30 May, 2015

Wash Day: Moisture Is Key

This wash day happened last week after I dyed my hair.
After washing out the dye,
1. Shampooed with sheamoisture coconut and hibiscus shampoo
2. Applied roux porosity control, tresemme naturals conditioner and keracare humecto.
3. Allowed the conditioners to work for hours before rinsing.
4. Applied Eya naturals leave in conditioner and sealed with afroriri hair butter.


I've been finally been able to grab a wig for my outings. Plus, my custom wig looks better now after applying some coconut oil to it. I can now wear my hair out if I want to or protect it without any permanent commitment. I have one particular wig I will be purchasing soon.:)☺:).
How was your wash day? Don't forget to share your wash day experience with other ladies here
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Week in Review: The Awkward Stage, Again!

At almost 6 months post relaxer, I can say I'm certainly over my short hair. Trying to keep it tucked away for long periods nor wearing it out often doesn't suit my schedule.
After two annoying encounters, I'm definitely not into wearing this short hair outside unless I get a descent twist or twist out. 😁😁😁
In fact, as I type this, I have wigs now. I twist up the hair under the wig and then undo it and wash, get another set done and continue that pattern. My hair can't fit into the cap if left out 😂😂😂.

It's a win-win situation. My hair remains tucked away when I want to or out if I want to without any brouhaha. I'm very happy about that.

Through all these, I'm happy to be natural. As I always say, 6 more months and I'll forget these days.
I'm therefore, willing to spend on this hair until it grows to the length I desire.

I am determined to grow this hair in its natural state so come rain or shine, I'll do so. On a brighter note, I'm now 22 weeks post relaxer!!! 2 more weeks and I'll be fully 6 months post relaxer and 3 months post big chop soon in the coming week.
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29 May, 2015

Prize Mail from Grow Growing Grown!

Hi empresses,
As I always say, giving support has its rewards and benefits. Well, I won some yummy products in a give away by  Grow Growing Grown

The Jane Carter Nourish and Shine smells good!!! The kinky curly knot today leave in will be tested on my next wash day. Then, the mane choice will be put to use in July. The oil's label has no English but I'll figure it out and give you the full details. The satin material will be used for 2 or 3 caps!
I'm very happy about the products and look forward to using and reviewing them as well as possible give aways too☺.
This is also the first time I've won a give away from youtube! It's really exciting to support others and get recognized for that. The other aspect too is that winning products add to your stash when you won't under normal circumstances do so. Lol.
Have you won any give away? How did you feel?
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28 May, 2015

2 months Post Big Chop Length Check

So, before I hit 3 months post big chop, here's what my 5 months of natural hair looks like.

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27 May, 2015

30 Days Carrot Juice Challenge (June Hair Goal)

Hi empresses, it's time to share my June hair goal!
This time, it's all about cleansing/detoxification of our body to enhance healthy lifestyle and hair. All the details are in the video- how often to drink or chew your carrot, side effects and more.

[Youtube= https://youtu.be/UUtOzuybDlE]
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Turn relaxed hair into natural hair Instantly!

How do you do that? Well, that's one of the search words that have popped on several occasions is how to turn relaxed hair into natural hair instantly. I want to address this in case you have other people thinking the same way.
First of all, the relaxer process involves the PERMANENT break down of the hair(simplest explanation). The chemical changes are irreversible; that's how the relaxer is supposed to work else you will have a temporal straightness like that of a flat ironed hair. Whereas a flat iron changes the bonds for a short time, the relaxer brings down the protein bonds, straightening and rearranging them in the process.


What can you use to turn relaxed hair to natural at once?
The simple answer is NOTHING! Vinegar cannot make your relaxed hair turn into natural one. Neither will key soap, duck bar soap, OMO, Ariel, or even Akpeshie.

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23 May, 2015

A black experience again

Hi empresses, It's time for a review of this week!
First, I took down the crotchet braid I put in for an event. Well, that hair used was the worse in terms of shedding. I loved the time texture so much but within 3 days, my home was hairy. It was very irritating having hair all over the place including Baby J's clothes! Awful, I tell you.
I ended up wearing my TWA to the event today.
My edges are worse again! Hmmmm. If I don't stop this braiding, I might get traction aloepicia, seriously. I do have cornrows as my last resort in terms of styles. Aside that, nothing else. May be by July, it will be possible to do so. As for now, it's TWA. I mean it this time round. I will get a wig to wear for interviews only. Apart from that, wearing my TWA isn't a problem for me at all. In fact, I can now use more products and do more washes to show you more of my progress.
Thirdly, I dyed my hair back to black!😁😁😁😁 Details will be on my YouTube channel so subscribe in order not to miss it. www.YouTube.com/EmprezzAbena
Lastly, I will have a wash day post up during the week about what I did to my hair after the dye process.

