28 February, 2015

Wash day: Learning the basics

Get more details on this week in review so you understand why there is a wash day.
After taking down the rows, I finger detangled and used a wide tooth comb to detangle again.

To wash
1. Applied virgin coconut oil to the dirty hair to make detangling easy
2. Chelated and clarified with ORS aloe shampoo 2x. The first one, my hair was like," what do you think you've done hehehehe, I'm not budging a bit with that shampoo". The second time, it said," now, you've got me".
3. Applied roux porosity control and followed up with Dark and lovely aml legend mask.
4. Detangled the hair again- I had a lot of slip with the combination of those two products.
5. T- shirt dried for some minutes, and put the hair into 6 flexi rods to prevent tangling and matting whilst sleeping.
6. Next morning, I applied African pride sheabutter leave in and sealed with ors hairepair vital oils. This is where I observed something interesting. I was able to put my hair into 3 twists! Therefore, I don't have to get the hair cornrowed in order to wig it! I'm excited and nostalgic at the same time. It's been almost 2 years since I did that. I can now leave my hair alone for days, buns were fun but they easily look unkempt when you lie down often like I do.



Even when going to work, it will be easy to tuck the hair under wigs. I'll still get extensions but I want to enjoy this milestone for a while.
Thank you to all the ladies who leave me encouraging comments, Uzo, Patricia, Nana and everyone else. I'm grateful.

I'm also glad that I have great products in my stash which will see me through this transition. All the setbacks were worth it after all!

This is the first time I've detangled 3x during wash and I'm going to keep it up. The first lesson is to master detangling.

Don't forget to check out our March one goal project as it starts tomorrow. The goal is based on this video

PS: After trying different posting schedules, I've settled on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Expect posts on these days including seeing probably two if need be. Thank you so much for helping me achieve this.

Mat 9:28 ..."Do you believe that I am able to do this?" "Yes, Lord," they replied.
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Week in review: 9 weeks post|| Wash day || biotin

OK, ladies. If I'd been told that I'll be sharing a week 9 post with you, I would have laughed it off. However, I know that since I brought my "other person" to this place, I haven't really been surprised. I mean 2 years ago, this 9 weeks would have been a norm.
Anyway, this week has been an inversion one. I inverted from Tuesday to Thursday because honestly the dizziness I had whilst inverting on one of the days scared the day light out of me so I quit.


Mira of mzdirectiongh was able to get me a bottle of 1000mcg Spring Valley biotin. It says to take up to 5 times a day but I take one. I haven't had breakouts with biotin of 5000mcg so I don't think this would.



From the day I got the cornrows installed, I've been applying jbco daily to the scalp. The worry I had was since I couldn't wash the hair, it might smell badly. I decided to try the baby wipes on Friday.


I decided to undo the style to switch it up which could also help with using the wipe to clean. Once the style was undone, I couldn't stand the "stench"! The jbco mixed with black seed oil on my scalp daily was a big mistake. Add that to inversion oiling and you get overdose. The last thing I need is to have that smell ( for many reasons I can't share here, a smelling hair is out of the question). Wiping wasn't going to help since the smell was due to the oils trapped in the rows. I took the for rows down! I know it was one of my March mini goals but if I couldn't stand the smell, you can imagine what others would think. Add that oil to my sweaty scalp, and you get double doze. I'm happy that for ONCE I wasn't eager to take down this style regardless of how boring the one way style was. I wasn't also using a braid spray as I hadn't gone to buy one yet so that was another cause. Lesson 2: if you are going to be using oil on your scalp, get a braid spray.

When I first applied the jbco to my scalp, my scalp itched like crazy! The same happened on the second and third applications. It stopped after that.

I didn't want to wash as I had no light but when I laid down my head on my bed, I had the most disgusting smell left on my pillow. Yes, gross but I want to tell you exactly what it is so you don't do daily oiling! I grabbed a few products and cleansed the hair.

I have some almost used up products which is good. I'd wanted to buy more products; I've changed my mind. I will let more run out before replacing them. However, I'm going to get some shampoo bars to use. That will mean item no 3 is out of my product list. Yeah!! I've eyed shampoo bars ever since EbonyCPrincess of longing4lengthhttp://www.longing4length.com shared her cool experience with them.

