2 Weeks Post Big Chop: Wash Day + Oil Rinse

--> This wash day wasn't as simple as the previous one. I added quite a bit of stuff to the process and it took longer than the last one. Here's how it went down:
1. Went to my bathroom sink, used ORS aloe shampoo to clarify because I've been using Jamaican black castor oil on the hair pretty much every day.

2. Rinsed first with cool water and followed up with lukewarm water- I think the purpose is to open up the cuticles so the products can penetrate.

3. Applied burdock oil all over the hair and covered with poly bag for 5 minutes

4. Rinsed with lukewarm water again and applied ORS replenishing conditioner, covered with poly bag and sat down to do stuff for one hour

5. Rinsed and t-shirt dried

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