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21 May, 2015

Diva Box Subscription Service

See the name on the page menu?
Well🎆🎇🎉🎉💞💝💖💟🎁🎊 it's my own subscription box!
The aim of this service is to provide ladies, especially, naturalistas, with a variety of new hair and beauty products to sample!
You get to try samples of various brands(3-7 products) which will make your trial and error much easier, less stressful and worth the money.

Why Diva Box?

Usually, ladies want to try different products at a time but the cost of getting individual items either from online or the market is a daunting task.
After getting what you need, you may end up having spent more on delivery than on the products itself. Subscribing to diva box gives you the chance to experiment with different brands without that stress! You get to try samples in the comfort of your room, hostel or office! You also don't need to roam around the country to discover products. We will bring new products to you right at your doorstep! So you enjoy your TV 📺📺📺 programs whilst trying new products!

Also, this service is a quarterly one thus you have amble time to pick up a pack as well as use up a pack. No product junkie, right? Yep!
Want more awesomeness? Well, you also get to safe on delivery! Why? You  don't pay for delivery! It's free anywhere in Ghana! Awesome!
To order, simply click emprezzdivabox

divabox on top of the menu or on Facebook @ emprezzdivabox
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17 May, 2015

The Secret Life of A Youtuber TAG

I was tagged by MiranisaWallace-Ollennu to do this tag. I had fun answering the questions!
These are the questions I answer in the video.
1. How long have you been on YouTube?
2. At what point do you think you will stop?
3. The best thing?
4. The worst thing?
5. How many thumbnail options do you usually take?
6. YouTuber crush?
7. Who’s on your collab wish list?
8. What are you wearing on your bottom half?
9. How long until you actually click “record”?
10. How do you feel about the YouTube community/culture?
11. What’s your secret to a successful channel?
12. Who do you tag?
[YouTube= https://youtu.be/QQCP0EbJu2w]
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16 May, 2015

5 months post relaxer

And my 20 weeks relaxer stretch challenge has ended though it will officially end next week.

I've been wearing my hair out; so far, so good. I try to moisturize and seal once a day especially at night. My hair has grown a lot; I'm very very happy with its state.
Truth be told, I miss my length so I'm looking at improving on my scarf styles. I will get some big ones and use them. I honestly can't afford extensions anymore so I need better alternatives. My edges are too horrifying. Why do I keep complaining when I'm not putting in any effort to change the situation?? Seriously!
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My Natural hair regimen

I'm done with the #20weeksrelaxerstretch!!!!💪💪💪💪
I'm both sad and happy. What started out as a relaxer stretch ended in me doing the big chop somewhere in March so I have a natural hair regimen now. I made the decision to go natural once and for all and stop complaining about my hair so much. My postpartum shedding was also really a pain I had to tolerate. Thanking you all for your advice.

5 months doesn't seem that short at all compared to counting in weeks. 20 weeks of growth. I love my natural hair, the texture, the feel of it and the easy maintenance I'll be enjoying when it's long enough for a ponytail. Yes, a lazy natural here. So, what's my plan?
I have basically been using my regular products.

For shampoo, I used the ORS aloe creamy shampoo and still use it to clarify once a month. I do have enough for about 3-4 months. I'll switch to the dark and lovely shampoo for monthly use. I intend using alata samina when the former gets finished as my clarifying shampoo. I will also be using the sheamoisture coconut and hibiscus shampoo weekly. I'll then use the cantu sheabutter sulfate free shampoo. By next year, I'll be using more organic hair products so the dark and lovely shampoo will be used up too.

