25 October, 2013

It's A Hair Affair: Meet, Greet And Swap Event!!!

It's the first ever meet, greet and swap hair event!!! In collaboration with Stella of ghlonghair there will  be a hair meet up to bring ladies on healthy hair journey and those interested in starting their own healthy hair journey  in one room to discuss:

* Hair care tips: regimen,choosing products
 * Maintaining natural hair: washing, detangling , combing , moisturizing and sealing.
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24 October, 2013

My Most Expensive Hair Investment!

--> That will be the Secura facial and hair steamer!!! This has unseated my now-sold carmen hooded dryer. I bought that baby and got it shipped as part of my August imports. Cost me $79 on amazon.
The funny thing is I didn't/haven't unboxed it since its arrival last week! Sigh! I can't explain why but I will be using the facial steamer next week. Once I get it over to my place, I'll be using that for my deep conditioning sections.
Right now, I have only one hair tool left to purchase - flat iron.  After this, I've taken a pledge to make 2014 a no- buy year or should I say, less buying yea lol- won't commit myself!
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22 October, 2013

Guest Post: My Hair Journey…….. The Begining


Let me introduce myself.  I am Miranisa, 18 years old and first year in the University of Ghana, and proudly on a healthy hair journey!
I officially started my journey in July 2013. I had TWA then. I had just gotten out of high school. I read several blogs, watched Youtube videos just searching for ways to grow my hair really long. All the blogs especially Ghlonghair and Ghanaianemprezz inspired me to not look for long hair but thicker, healthier hair. And so my journey began in July when I decided to relax my hair. My natural hair was so coily, untidy and it shed a lot when I combed, mainly because it was so tangled up together. And so I made myself a healthy hair regimen which mostly consisted;
  • Drink more water
  •  Massage scalp
  •  Moisturize
  •  Co-wash regularly
  •  Keep my scalp clean

I wasn’t ready to trim regularly and I figured that I am going to get a trim with every relaxer touch up. So I didn’t list it on my regimen.

so yeah, my healthy hair journey has begun. :)

Miranisa, our guest blogger, will be sharing her hair journey with us through her posts!
You can connect with Miranisa on Google plus 
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20 October, 2013

Product Review: Keracare Humecto Creme Conditioner!

Want to know my thoughts about the Keracare Humecto Creme conditioner? Watch my review video! 

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Natural Hair Wash Day and Trim!

For my sister, Damaris (see her feature here)

The wash day started on Friday; she shampooed and deep conditioned with dark and lovely ultra cholesterol. Yesterday, she rewet the hair since she wanted to get it flat ironed. It was also an opportunity to test my latest hair tool- Conair 3 in 1 blow dryer!
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19 October, 2013

14 Weeks Post Relaxer; Darling Twist

--> July relaxer hereWell, that's actually the name of the brand of hair I used for the twist!After talking a friend about my hair situation, she took me to her stylist who turned out to be quite competent.

The Consultation
First, to deal with the aches and pains, we went through which style would be the least stressful during daily care. She did something unusual- she pre-determined how she would style whatever hair style  I picked so I don't touch the style at all! I opted for twist as it's easy to manage.

For the hair to use, I made a mental note of all my braids and realised that the particular type I always used turned out to be too heavy  for my head. I mean those brands were very thick so when used for braids, they are put into hot water to soften it. That soaking up made the style heavier as it took days to dry. I asked her if she had a much lighter hair like Marley braids and she recommended the Darling twist. No hot water dipping!
The Braiding
For the braiding process, only the stylist did the parting and would braid the bottom for the other workers to continue. Why? To avoid pulling from different angles during parting! No painful scalp!
The process took 2 hours and I kept praying that I'd like this new idea of pre- determined style. It worked out very well, leaving me with this
How's your hair doing?
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18 October, 2013

Product Review:Kuza Indian Hemp Cholesterol

--> At last! My review of the hyped kuza cholesterol!

