31 March, 2015

Wig season starts (4C natural hair)

This beehive pattern is to avoid tension on my edges. I'll be wearing my short wig and will add two more short ones for the year. I'm loving my hair for how much it's going to grow in the coming months.

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My Current Growth Aids

In this video, I talk about the growth aids I'm using and how I use them. Do subscribe to support my channel.


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28 March, 2015

African Pride Sheabutter Leave in Review

After using the African pride sheabutter leave in for several months now,it's about time I share my views about it. Back in the day when I started my hair journey, I bought a liquid leave in conditioner which was quite good for roller sets but not for air drying. However, due to my limited knowledge about ingredients in hair products, I continued to do trial and errors with my leave in conditioners; hoping to find one that my hair will love as well as help with air drying.

Because of this search, I've used a good amount of leave in conditioners but none could really give me the desired results. One day, I was chatting with another blogger who mentioned that her sister has been using the African pride leave in conditioner and was really in love with it. What caught my attention was when she mentioned that it had slip and was very moisturizing too.

The last thing I needed was a leave in conditioner with protein so I was very excited to give the African pride a try. I read some online reviews before finally deciding to purchase it.

In the review, I talk about the consistency, how effective or otherwise it is, the smell, the price, availability and if it will be in my stash.

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s iw st tve in conditioner withnerbout trys
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13 weeks post||Trim ||

So far, two more ladies have joined me and so, we are tugging along each other's side lol. One of them happens to bear my local name too:-) and the other is a buddy of mine.
Anyway, let's see what's going on.

I also joined/organised a hair boot camp which kicks off in April. The current activity is to maintain our edges which is crucial since those edges have filled in nicely, I want to maintain them.
Catch my April one goal project on the 31st on my youtube channel and share your April goals.
My little girl at home claims my hair has grown A LOT. Well, I don't see it clearly but since I have hair anorexia for now, lol, I'll accept it.

I'm still very diligent with the biotin. Very easy to take too. I've increased it to 2x a day-2000mcg and will see if there's any difference in growth.
I've also decided to wear only wigs for the rest of the year; that will save time and money, allow me to have access to my hair easily too.

I'm also on a no buy challenge again. In fact, I know I'll be alright without those products as I'm looking into the water only wash method. For now, I'll use up everything without replacing and then decide on the next move.

I also took down the twist because I've started working out. It's not fun at all doing so with the twists. I gave myself a good trim to get rid of the relaxed hair at the ends so no more thin, standing up hair. I also do the LOC method which I will show you in a video.

So far, I haven't used any wig and might not do so for a while(I'll explain in another post).

That's all the ups and downs for the week. What's up with yours?
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26 March, 2015

Omoni Oboli looks stunning with her natural hair!

Omoni Oboli is a Nigerian actress and I love her acting skills! When I saw that she had joined Kate Henshaw and other Nigerian actresses in their quest to grow their natural hair, I was very excited.







Source: instagram

Mat 9:28 ..."Do you believe that I am able to do this?" "Yes, Lord," they replied.
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Taking Stock (1st quarter edition)

I saw this wonderful post on Lungi's blog and thought,"hmmm, now, that's something that will let my readers know more about me so why not do it too?"

Making : time to read more non-hair related post to broaden my scope of knowledge.

Cooking/ Eating : more fruits to promote my health and hair growth:-)

Drinking : less carbonated drinks and keeping up with water intake.

Reading: A University Grammar of English( Quirk et al)

Looking: at some Puma track shoes to start getting rid of postpartum belly pouch lol. Puma, make it happen wai (meaning OK?)

Playing: Dorobucci by Don Jazzy. I don't know any Nigerian language but music is a universal language. I do get my groove on with this song.

Wasting /Not Wasting: time! Learning to use every second judiciously

Wishing: that I were back to the gym already. I'm getting my footwear pretty soon so I start this month

Enjoying: my new home! I really like this place and shooting video just got better!

Waiting: to get back to the working world
Liking: my reminder app which keeps me in tune with activities for the day

Wondering: whether I can lose this belly pouch before Easter lol.

Loving: my shower rituals which has helped clear my facial bumps.

Hoping: to purchase my first car this year

Marvelling: At God's blessings for January

Needing: a new pair of jeans

Smelling: my victoria secret body splash. I spray some on my body even when going to bed:-)

Wearing: Shorts

Noticing: that February is moving pretty fast

Knowing: that I'll be working very soon
Thinking: about 30 things to do before I turn 30 hehehhe( will post that on the lifestyle blog.

Feeling: excited about starting baby J starting his solids.

Bookmarking: any new blog I find on the wash day experience link up

Opening: a recipe book for babies I got 4 years ago!