The goal is to use more co cleansing conditioners eg As I Am ☺ instead of regular conditioners. For now though, I have 2 conditioners to use. The tresemme naturals conditioner is meant for detangling whilst the Dove heat defense will be for weekly use. However, since I'll be doing mid week co washing,especially, after workout, I'll stock up on more conditioners from our local manufacturers . My workout routine will determine that one. I want to use a co cleansing conditioner as it's also less drying than a sulfate free shampoo on a weekly basis. Well, let's see how that works.

Leave ins
I use the African Pride sheabutter leave in which works very well on my natural hair too😘😘😘😘. I also have dark and lovely leave in and Eya naturals leave in. I'll use the eya naturals this year, alternating with the African Pride till both run out. The dark and lovely will come in when any of these previous mentioned gets finished. I'll purchase mejs leave in as a replacement ( Use 1, Buy 1 challenge rule). I have plans of trying other leave ins from our Ghanaian sisters making their own products.

I have a mixture of jbco, black seed and coconut oil which will be for prepoo and my edges. I also have a bottle of coconut oil I'll use alternating with the oil mix. It will also be used for overnight green house effect which I'll do during the harmattan season( yeah, my second harmattan as a natural). I will apply the oil on the ends especially, cover with a cap and follow up with a bonnet and a net. See this technique here and why I use it. I have a bottle of sulphur oil I apply on the scalp once or twice a week when I remember to. I also have two small bottles of other oil mixtures. There's so a 4oz jbco waiting patiently to be put to work. It seems the whole year not prepooing regularly has made me forget a lot of wash day rituals which helped with moisture retention. Well, I'm back on it. I have Afroriri butter (won it in a give away as well as the detangling conditioner)

For now, I'll get four packs of the small perm rods for twist and curl when I get the length for that. I have sample sizes of some eco styler gels ( see Mejs naturals). I will use that for my edges at the appropriate time as well as for twists ☺
I have been twisting up the hair. This make it easy to apply oils on the scalp. It's hard work twisting this short hair but I love the benefits of it. I woke up with clumped hair if I don't do it. In a few months time, it will take just seconds to twist up. One thing about not thinking of relaxer stretching is not worrying about styling for now either. 2016 will be a different story though.
However, I'm back in yarn twists which reach my butt😁😁😁. See my Instagram or Facebook for pictures. This time, I'm simply going to keep mute about how long I'll keep it. My success with the previous set motivates me to go more than 3 weeks:).

In addition, in order to fulfill my supportasista mission, I have quite a number of brands I want to try. Talk about experimenting again😆😆😆.
Yea, I have Eya naturals, Mejs naturals, Tama, Body butter, sheabutter cottage, Kanshi, All Pure Nature and about 2 more I'll talk about later.
Right now, I have Eya naturals and Mejs naturals on my list. I won't be purchasing whole sets because of my length. As time goes on, I'll use what my length will allow. Thus, the immediate ones are shampoo, conditioner, leave in and oils. Look out for that!

I've been using the dark and lovely amla legend mask and it's almost empty. I'll be using the keracare humecto mixed with aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor weekly though if I want to deep condition. Eventually, I will get our own GH products for deep conditioning.

What else? Uhmmmm, yeah! Clays will be featured too in my wash days☺. Shampoo bars and other natural products that have caught my attention.
Wash when my hair needs it- that could be weekly, bi monthly or monthly but definitely not more than a month. Twist it up to keep tangles away. Moisturize and seal regularly. Just water and oil is doing the job well for now. The hair is too short so if I use gel, the hair will slip off Lol. Thus, no twist and loc products yet. Also, it's easy to twist when it's a bit dry.( More on that later).
Whewwww! That was a long essay but at least you now know what my new regimen is.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="360"]image Twist on short natural hair (twa)[/caption]

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15 May, 2015

A lazy wash day(TWA)