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17 October, 2013

The Hair Today: Mid Week Co-wash

--> Actually, I co-washed Yesterday in the night.I wet the hair throughly in the sink, applied Forever Living Ph balanced conditioning rinse. Moisturized and soft hair galore! Did a tea+burdock root rinse and left on for 5 minutes, rinsed once with cold water, applied Kuza cholesterol and took my bath during which I rinsed out the Kuza.
To prevent shrinkage, I pulled the  hair into a ponytail for bedtime.
Stay Tuned for more on how I styled the hair!!
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14 October, 2013

The Hair Today (14/10/2013

--> I want to share my day-to-day hair care activities with you, especially, new ladies on the healthy hair journey.This morning, I put the hair into 4 sections. With each part, I further divided it into small sections to make application of my "moisturizing mix" easier ( will share what that mixture entails tomorrow).
I used the pads of the fingers to apply the mix, starting from the root. Afterwards, I massaged the products into the hair whilst finger combing.
To style the hair, I simply tucked and rolled (see the tutorial here).
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13 October, 2013

Product Review: Queen Helene Cholesterol With Ginseng!

You maybe familiar with Queen Helene cholesterol for your hair but do you know there is one with ginseng called Queen Helene Cholesterol with Ginseng? 

I purchased the one with the ginseng to try and after a few weeks, I think it's time to give you my review. In the video, I talk about the price, the consistency, how I use it and how my hair responds to it. Please subscribe for more videos!

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12 October, 2013

Twist Out On Relaxed Hair

I think my hair appreciates the current thickness though it can be frustrating caring for it.
Today's style is the result of a twist and curl. Yesterday,. around 4pm,.I decided to do a twist out. I parted the hair into small sections. To twist, I dampened a section with water, braided the root and twisted the ends of the hair and set on perm rods.
I covered the set with a beanie and this morning, as I took down a rod, I applied some almond oil to my finger tips before unraveling the twist.
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10 October, 2013

13 Weeks Post Relaxer; What's Going On.

--> Since I've come to terms with my hyper sensitive scalp, I took down my cornrows that I kept for my wig through the week! As if my head sensed my unwillingness to wash it this week, it started throbbing on Thursday night.  I'll be seeing a doctor for a check up/ explanation for this hyper sensitive scalp and my headache each time I braid. Anyway, am glad I listened to my hair because after washing it, the headache seized.
* Prepooed with Vatika coconut oil for an hour as I cleaned my room ( See review on my channel www.YouTube.com/EmprezzAbena )
* Detangled with Sheabeutimia Detangling conditioner
* Added VO5 conditioner and washed the hair
*Followed up with Creme Of Nature Detangling Shampoo( review on my youtube channel.)
*Rinsed with lukewarm water
*Applied Suave Almond and sheabutter conditioner
*Rinsed and t-shirt dried
*Added a brewed mixture of burdock root and green tea
*Didn't rinse but rather applied Kuza Cholesterol (review video will be up on my channel tomorrow)
* Left it on for  about 20 minutes and washed it out as I took my bath.
*T-shirt dried and applied my hair spray mixture of Cantu sheabutter leave in, Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 moisturizer, One Step leave in, Almond oil, Hemp oil, and coconut oil!
* I was in the process of air drying when I got a call to attend a meeting right at that moment. Fortunately, my friend has a blow dryer with comb attachment so I was done within minutes and was out!
Might take pictures for my Facebook page
How was your wash day?
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My Experience With Henna; Will I Do It Again?

--> I've had this in mind for a while now and didn't want to say much till I was sure of my decision. I read Abibah of Naturallybeautifulgh post on her henna treatment and again, some words re-echoed  what I'd been thinking of!
After my henna, I loved the colour deposit. It felt good to have moved from my conservative self to an adventurous person; I wasn't hooked to the dark hair and I cared less about what others would think about the new reddish tone!
Fast forward to 5 months, I found out something in the most painful way.  Whilst the henna had softened my new growth back, making it manageable till relaxer day, it had also further softened my already relaxed hair!!!
Now, don't jump into conclusions about your henna use. My thin 4-5 inches had received more of the henna because I didn't focus on the roots; I wanted the reddish tone on the ends. My already straight hair had become too straight; much like overprocessed relaxed hair.
There are a lot of relaxed ladies who henna their hair frequently but haven't complained about this problem. To me, the fact that I have fine strands might be the reason for that reaction.
The next time I'll henna will be when am natural so I wouldn't mind a loose texture!!! I'll suggest that for relaxed ladies, you do a small part of the hair and wait for some time to see how the hair turns out.
Currently, I have some left over colour but that part of the hair is still thick as it didn't get a lot of henna. I'll do another cut next year till all that is gone; told you I'll be keeping the short cut for a while!
Stay tuned for more posts about my hair!
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06 October, 2013

#GHEZ Healthy Natural Hair Feature: Meet Damaris !!