That's all for now, ladies.
Why not share your taking stock ideas too?
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25 March, 2015

Jocelyn Dumas' Sew in

The Ghanaian actresss, Jocelyn Dumas, has come far with her acting and I must add that she knows how to rock her curves! image

I admire this sew in style so much that I'll be getting one wig of this nature done for me by my weave specialist- madam Emelia of total trans4mation. See her work on my hair here.
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The Wig only challenge

Hi ladies, wig only challenge is the second personal challenge I'm undertaking for the year. As for the no buy, it's not new and I know how to handle it. However, this is a kind of strange territory because I have never submitted myself to not using extensions and seeing it through.

In order not to spend any money on a style that I know I'll take down in 2 weeks, I'm sticking to only wigs as my extensions for they year. I will add one or two to my current collection but that is the limit. I'll get the hair braided for the wigs when it grows out. For now, I can throw the wig one without a problem.

Secondly, that will not only reduce my expensive habit of spending money on styles I can't seem to keep for long, it will make my life less stressful in terms of enjoying my hair. With wigs, I will get cornrows every two weeks and still enjoy my hair each month, show you my progress monthly too.

Thirdly, I will channel the money into getting products instead as well as pay more attention to other areas of my life. As I have started working out again, extensions won't be of any benefit since I'll be sweating so much. Keeping fit and extensions are hard work I'm not ready to commit to.

Lastly, to be natural is to be a minimalist too. Well, I have been a minimalist with my hair for some years now but I will still take away more unnecessary hair stuff which includes the use of too much extensions.
I will keep you updated on my hair struggles as I know I will have withdrawal symptoms like any addict lol. Not getting braids and weaves is a challenge I will overcome.

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24 March, 2015

Promoting Made in Ghana Hair Products

It's been almost 3 years or so since I bemoaned the lack of our own made in Ghana hair products from our  own haair companies. Well, a lot of companies have sprang up and I want to do my bit to support the local industry.
In the US, small black owned businesses have started getting the attention of bloggers and vloggers. In their own small way, they are lending a helping hand to sister owned small businesses.
In Ghana, the story isn't different. There some sister owned small businesses that have been around for a while now. They are brightening up their small corners which is very exciting. Now, we have more natural and organic hair products to choose from.

For the rest of the year, I will be purchasing and show casing only hair and beauty products made in Ghana. Leave the link to any hair company you will love to see featured. If you own a business, especially, hair and beauty related, contact me ( I will buy the products).

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23 March, 2015

No Buying Challenge

I'm back on the no buy ride again. Last year, I was very successful in getting only products that were necessary and also worked well for me.
This year, I thought I could control the PJ in me; I lied. If I don't place an embargo on myself again, I'll be more than a PJ. I've so many products on my wish list and honoring them will only fuel my urge for more products. Instead, I'll be focusing on just retaining the length.
I'll be replacing when I empty but won't buy if I don't need it. That means I will buy for example a leave in when I'm almost out of the current one. But I won't wait till the last minute before doing so.
The way forward is creating a SUSU box- I put in 2gh each week thus 8gh per month. That should be enough to replace about 3 products by the end of the year which is a huge gain. I will also be purchasing only made in Ghana hair products to support a sister so watch out for reviews of products from our local industries. I, currently, have my eyes on Eya Naturals, MEJS and Tama.

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Spring Valley biotin one month update

It's been a month since I started taking the Spring Valley biotin. So far, so good.
The awesome news is my postpartum shedding has stopped completely and I know it's the biotin. I have a video coming up throwing more light on this.
1. No breakout whatsoever
2. Increase in nail growth. My nails haven't only grown pretty fast, they are stronger too.
3. No weight gain. Some ladies have said you eat more when taking the biotin and I think I've increased my food intake but add that to breastfeeding and it's a plus for my baby. However, I feel less bloated and very energetic.
4. I see any increase in growth in my eye brows too but because my hair is tucked away again, I can't do a length check till Mid April when I take down the twists. I'll be able to do proper assessment after 3 months.
So that's it for the one month update on the spring valley biotin.
Mat 9:28 ..."Do you believe that I am able to do this?" "Yes, Lord," they replied.pring 
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21 March, 2015

Second milestone: 12 weeks post

I hit 12 weeks! I haven't done that in almost 2 years.Now, I'm in yarn twists. I love that I achieved my target of getting some growth before big chop. Even if I can't braid, I'm not perturbed as my wig is looking fresh from not being worn. Actually, hubby loves my short wig so I really have fun when I wear it.