I look forward to next week when I do a bit of celebration ( you will know when it happens).

PS: Wash day post will be up soon.
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26 February, 2015

March one goal project

Don't forget to check out February,2015 one goal project and how I fared.
Thanks be to the Almighty Father for bringing us into the third month of the year. It's my prayer that He gives us the energy and will power to succeed in all our endeavours for the month.
Talking about endeavors, this month's one goal is actually a spill over from February. I got a cornrow updo installed about 2 weeks ago. You are no stranger to my inability to keep my hair tucked away for more than 2 weeks so this has become my goal for March.
The Goal
I will only take down this style after March 31st.
It's going to be very easy:-) I have 30 days to do so that's not a problem.
The second goal is to take 3 liters of water daily. My water intake is generally very good. At least 1.5 on days I don't put in any effort.
My target this month is aimed at keeping hydrated because the month might be very hot. A hydrated body= hydrated hair thus 3 litres will curb dehydration.

More details in the video.

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25 February, 2015

Becca's simple cornrows

I can't wait to do some simple cornrows with my own hair again. Next year by this time, I'll have loads of thickness to rock cornrows like Becca's.

[caption id="attachment_3274" align="aligncenter" width="726"]becca's natural hair Becca's natural hair[/caption]
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23 February, 2015

Praying To God for long hair?

If you've watched my hair story video,then, you are familiar with my praying to God for long hair. In the video, I talk more about it. Don't forget to subscribe, rate and leave a comment!

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21 February, 2015

Week in review: Post 8 weeks thoughts

I'm certain some people will be amazed that I haven't said anything about itching to relax my hair or even mentioned the word. Well, necessity demands certainty. If I tell you my boring personality, you will understand why my brain has shut down to the thought of relaxing.

I told a friend that I'm one focused person but it's unfortunate it doesn't reflect in my hair journey else I would have achieved my goals already. On the other hand, the means to the end should be fun and not rushed, right? When I set my mind on something it categorizes as essential to my survival, then, I switch to focus mood. Else, I behave like the biblical doubting man spoken of by St. James. In real life, people don't think I'm this indecisive or spontaneous at all! All they see is a woman who takes life like a world cup or English premier league, always serious about life. Well, you know I'm certainly not like that lol. At least my blog testifies to that spontaneous, unpredictable, non serious person. As I mentioned, survival mood activates that stubborn, unflinching personality.

This is my last attempt at transitioning. If I feel like relaxing, I'll big chop quick time and hide the hair till it grows out. It might mean no updates till I'm comfortable to share my journey again. I set out to grow my natural hair and it's about time I do so. My life outside blogging is pretty much studies based, family oriented and sometimes, introverted.  I didn't want to achieve my goals too quickly else I'll be bored and boring too. However, for the sake of my readers, I've decided to hit my goals by next year December. I want you to see progress and be encouraged. It's like playing a game of ludo. I ought to "go home" rather than stay on the lanes and kick people back to square one! I love kick and go home lol. I can't keep going round and round and expect others to finish the game. I need to complete mine too.
So, till another chit chat, stay blessed and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel

to catch my latest reviews.
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19 February, 2015

Is that Jackie Appiah's natural hair?

Well, she shared this on her instagram page whilst on set. I don't know if it's chemical free or not. I do love the volume and length. The wigs are really helping her retain length. Can you see how dark it looks too? Simply gorgeous!

[caption id="attachment_3273" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Jackie Appiah's hair Jackie Appiah's hair[/caption]
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10 Reasons why you should care for your hair

I totally understand your enthusiasm when you start to care for your hair and friends don't seem to be bothered. At the beginning of this year, I'm sure some friends will tell you their setbacks with all the X'mas hairstyles they did.

Ah well, don't fret. Share these reasons why you should care for your hair with your friends; that will get them involved.

  1. You will be able to have the hair you always crave for.

  2. You can treat the dry brittle hair you are battling with

  3. You don't have to rely on your hairdresser for basic stuff like washing and drying

  4. You decided which products to use on your hair

  5. You get to know what works and doesn't work for your hair

  6. You will have better knowledge of various hair styles and how to prevent them damaging your hair

  7. You will see your hair reach lengths you always dreamt of.

  8. You will be able to care for your kid's hair

  9. You will save time and money on salon visits

  10. You will learn to help others.

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16 February, 2015

My hair story: 4 years of healthy hair journey

It's been close to 4 years already since I embarked on the journey to grow healthy long hair. As it stands now, I'm yet to achieve some goals.

