair. Take, for example, our tap water!
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