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GHEZ Healthy Hair Feature: Michelle

Our feature today is Michelle who is a Ghanaian and liives in Ghana!

How and Why did you start your hair journey? I started my hair journey by mistake. A colleague from Senior High School had a blog and she interviewed ulovemegz. T thought her hair was gorgeous so I followed the link to her channel and that changed my hair story forever. I had long hair before University but when I got there, I got into the craze of cutting and always straightening hair so whenever my hair grew, scissor happy stylists will cut it all off.

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05 October, 2013

Wash Day @ 12 Weeks Post Relaxer

--> This wash went down in the night because I was feeling too tired from the trips I made on that Thursday.
  1. I started with using ORS aloe shampoo to clarify. September has taught me never to go for two weeks without clarifying since I use a lot of products during the week. I shampooed twice.
  2. Followed with Creme Of Nature Detangling shampoo
  3. Divided the hair into two parts, applied VO5 to one half and Suave naturals to the other. I wanted a side by side comparison of these two conditioners. I left the hair for about 2 minutes and rinsed. Verdict? VO5 certainly had more slip as my hands easily glided through the new growth. Am going to use the Suave naturals anyway and anyhow - waste not.
  4. T-shirt dried for 1 minute to reduce water quantity to allow better penetration of the deep conditioner.
  5. Applied Kuza and left it on whilst I took a shower.
  6. Rinsed, T-shirt dried, added One Step leave in and almond oil and did the hooded dryer air dry method.
  7. Next morning, I rewet the hair with water, put in flexi rods, sat under dryer for about 1 hour. I couldn't take pictures because I had to rush out of the house.
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04 October, 2013

My Current Products....Junkie?

--> Hi ladies, hope you are all faring well!Am in the 12th week after my last relaxer in July. I got some new products as I soon as I got home because time isn't on my side at all. I needed to get things done asap. I got me some Biotin and Skin, Hair and Nails vitamins. I'll be alternating them because the latter contains folic acid which is one of the vitaimins I ought to have in my system daily (Killing two birds with one stone). The Skin, Hair and Nails vitamins contains 3,000mcg biotin whilst the biotin is 5000mcg! I've been taking cod liver oil with evening primrose so my hair, skin and nails is very crucial. I might restock that more than the biotin- still thinking.

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01 October, 2013

September In Review; October Goals!

I'm grateful for what you ladies have been doing for me. I appreciate your support as you visit the blog regularly. Hmmmmmm, new month, new goals? See my September goals here. I'll be discussing what worked or failed last month alongside this month's goals.

*My new tools haven't yet arrived so the wait continues. However, I'll be bringing my hooded dryer to my current place so I can roller set often. Bringing my flexi rods for that.
* Gave out the Elasta QP deep conditioner. Now, I forgot to purchase the ORS replenishing conditioner so am getting that this week. Bought Dark and Lovely cholesterol for temporary use but didn't like its performance at all!! Don't know why.
* I have Kuza now thanks to Stella of ghlonghair. I have a couple of deep conditioners in my amazon cart- next month purchases. Am getting 4 moisturizing deep conditioners! Yes, I've decided to be moisturizing deep conditioner junkie, from now till I feel ok.
* I'm getting Herbal Essences hello hydration condtioners for Co-washing-two bottles. One for each "home".
**My cantu sheabutter leave in and Hawaiian silky 14-in-1 are working well for me. Don't need oils too. Just an addition of sesame, almond and hemp oil.

* Exercised a lot in September and will do so whenever I can- there are days am too exhausted to move out.

* Took my multi vitamins and hoping to keep it up as well as add a new set to it to balance the supplements.

* Working on my papers:-) This hasn't been easy but am trusting God for divine wisdom and understanding to achieve my targets.

*If you didn't know, I cut more than 4 inches off my length! I don't have any plan for now; simply glad that I don't have thin ends. My usual wash routine continues. Will I maintan this length? Probably, I really care less right now about long hair. Seriously over the length thing because I surpassed my pre big chop length and know my hair can be long if I want it to be so.
* Flex sets during the week for October plus perm rod for weekend.

A lot of stuff, right? Let's see what the Lord will do. Stay blessed.

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