I go into details about my journey in the video.

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14 February, 2015

The week in Review : 7 weeks post relaxer

Related image

It's another eventful week for me (See week 6). Here's a recap of my hair at 7 weeks post relaxer.
I did a prepoo with honey and co.washed. wore the hair up as soon as I got home.
Moisturized and sealed with cantu sheabutter leave in conditioner and raw, unrefined sheabutter.
Repeat of Tuesday's moisturizing and sealing method.

I got some pretty awesome conrows installed. Video will be up with all the details.
Friday: Applied jbco mango and lime on my scalp and edges.
Applied Jamaican black castor oil mango and lime on edges and scalp. Will get a braid spray soon.
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13 February, 2015

Lydia Forson's hair is Dope!

Lydia forson shared these pictures on her instagram page. That's my hair twin there lol. 4C natural hair can be awesome( yeah, at least I can get such a reward for my struggles lol).


What do you think?
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12 February, 2015

Honey prepoo and co wash

Image result for Makola virgin coconut oil

Since I want to test a new stylist before my special event on the weekend, I decided to do a honey prepoo and co wash with her.

To kill the suspense of testing the honey, I chose to add it to coconut oil for pre co wash treatment. I used about a teaspoon full of honey to 2 tablespoon full of the Makola virgin coconut oil and covered with a cap for 5 hours. When I got to the new stylist, I gave her my bottle of dove heat defense conditioner for the wash. She washed the hair twice per my request, applied Aussie hair insurance leave in and used plain water to roller set.
The fear I had was that the honey will leave my hair hard but it was the opposite. I think it's because I didn't use heat from the hooded dryer but rather my body's heat. Someone sat under a dryer to dc with honey and the hair came out stiff. Since that story, I've been reluctant to try honey on my hair. I'm glad I did though.

My hair was soft and smooth. It got me falling in love with my hair again (laughing at myself). When the stylist was done, we struck a conversation about postpartum shedding. She was quick to say that if that's how my hair responds to after delivery hormones, then, I'm in for a rocky ride with my hair. I already thought of that lol. I told her what I intend doing to my hair and the first thing she says is I don't need to go to a salon if I'm going natural. I should simply condition my hair among other interesting tips. She even suggested I try some chocho products which I'll definitely do.
A few shots of the new salon. I liked her painless roller set and the fact that she did what I requested. I guess I'll now test her braiding skills at another time. I've spotted a braid and weave salon too which I'll visit for a bun braid during the week for an event.

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10 February, 2015

Wash day+damp wrapping

This wash was really simple.
**Prepoo: eucalyptus oil mix for 5 hours
**Shampoo: Twice with ORS hairepair shampoo
**Deep treatment: This is where things got simpler. I mixed keracare humecto with the aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor and left it on for close to n hour before rinsing. I T-shirt dried for about 5 minutes( missed this so much).
**Leave in: Applied African pride sheabutter leave in
**Styling: I did my first wrap on damp hair! I've read about the smooth silky results ladies get from roller set wraps and wet wrapping- wrapping wet hair. I tried the wrap on the damp hair and I love how much smoothness I had. I tied the wrap up with a scarf and allowed the hair to air dry. When I took off the scarf, I was very pleased with the results. I'll definitely be doing this whenever I can.
I did tuck the hair up again in an updo sort of but couldn't take pictures due to low phone battery. I can't also use my canon camera because I had no power to transfer the pictures unto the laptop to again move it to my phone. Surfline hasn't been stable for some days so I don't use my laptop. Sorry ladies!
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09 February, 2015

Postpartum shedding update

This is my first video for 2015! I'm excited and look forward to creating more videos for you. I share details about my last relaxer; the relaxer I used and how it turned out. I also share my struggle with postpartum shedding and what I plan to do in 2015 in terms of length and health of my hair. Please, do subscribe to support the channel for more videos:)

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07 February, 2015

This week in review:6 weeks post relaxer

Missed this week's wash day post, see how I did my protein treatment. Sorry for not posting the previous weeks' review. The load shedding here is absolutely horrifying such that getting power to charge phones is a headache. Anyways, for this week, I did a few things I want to share with you even with this small battery power left.