I'm still on the biotin pills. I'm looking at doing a full review when the bottle is empty but I'll will share any difference I notice with my hair if there's a need for it.
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My Yarn twists



As I mentioned in my wash day posts, I got my yarn twists at last! The whole of the year, I've been targeting getting those yarn twists but I was hesitant because it might turn out to be too heavy to wear. Well, my stylist followed my request to the last bit and here I am with gorgeous set of twist I can style myself!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2000"]Yarn twists My yarn twist[/caption]



We used 6 packs of black yarn and it took about 4 hours to get it done. One yarn was 1.3gh and the braiding cost 20gh.

I'll be definitely be getting a braid spray to keep the hair moisturized and to prevent bad odour from the wool as a result of sweating. The on-off-on-off light situation is just horrible which makes sweating the norm.

I'm not going to wash this hair since the wool absorbs water easily which will make drying it a long process.


Mat 9:28 ..."Do you believe that I am able to do this?" "Yes, Lord," they replied.
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19 March, 2015

3 Wash Days in 10 minutes

Of course, that's to be expected.
One advantage about my length now is a quick wash.
Wash One
This was the day I big chopped. My scalp had been itching so I needed to wash it.

1] I simply shampooed with ORS hairepair shampoo after rinsing the hair with ACV diluted with water.
2] deep conditioned with Dark and Lovely amla legend mask.After rinsing the product out, I used acv again.

3] I wrapped a towel around the head to absorb excess water.
4]Applied Jbco mixture and followed up with African prise olive miracle moisturizer.
The Liquid Oil Cream technique of Moisturizing and Sealing seems to be working very well. My hair doesn't feel dry at all! Moisturizing once every other day is OK for now. Another reason is the satin pillow case which is preventing loss of moisture as a result of the hair rubbing on the pillow.

Wash Day Two
Two days after the ors wash, my scalp was still itching terribly. I literally kept scratching it till I realized I hasn't probably clarified it.
1] Shampooed with ORS aloe creamy shampoo
2] Applied Dark and Lovely amla legend mask.
3]Applied African hot six oils, followed up with African pride sheabutter leave in conditioner.
Wash Three
Prepping my hair for yarn twists
1] Co washed with Dove heat defence conditioner
2] Applied Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor. After rinsing it out, I applied keracare humecto
3] Final rinsing using ACV diluted in water

My scalp stopped itching after clarifying.
I'll be back in some cute extensions at the end of the month for the upcoming festive season:-) For now, I wear hair out at home and wig it when going out. I want to focus on boosting the moisture in the hair since I know how the hot weather can dehydrate the body.

Don't forget to share your wash day experience with others at www.savingourstrands.com

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17 March, 2015

My Henna Experience-Regrets?

I'm answering questions regarding my henna use in 2013. When I first read about henna, it was used on  natural hair and I loved the results I saw. Later, I saw some relaxed hair ladies also using it including Stella of ghlonghair and she also had amazing results. This got me interested in trying the henna on my own hair.

I did read around the subject before purchasing the henna. I read about the different ways to prepare it, what to add to it and the different results you could get from the application process and method you choose. In the nutshell, I did do a lot of research before embarking on the this experiment.

When I did the  treatment, I loved the results. I had the colour I wanted; I really felt so good about it I kept admiring my hair in the mirror for days. Then, suddenly, I noticed something horrible with my ends after my relaxer touch up.

Catch more details in my video.

My Henna Experience-Regrets?


If you have any questions regarding using henna on your hair, then, this video is for you. mightf oser before
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12 March, 2015

I did my own crotchet braid

I, finally, put aside all counts and did my own crotchet braid with help from my small girl at home.





I reused an old marley hair. Someone did the cornrows for me and did the crotchet at home.

Mat 9:28 ..."Do you believe that I am able to do this?" "Yes, Lord," they replied.
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10 March, 2015

GHEZ healthy hair feature: Debbie

It's such a joy to see ladies taking their hair into their own hands and doing wonders with it! Debbie's hair journey will surely inspire you.

1. Tell us about yourself

Debbie : I'm Deborah Kusi Appiah. I'm 23yrs of Age. I'm a Ghanaian and currently residing at amrahia, along the Dodowa road ( that's close to Valley View University). I've been natural for 5months now and I'm loving my journey.

2. What motivated you to start taking care of your hair?

Well, I've always been very conscious about my hair, ever since I started my hair journey in 2009 after I completed SHS. Along the line, during my national service, I met this nice lady from another department transitioning. So as we had some Ladies' chat almost always, I got inspired by her. So I decided to start my hhj ASAP before I'm left behind.

