18 January, 2014

Hair Blogs In Ghana

--> Apart from youtube vloggers (see here for Ghana based hair vloggers ), here are the Ghana based bloggers I know apart from mine
1. www.ghlonghair.blogspot.com : Run by Stella, she shares her journey to texlaxed hair and more!

2. www.naturalistagh.blogspot.com Annette does not only write about her natural hair, she shares  make up information too.

3. www.ghanaiannaturals.blogspot.com  AfroDiva is natural and shares her information aobut her hair as well as other naturals

4. www.growingmymane.blogspot.com Anita is a relaxed hair diva to a journey to healthy long relaxed hair

5.www.naturallybeautiful-gh.blogspot.com Abiba is a natural hair blogger sharing information about her almost Waist length hair.
6.jaykinkskoils Jay shares her natural hair journey as well as giving tips and advice on growing natural hair.

Visit and learn more about healthy hair practices!

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