Moisturized and sealed with African pride sheabutter leave in
(The review is here)

 and African Pride olive miracle moisturizer. I wore the hair in a pony. Co washed in the evening with Dove heat defense conditioner and air dried overnight in the loose state. Big mistake! I woke up with matted and shrunken hair on Tuesday
I decided to apply cantu sheabutter argan oil leave in, African pride sheabutter leave in, covered with shower cap for a while. That was another mistake- my hair became too wet. I won't do that technique if I have somewhere going. I managed to get it into a not-so-neat bun and went out.

Moisturized and sealed using cantu sheabutter argan oil leave in and sealed with ORS hairepair vital hair oils.

Moisturized with cantu sheabutter argan oil leave in and ORS hairepair oil.

Washed the hair- post will be up later.
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06 February, 2015

Healthilife style hair and nail care initial review

So I purchased Healthilife style hair and nail care when I had the go ahead to take a hair vitamin. There were popular brands but the ingredients in this one caught my attention. The main ingredient in it is yeast powder. I was skeptical about the powder since I didn't want any candida build up in my body but good old Google results showed that kind of yeast powder differs from the terrible candida ones. Also, yeast powder is used by breastfeeding moms to increase breast milk production so I chose that vitamin. I take it in the morning and will do so for the 30 days.
The first pill I took didn't give me any funny reaction and since it's once a day, it will be easy to finish it up; 2x a day pills aren't my thing!
I'll give a detailed review by mid March.
I'll be looking at any changes in my nails too.
Have you tried it before?

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28 days of Updos

The second mini challenge of the #letsgrowourhair2015 is in! It's all about 28 days of updo hair styles to hide the ends. The rules are to switch the updo each week, no faux bob and little manipulation.
Well, I tried to create an updo but the back of my hair doesn't want to cooperate so I did find a way to keep the ends tucked away where it was possible. By Sunday, I'll come up with another style.

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04 February, 2015

Wash day+ Protein treatment

Last week was very hectic for me but I needed to do a protein treatment- cleaning and dusting so by the end of the week, my scalp was itching like crazy. Anyways, the inversion has ended so I took down the cornrow I put in for the inversion.
[1] Prepoo: I prepooed with eucalyptus oil mix for about 30 minutes and that made a world of difference as my hair remained moisturized after air drying.
[2] Shampoo: lathered twice with sheamoisture hibiscus and coconut
[3] Protein treatment: applied aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor for about 3 minutes
[4] Moisture treatment: Applied keracare humecto and covered with shower cap
[5] Leave in: Cantu sheabutter argan

oil leave in which I'll be using 3x this week for more protein.
[6]Sealing: I sealed with jbco


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="391"]image The cornrow was just foe the week[/caption]

How was your #washdayexperience? Share with others at Savingourstrands
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01 February, 2015

February one goal project

For this month, I  want to use a prepoo mix each wash day; eucalyptus oil mix and coconut oil.  Secondly, prepoo with co washing once a week. The eucalyptus oil mix is for shampoo wash whilst the coconut is for mid week co wash. I hope to see an improvement in the postpartum shedding by the end of the month with the frequent prepoo especially with the eucalyptus oil mix. 

What is your February one goal project?
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20 Weeks Relaxer Stretch Challenge

We are done with the fist four weeks of the #20weeksrelaxerstretch. How are you doing? Check out the beginning.

Here's a quick recap of events.

We did inversion for the month last week. Check day 1-7 for the updates.
My hair hasn't really been troublesome so far. I was 5 weeks post last week  and have had a relatively easy time managing my hair. I did a co wash with Dove heat defense conditioner in week four. (I'll use it a bit more before reviewing it). I'm still in my cornrows and will be attempting my first wash in cornrows.

The back of my hair has suffered the most during this postpartum shedding but I know it will be healthy again.
This month's inversion takes place from 22-28th.
The weekly fruits will be posted on the Facebook page as usual.
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