30 September, 2015

The Honey Challenge

It's been a while since we did something related to wash days.  As the protective styling challenge is over,  we are moving on to the honey challenge.


Honey is known to have benefits like drawing moisture into the hair, healing  sore scalps, and helping prevent breakage as a result of its moisturizing properties.

The honey challenge is simply about using honey in your Prepoo treatment,  shampoo,  deep conditioner or as a rinse.
The aim is to infuse moisture in the  hair in preparation for the Harmattan season which is just around the corner.
You can choose to use the honey in any of the afore mentioned ways.
I'll be alternating  between pure honey and a honey based deep conditioner from the Coily Crown  line.
Let's see how we can get our hair well moisturized.
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The Wash Day Joy Killer

Here I was with a shower cap on my head since the  previous night. 1pm, and I still hadn't washed this hair. There are some days I don't fancy wash Day and today was one of those days.
I've reached that I-could-care-less stage again. When I have moments like that I simply Co Wash and move on.
I wet the hair and co washed with tresemme Naturals moisturizing Conditioner. My hair was soft and smooth. The only sad thing is I need to restock asap. I'm looking at grabbing herbal Essences Hello Hydration for now as I will make purchases next month. Tight budget.
Allowed the hair to air dry and applied Grape seed oil and kinky Curly Knot today leave in.
Now that I've learnt about slight misting before using leave ins or moisturizers, I'm going to further dilute my leave in mix(I better use this up before the year ends, it's been in my stash for more than a year **shame on me
The watery consistency will help with the moisture.

I'll see how I'm able to prevent dryness this month.


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29 September, 2015

Do You Have To Protective Style ?

Do You Have To Protective Style? As I continue to make new discoveries about my hair, one of the battles or struggles I've always had is protective styling. The hype about keeping our hair tucked away and protected from the elements is one that everyone on this hair journey is very familiar with. image

The Eureka Moment
Recently, I read about 2 articles about protective styling with both concluding that it's more about less manipulation than keeping the hair hidden.
It got me thinking about non blacks. Do they protective style? I don't know - what I know is that they wear extensions for aesthetic purposes. Curly Nikki's article views low manipulation styles as a better option for reasons like being able to care for the hair more than when tucked away. It makes a lot of sense when you look at the fact that the essence of protective styling is actually to reduce manipulation! So, if there are other ways of reducing manipulation, why not do so?
The Alternative to protective styles
Low manipulation starts from your Prepoo to night routine. Thus, you can gain all the inches you crave from PS yet lose it as soon as you go back to your regular regimen due to over manipulation. If you don't detangle properly, seal in moisture, etc, then, your PS has achieved nothing!
Rather than look at protective styles as the way to grow your hair to the desired length, look at your whole regimen and how you can prevent over manipulation.
My Lessons
This falls in line with my goal of reexamining my regimen as as keeping styles in for 2 weeks at a time which is how long I can tolerate my hair being tucked away. This will play out better than trying to keep the hair away for long periods and set up myself for failure.
Any case in point is Jenelle of kinkycurlycoilyme who has grown out her hair without having to keep it hidden always. Her last attempt was a disaster and that's what I'm going to also do. Others include Naptural85 and Curly Nikki herself. For most part of our journey, the Obsession with PS has led us to ignore why God gave us this type of hair (That's the next topic I'll be examining). We want to grow my hair so long that we can flip and swing it but we don't need to depend on PS.
Coily Queen also looks at PS in the light of not using combs or brushes - essentially, anything that can rip the strands. Link this to what most 4C naturals do - exclusively finger detangling. A lot of them don't even part the hair with a comb; all is done with fingers. If fingers are used for what combs are meant for, then, which part of the regimen will have combs as a necessity? None! At the end of the day, it's all going to be a low manipulation routine if you make that effort.
This is also an interesting insight for me because most of the styles I do or wear are more for aesthetic reasons than PS. I do them because they look nice. Now that I've moved away from those styles to ones for convenience sake, I can also have some relieve when it comes too trying to keep an expensive style looking good all the time and instead do styles that allow me to still care for my own hair.
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28 September, 2015

My Top 4 Favorite Hair Oils

In today's post, I'll be sharing my top 4 favorite hair oils and why I love them.