3. What was your starting length, where are you currently and what is your ultimate length goal?
My hhj started with a TWA. I'm currently grazing a nose trunk(hope u get it) length. Whew! My ultimate length goal is midbak length. ( Smiles)
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="768" caption="See the colour?"]image[/caption]

4. Describe your current regimen-products, washing, styling and daily routine
My current regimen goes like this; On my washdays, I shampoo with Aloe nectar/ creme of nature argan oil sulfate-free moisture & shine shampoo/ herbal essences moisturizing shampoo with coconut extract/ a moisture of black soap and onion extract. I use creme of nature argan oil intensive conditioning treatment/ aloe nectar conditioner after shampooing. I use dark and lovely corrective leave-in conditioning therapy/ ORS incredibly rich oil moisturizing hair lotion to moisturize my hair n then seal with marhaba amla jasmine Hair oil and then I style as preferred( mostly opt 4 a fro). I do protein treatment before and after a protective style. The style last between a month or two. I also wash in between my protective style period. My daily routine also goes like this; I spritz a mixture of water, olive oil, amla oil and glycerin on my hair,  massage my scalp, section the hair out n then comb with a wide tooth comb every morning and for bedtime, I repeat the same procedure but I braid it before bed and also massage scalp with a mixture of shea butter and chapter 2000. I also try to do inversion every month.
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="720" caption="Length and health"]image[/caption]

5. What techniques will you recommend for natural ladies?
The technique I'd recommend for naturalistas is protective styling.
6. Do you have challenges you face and how do you combat them?
Well, the challenges I've face so far is over manipulation and I haven't really found an antidote to this challenge, but I try as much as possible not to over manipulate my hair.

7. Any advice for ladies on a hair journey?
The advice I'd give to my natural sistas out there are
Thank You.

Mat 9:28 ..."Do you believe that I am able to do this?" "Yes, Lord," they replied.
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07 March, 2015

20 weeks relaxer stretch : week 10

Wow! Who would have thought we would get this far? Well done, ladies.
8th March is the beginning of week 10 of the #20weeksrelaxerstretch and I know most of the ladies are past 10 weeks - some have hit the 20 weeks but are still going strong.
The kind of dance I'll display when I hit 20 weeks can only be explained when the day comes.
How many weeks post are you?
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04 March, 2015

Perm/Flexi rods on co washed transitioning hair

I'm really determined to overcome my styling impairment thus I co washed my transitioning hair on Monday to attempt perm rod set.

I washed with VO5 conditioner and set the rods on with just water. When it was almost dry, I removed the rods and had a good stretched hair. However, I got a few tips from my friends and readers regarding flexible rod sets. The main tip was to do smaller sections, something I haven't done before. That probably explains my 365 days of flexi rods fail! I used up all 20 and realized I needed more. That was a first! I always thought I had enough. I finished up with small perm rods I've had since 2012.


What do you think?

PS: I have a few bottles of chewable biotin pills available in the online shop for 30gh

Mat 9:28 ..."Do you believe that I am able to do this?" "Yes, Lord," they replied.
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New products in the shop

Ghanaianemprezz shop has new products in stock again.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2000" caption="25gh"]image[/caption]

Contact 0541458372 or www.facebook.com/ghanaianemprezzonline

Mat 9:28 ..."Do you believe that I am able to do this?" "Yes, Lord," they replied.
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03 March, 2015

Spring valley biotin: one week update

As requested, here's my one week update with the spring valley biotin 1000mcg biotin.
***no breakout whatsoever! I guess that's good news but actually, I didn't break out with 5000 mcg. I also don't drink extra water; going 3 litres a day is a blessing.
***no queasy feeling after taking it- at least not yet.
***Easy to swallow with water
***no funny belching after taking it. Sometime, some drugs seem to get stuck in your throat, the slightest belch brings back its taste.
***I think my meals get easily digested now. I don't know if I should rejoice or cry as I want to lose weight yet not starve body.
**extra growth- I'll know this after I blow dry at 12 weeks post to compare with my January/February length.

PS: there are a few bottles of the biotin 5000mcg at my online shop for 30gh.


Mat 9:28 ..."Do you believe that I am able to do this?" "Yes, Lord," they replied.
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02 March, 2015

The One Goal Project(detailed video)

The One Goal Project #togp #TOGP is something for all of us to help us reach our hair goals. Enjoy the video and I hope you will participate in it.


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Iretiola Doyle rocks a fabulous TWA!

For the tinsel fans, Iretiola Doyle is known as Sheila, the wife of Ade Williams.
It doesn't matter the age, you can still wear the TWA.
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Yvonne Nelson visits the Puff

When I saw this picture on Yvonne Nelson instagram page, I immediately saw how my puff used to look like.

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