Crotchet braid to end the harmattan

Well, I got bored with styling my hair daily so I opted for an elegant yet inexpensive protective style- crotchet with kanekolon hair.

I went with my two crotchet pins and taught the hair dresser what to do. The hair turned out so much prettier than the first crotchet I did. The hair used was Obaa Sima as compared to the Outre I used the first time. This hair was smooth and light so the hair wasn't puffy. I used one and half pack; the cornrow was painless! One thing I've noticed with the Tamale stylists I've visited is they know how to make their client comfortable. I didn't experience pain in general. The pain I felt was at the initial stage when she was trying to get the pin out of the cornrow. After she mastered that, it was smooth sailing. We took about 2 hours from start to finish. Her apprentices were pretty excited to have learnt a new hair style.
I'll curl the hair later on but for now, I'm enjoying the fake length lol.






  1. Really pretty. Looking forward to seeing it curled.

  2. nana baffoe11:12 am

    looks nice

  3. abena7:22 pm


  4. abena7:23 pm

    Me too. My next one would be what you did-using the yarn.

  5. kuukua11:24 am

    I'd love to try this! Looks really beautiful


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