From 2011 to 2015, I've used a couple of hair oils among which 4 have become my favourite. In no particular order, they are:
Grape seed oil
Jamaican black castor oil
You may probably be bored with me talking about Jamaican black castor oil over and over again. This is my go to oil for my edges so don't begrudge me for that Lol.

Coconut oil
Because I love to wash regularly and Co Wash too, using coconut oil helps with preventing hygral fatigue. I also love to use it as a Prepoo treatment.

We Naturals Hemp hot oil treatment
This hot oil product is simply awesome and I plan on always having it in my stash.
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26 September, 2015

The Best Amla Powder Treatment

I decided to give the amla powder treatment another go and I must say that this has been the best amla powder treatment I've ever read about or done!image



This time round, all was on fleek! I learnt a few things about the previous amla powder application and so, I corrected my errors and made changes were applicable. To start with the amla powder treatment,
1) Boiled water
2) Put the amla powder in a plastic bowl and used a plastic spoon to stir in the boiled water. Immediately, the amla started thickening up. That was an exciting moment since the first treatment yielded no such reaction. So, the key is using very hot water.
As I stirred,  the texture became smooth too!
I allowed the mix to sit for about an hour before application.

I followed up with a cold rinse and Co Washed to ensure all particles are out.
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25 September, 2015

Does Jamaican Black Castor Oil Grow Hair?

We continue with search terms that pop up and here's another interesting one. Does Jamaican black castor oil grow hair?
The answer I'm going to provide to this question is based on my own experience.
Jamaican black castor oil aka jbco has been a popular oil within the hair community.
I started using the regular castor about 4 years ago. Now, I use the Jamaican black castor oil because there were claims that it was more organic than the regular or pharmacy castor oil.

Well, I can definitely say that if you are consistent with jbco, you'll sure experience faster growth. I've used it to regrow my edges and though I haven't been consistent with it on my scalp, I can attest to the regrowth of the edges. I don't like the tingling jbco; what I had tingles so I didn't want it on my scalp. However, the tropical Isle brand doesn't tingle and that is what I used to regrow my edges. I'm on a castor oil challenge but haven't been consistently using it. I have decided to get back on it to see how it helps with my hair itself so stay tuned.
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24 September, 2015

Things I Learnt From Water Only Wash

After experiencing water only wash for these few days,  three are certain lessons I've picked up regarding my hair and regimen.
1) I don't need to shampoo often. Because the natural oils were intact, the deep conditioning treatment I did at the end of the five days was the most effective I've ever done. My hair didn't feel weighed down nor sticky. That means no product in the hair didn't cause any build up. I can go for as long as probably two weeks before shampooing if I'm not heavy handed with products especially creams and oils. Incorporating plain water more often in the sealing process will reduce  the over reliance on creams and oils to moisturize my hair.
2) I learnt to rinse my hair in sections. For washing in sections,  I noticed that despite having already sectioned the hair for a section,  mini sections ensured a better wash. The same applied to the shirt drying in sections. I mean  squeezing the water out section by section aided on faster drying.


3) I have to Spritz some water before applying leave in or cream. Though leave ins and moisturizing lotions are meant to be the liquid, direct water is the best moisturizer. That doesn't mean drenching the hair but just a light spritz will do.
3) Conditioner washing isn't also needed that often even if you aren't using shampoo. Just rinsing with water, if you aren't heavy handed with products, will give you the moisture you want.
Perhaps, other tips will come up with time but for now, these are the lessons I learnt from water only washing.
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22 September, 2015

Water Only Wash Day 6

The water only wash is such an interesting adventure.

For day 5, I noticed that my hair was extra soft and fluffy. However, I realized my flu was becoming persistent which may not be as a result of sleeping with damp hair. I'm therefore pausing it so I can recover. Talking with blocked nose and a hoarse voice isn't fun in the classroom Lol.
Due to that, I decided to deep condition to provide the hair with the nutrients it will need till the next wash. I used the coily Crown deep conditioner which I've come to love so much. With the exception of the long deep conditioning time it requires, I can see myself raving about it all the time. I'll just grab a jar of the dark and lovely amla legend masque for days I can't afford to DC for 30 minutes.
Anyway, I also realized that by doing the water only wash, the coloured parts looked faded which is OK. That's one thing I'll miss about the daily rinsing- it helped reduce the colour intensity.