Hi ladies, I guess I'm getting really annoying always talking about my short natural hair aka TWA.( just kidding)
Yeah, it's all about being lazy nowadays so here's how the wash went.
1. Shampooed with ors hairepair shampoo, the last bit. I used that to detangle the hair as well using only my fingers. I had done finger coils [ see my instagram] thus I was quite careful with the detangling process. I didn't use any comb even when I finished washing. Therefore, I saw less hair on the floor.
Talk about the advantages of finger detangling.
2. Deep condition: using the last scoop of Dark and Lovely amla legend masque. I will repurchase this again for emergency use.
3. Leave in: I applied the African pride sheabutter leave in conditioner after allowing the hair to air dry for a while. Now, this may seem counterproductive to keeping in every drop of moisture but if I want to twist up this hair right after washing, damp hair works best. At least until I have the length for wet styling.
I didn't seal in the moisture because I didn't feel like it. 😠😠😠. Later in the evening, I applied Elasta QP moisturizer and Afroriri hair butter, twisted the hair up and called it a night.
When I twist the hair up, it's easy to moisturize and seal as it's in a more stretched out state. My hair is doing very well. My only problem is laying off those extensions which are causing me serious setbacks with my edges. Everybody is simply tired of my addiction to extensions including me.
Anyways, till another wash day, I'm just going to be moisturizing and sealing, doing nightly twists and finding ways to stop my receding hairline.
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13 May, 2015

My Night Routine for Short Natural Hair

My night routine  for short natural hair starts after wash days. Wash day routine  is different for regular days. You already know how I moisturize and seal after washing ( see here).
For the night or non wash day routine,
1. Apply African Pride moisturizing lotion in sections. This allows for better penetration and spread of the products.
2. Apply oil or hair butter
3. Apply doo gro mega growth oil to my edges. I sometimes use the jbco mix.
It's pretty simple yet effective.
Sometimes, I use both oils and butter to seal.
I'm looking at how my hair will respond to the Elasta QP mango butter moisturizer.
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12 May, 2015

Wash day -Short Natural Hair

[This post should have been up last week]
I didn't want to wash when I took down the previous yarn twists. However, it smelt and felt terrible 😂😂.
**Clarify: I used the ors aloe creamy shampoo. I used a hand full to ensure a thorough cleansing.
**Shampoo: used the ors hairepair to replenish the moisture.
**Deep condition: I used the dark and lovely amla legend masque mixed with roux porosity control conditioner.
**Leave in: Eya naturals leave in
**Sealing: Jbco mixed with oils and Afroriri hair butter.
**Styling: twisted the hair for bedtime. This doesn't just stretch the hair, it prevents tangles and matted strands too.
Two days later, I co washed with the tresemme naturals conditioner for moisture ( I have about 4 more ways to use it before I review it).

How did your wash day go?

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11 May, 2015

How to start a healthy hair journey with NO MONEY

This post is particularly aimed at Ghanaian ladies.
So many of my readers have tried getting their journeys started but having no money to afford products is a huge complaint. Well, here a some tips on how to start caring for your hair when you have no money. By definition, no money means not enough, it doesn't mean the total absence of it.

If you know my hair journey story, I started with 5gh!  The first product I bought was one step leave in which lasted more than 6 months. So yes, there are very inexpensive yet effective hair products you can try.
1. Shampoo: Alata samina is a natural sulphate free soap you can turn into shampoo.
***Simply mix it with water and and use it as your shampoo. You can also get BO16 shampoo which is less than 4gh.
***You can also buy the big gallon shampoo that hair dressers use which is very cheap too. That gallon can last a full year.
***Use your baby shampoo; that's not too drying too.
2. Leave in: I bought MVP leave in for less than 8gh. You can create your own leave in by using aloe vera gel in your backyard. Mix the gel with water.
3. Deep conditioner: There are deep conditioners in shops aka steaming cream below 10gh.
***You can also create your own deep conditioner with banana, pear, raw yoghurt, pawpaw, honey
and even coconut milk.
4. Sheabutter, olive oil and coconut oil are easy to get. Use these after applying your leave in to prevent the moisture from leaving the hair known as moisturizing and sealing.
Technique 2

The other method is to study what your hair dresser is using. Tell her which ones you want. Eg you can use only conditioner to wash at the salon. You can ask her to do steaming for you.
You don't have to own hair products, just choose what is healthy from the hair dresser. Most of them have leave in and sheabutter. Use them.
Eventually, your hair dresser will know what you want.