However,  I want to start using castor oil on my edges so I do have to pause the water only wash.
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21 September, 2015

Water Only Wash Day 5

This is day 5 of the water only wash and this morning, my hair felt so soft it was amazing!  I couldn't believe it. I combed through with more ease than 2 days ago. It was easy to style it into the puff.



The ends feel better now too. What I did differently was to take my time in rinsing last night. I sectioned the hair and run my fingers through as I poured the warm water on the scalp whilst massaging.

I began the water only wash to hydrate my hair after regular washing ie using shampoo, deep conditioner and leave in conditioner. I'm only using this technique as a supplementary routine in order to enhance moisture retention.

After 5 days of this routine, you've seen the results for yourself. It may not work for everyone so don't be disappointed if it doesn't. The key thing is to do what's best for your hair. Some textures love water such as miine whilst others easily become limp and overly moisturized so look out for any signs of moisture overload when using the water only wash method. You can probably make it a seasonal routine for your hair especially in dry weather.

If you have a tight work schedule, you may want to find a time that's conducive for you. Nightly washing for me helps because by morning, my hair is usually about 80% dry making styling very easy. If you wish to water wash in the morning, please be sure you don't have anywhere going because the last thing you need is having to blow dry the hair after not using any product in it. This can cause dryness especially if you've not achieved full sebum coverage as I deduced from the several posts on the water only wash website.

I like to style the hair in the morning when it's a bit dry to prevent breakage from wet styling. I usually comb through the hair with a wide tooth comb to prevent tangles and knots too.

How's your water only wash going?
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Water Only Wash Day 4

Last night after  doing another water only wash, I put the hair into mini puffs. This was to reduce shrinkage and also keep more moisture in the hair.
This morning, my hair was still damp which made is easy to comb and style. I did a thorough combing as I hadn't done proper detangling for a while.

I haven't had breakage like I feared. I'm hoping my edges recover from the damage I've caused it over these past months. I do feel like braiding  but since I can't do that,  I will just keep changing styles to kill the boredom of daily styling.
My ends also feels less dry than the previous day which is a plus.

This evening,  I did scalp massages. It seems it's easier doing scalp massages without any product in my hair. Even if I decide to use products, I think I'd like to continue scalp massages.
What I also noticed that there's a huge difference between the dyed portions and the undyed parts. The coloured portions stand out more now but the natural color especially towards the roots is more softer. The dyed parts are still crunchy like. I can't wait to trim them off in some months time. Lol
I'm going to make a conscious effort to give those parts a thorough wash. After about a week or so, I'll see of there are changes in the intensity of the colour. I hear colour fades more with the use of frequent shampoo washing ; I want to do mine with water though I still love that I experimented with colour. I'll be temporal or semi permanent ones in the future.
Anyway, by the wash time in the evening, my hair felt so soft like cotton. I can't tell whether it's due to having preserved the moisture from the previous wash or the hair was just gradually adjusting to the water only wash. The coming days will prove which one it is.
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Water Only Wash Day 3

This morning, the hair felt smooth after water only wash again.  When I was combing to style,  I thought I would see broken pieces but that wasn't the case. The hair at the sides also laid flat when I brushed it sans gel - never experienced that. It was very nice seeing laid edges.
So far, I haven't felt any sebum. Perhaps, I need to get back on my vitamins quickly to increase sebum production.




Later on, I realized the roots felt very soft whilst the ends were dry. However, I won't be using any oil on the end, I'm hoping to the green house effect to increase sebum production.
Scritching and preening is a technique that has to be done consistently too so I do it in the evenings.
This evening, I noticed only my ends are dry. The roots feel moisturized.
So far, I've been using warm water to rinse first and end with cold one to close the cuticles.
This evening too, I used the warm water and cold water.
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19 September, 2015

Water Only Wash Day 2

For the water only wash day 2, I began the washing in the previous night. This morning, my hair feels very light. It's as if I have nothing on the head!  I went to bed with a satin cap to prevent further lose of moisture. I'd wanted to do green house effect but I didn't want too much damp hair. Instead, I didn't bloat out a lot of water from the hair to preserve some moisture from the water.
I thought my hair would be dry and hard- that  isn't the case at all.
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Water Only Wash Day 2 (Update)

Here's the water only wash day 2 (Update). By midday,  I was expecting my hair to be dry which wasn't really the case. The hair felt very light and weightless. This wash has led me to  rethink the use of butters on my head. Why had I always been heavy handed with butters and oils in the name of sealing in moisture?w
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How To Care For Your Hair During Pregnancy

The excitement about having a new life in the family knows no limit so I'm going to share a few tips on ow tocare for your hair during pregnancy. In as much as you want to enjoy the baby, the journey to having the baby can be a daunting task. You get tired, have sleepless night, feel heavy, and all you want to do is count the days your little one is born. When I was pregnant, these things made it easy to care for my hair.

**Rely on a stylist when I felt I couldn't do my own hair. For us in Ghana, our salons are relatively cheap so it won't be a problem using one more often during pregnancy. Be sure you are working with a familiar stylist who understands your journey.
**Wash during shower; I used to enjoy having the water run over my body so that was an opportune moment to wash even if it's a co wash.
** Use instant deep conditioners like dark and lovely amla legend masque. These work within 5 minutes so you can take your shower and deep condition at the same time. Even once a month will suffice even if you are relaxed.
**The last one is braid it or weave it up! All you do then is moisturize and seal.
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Water Only Wash Day 1

This is the first day of the water only wash. As I said in the previous post, water only wash is essentially using only water to wash or cleanse your hair. The aim is to ensure that the sebum you produce is able to coat your hair thereby reducing the dependency on products. So far, I've seen both natural and relaxed ladies incorporate this method in their regimen.

To start the water only wash, I

  1. Clarified with ORS Aloe shampoo twice though I had done that a few days before.

  2. I applied just a tiny bit of oil to the ends.

  3.  I'm now dealing with multiple textures on my head so I'll see how this routine turns out. I'm hoping for moisturized strands,  less dull looking hair and above all, well moisturized roots.

  4. I'll be trimming again in a few months so I'm more focused on preventing further damage to the already fragile ends.

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18 September, 2015

Jamaican Black Castor Oil in Ghana (Update)

Yes, there is Jamaican black castor oil in Ghana. The last time I spoke about where to get Jamaican black castor oil was when it first became available in Ghana.

Back then,  there was only one vendor. Fast forward to Now, you can get Jamaican black castor oil at the following places:
1. African Emprezz Beauty shop on Facebook
2. Urbanmakes.com where my friend Dami sells other hair products too.
3. Avery Naturals on Facebook
4. Mejs Naturals who also stocks the Ecoco brand.
These are the ladies I know of for  now who stock up on Jamaican black castor oil.
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The Water Only Wash Regimen

The water only wash Regimen? I know some people may have heard of this from the blogs.
The water only regimen is as simple as its name. Using only water as your main hair product!
There are some differences in how people do this water only method bit the basic principle is to ditch your commercial products and rely more on natural ones.
First, there's the clarifying stage where you give your hair a thorough cleaning to remove traces of products.
There's the scritching ie using your finger pads to lift dirt on the scalp.
Preening is done to spread the sebum through the hair.
You, then, rinse with warm water and go about your business. No added products.
Because I couldn't deep condition twice in the week as required by the coily queen regimen, I still wanted to have some challenge for the rest of the month so I saw this as a good opportunity to do a little experiment with the water only wash.
Over the next couple of days, I'll be sharing a sort of diary or journal entries I kept during the 5 days. At the end, I'll share some lessons I learnt.
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17 September, 2015

6 Ways To Overcome Hair Setbacks

As the queen of experiments about 3 years ago, there isn't a setback I haven't experienced and not recovered from and that's why I'm sharing with you 6 ways to overcome hair setbacks.