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09 May, 2015

19 Weeks Post Relaxer

1 week to complete the 20 weeks relaxer challenge.
How did the week go?
I twisted my own hair on Sunday and kept it till I got the new yarn twists. I've been applying doo gro mega growth oil on my edges and scalp.
I don't want to commit myself to any statement regarding what I want to do with my hair. I won't say I want to do this or that and fail. I'll go with the flow. I do have wigs for any emergency though and I have a full post on what my plans are for my natural hair so keep reading the articles coming up.
Aside that, my edges are improving and I don't want to cause more harm with constant braiding. Let's see what happens anyway.
This is the perfect time to purchase the Eya naturals line so look out for that.
My color treated portions of the hair feel drier than the rest of the hair. That's to be expected so I moisturize those portions very often. There's no need for me to fret as I'll be trimming them off at the end of the year. Not deliberately but the trim won't be anything less than 1-2 inches if I don't trim before the year ends. Somewhere in September, I might do so. I haven't had a trim since I big chopped and I may have some few relaxed strands lurking in there too.

This is one week since I started the Nature's Bounty HSN. So far, so good. I will do a length check when I'm 3 months into taking it. For now, I take one gel once a day.
I have also emptied some products! Full details at the end of the month when I'm checking in the buy 1, use 1 challenge.

Don't forget to check out May-June glampackgh for some wonderful products including Eco styler gels.
It's my birthday weekend fun time!!! See my instagram for pictures.
Check out last week's review.

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07 May, 2015

Am I really natural? 2 months post big chop

It's already 2 months since the big chop and I can't believe I'm fully natural. May be because I still count the relaxer stretch which my friends find very funny.
So far, I haven't worn my hair out consistently to merit a bewailing of what isn't working☺.
In my mind, I will be able to experience the typical natural hair ups and downs now that I wear my hair out regularly.

It really doesn't feel like I'm natural also because nothing has changed in my regimen. If I had more length for styling and what not, then, my regimen would have probably been different especially when it comes to styling ☺.

Let's see how the 3 months mark will be like.

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06 May, 2015

Hair Products Haul

Here's my first haul video. I've purchased some products since the beginning of the year. Catch all the details about the products.


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05 May, 2015

Nature's bounty HSN before picture

After the initial review of the nature's bounty hair skin and nails vitamins extra strength, I had wanted to do a length check in June. However, since I took down the yarn twists because of headache, I decided to do the length check right away.
I, actually, don't have any style in mind for the coming weeks and I won't commit myself to any promises☺.
At this point, my journey to becoming natural has been realized. All that is left is achieving the waist length goal. I also want to wear my own hair to save money. Honestly, I find that if you aren't disciplined, you will spend more on your natural hair. Anyway, back to the vitamins.

So far, I haven't had any funny reaction to the HSN vitamins. I take 1 soft gel usually in the evenings. I might not take 2 if I notice the once a day is working. To my other ladies using it, I look forward to seeing your results. I also trimmed off my long nails on 1st May to see how long it will take for it to grow back.
Let's see what it will look like in 3 months time☺☺☺
My edges are recovering at slow pace which is another reason why I've lost interest in any styling for now. It seems each time I make some progress, braiding sets me back again SMH. Hmmmm. I like that I can look at myself and smile because I have achieved the goal I couldn't reach last year- to be fully natural. With 3 inches of hair now, I think I can start working on achieving a decent twist out for the week. Even if it doesn't turn out well, I won't give in. So, here's the before pictures.

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04 May, 2015

Nature's Bounty Extra Strength Hair Skin Nails (250 count) Initial Impressions

I'm through with the spring valley biotin and have my review up on my channel.
The next vitamins is the nature's bounty extra strength hair skin and nails vitamins. Watch my initial review of this product and how I intend to use it.


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02 May, 2015

18 weeks post relaxer;2 weeks to go

The maximum stretch has been 17 weeks and now, I'm 18 weeks post.
What's been going on?
This week, I started a new vitamins. My initial review/impressions video will be up. I did finish up the spring valley biotin( check out my review).
We've also started the Use 1 Buy 1 Challenge, see details. I'm very excited about this hair challenge because in as much as it prohibits rampant buying, it also makes room for some buying.
Well, 7th May is my birthday!!!! There will definitely be celebrations both at home and with some friends too🍗🍗🍖🍖🍛🍛🍛🍥🍥🎁🎆🎇🎊🎋🎶🎺🎤🎼
I THANK GOD for the lives of all May borns.
Next week is another milestone; stay tuned for more in the coming days.
PS: I've not been well so I took down the yarn twists. When I get better, I'll give you more details about my awesome afro hair.

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01 May, 2015

What's up for May hair goal?

This time, it's about hair styles. Get all the details in the video!

[Youtube= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn7cDNLj1qo]

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