Though I'm not at my goal length, I've had enough setbacks to keep me on track and that has been the case since 2014. I hit full shoulder length in December 2014 after my big chop in January 2014.  after cutting my hair as a result of a henna mishap, colour treatment, protein and others, here are the strategies I employed and still employ when I suffer any setback.
1. Accept that you caused the setback. Whether a stylist trimmed too much hair or gave you a bad braid, you are responsible. Why didn't you complain during the process? Why didn't you get up and leave? If it's your hair breaking, what did you fail to do?
2. Trust that you can and will recover from the setback. No matter how bad the problem, there is always a solution. Believe in your ability to bring your hair back to health. Be prepared to go the extra mile to get your results.
3.Identify the cause of setback you have. You may have lost length; look at your hair diary to identify what is missing. Did you use a small teeth comb on your dry hair? Could it be due to postpartum shedding?
4. Create specific solutions for the setback. If it means leaving out some products such as in the case of protein overload, don't hesitate. If finding a new stylist is the solution, do it. If you have to stop creating your fancy hair styles, do it.
5. Give your hair time to recover from the setback. The damage you have took some time to occur so give your hair the chance to recover. At least 3 months can give you some positive feedback.
6. Monitor your solution. If you are using a new product to solve your setback, keep an eye on it to see if it's working. That will prevent further damage.
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15 September, 2015

3 Ways To Use African Black Soap In Your Regimen

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="336"]yvonne nelson's natural hair yvonne nelson's natural hair[/caption]

  1. Clarify
    African Black Soap aka alata samina shouldn't be used so often because it acts as a clarifying shampoo. In its undiluted form (no oils added) , it gets rid of product build up. Usually, it's safe to clarify about once a month to remove traces of the silicone build up from conditioners. Even if you use silicone free products, you may have been using butters and creams. However, African black soap can't remove mineral deposit from hard water.

  2. Moisturizing shampoo
    Add some oils to your liquid alata samina. To prepare liquid African Black Soap, mash the alata samina, soak it in water or add warm water and allow it to sit for a while. Add a few drops of natural oils and essential oil to preserve it. Viola! This reduces the drying effect of the alata samina.

  3. Sulfate Free shampoo
    If you want a natural homemade sulfate free shampoo, then, the African black soap is here for you.

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14 September, 2015

Coily Queen Regimen : The Usual Wash Day

I'm just excited to have had some time to give you some updates and also talk about the coily queen regimen and how I incorporated it in my wash day routine.

I should have washed on Friday but I was so dead tired I did it on Saturday. Because I've been moisturizing and sealing in the evenings when I could,  I skipped Prepoo.
1) Shampoo : I, first, washed with  the sheamoisture yucca and baobab shampoo but my hair still didn't feel quite clean for me. I, then,  realized I'd not also clarified in a while. Therefore, I grabbed a bottle of ORS creamy aloe shampoo and washed again.
2) Deep condition: I used the coil crown deep conditioner (I'll do a review when I get a holiday).
After 30 minutes, I rinsed it out and applied a mixture of leave ins,and followed up with L'Oreal straight cream as I was going to blow dry. I had somewhere going so I blow dried on low heat(which is the only hot button that works now- I don't now why).



For this week, I will have to wash on Wednesday but let's see about that. This is the coily queen regimen week 2 update.
I'll prepare some amla powder down for my next wash. I'm yet to get the kaolin clay but I hear there's a holiday coming up so I'll use that to sort out the clay.
Getting back into the working world  has changed my schedule drastically. Getting  home is always a joy.
I'm sure I'll be settled before the year ends so I can get back to some videos too.
How was your wash Day?
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12 September, 2015

3 Hair Styles For Labour And After Delivery

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="396"]My cornrow ponytail My cornrow ponytail[/caption]

When the moment of labour arrives, the last thing you want to ti have some hair flowing and shipping your face. All you want to do is get the baby out and be free.  About a month to delivery, you are tired, easily stressed, anxious and sleep is a luxury. To make the process less stressful, here are some hair style tips for you.
1. Cornrow ( with or without extensions; All back style, Ponytail): As my no.1 go to hair style, I'm glad I had this sooner prior to delivery. Having the hair cornrowed into a small Ponytail makes you fly and ready for the marathon Lol. For the whole period of labour, my hair wasn't a concern at all for the 2 weeks after birth too.

  1. Short weave on: The goal is to have your hair off your face so installing 8-24 inches weave isn't useful. A cut is better to make your sleep easy. A new born has a sensitive skin and allowing your weave to touch the skin might irritate your precious one. Also, short hair allows for easy bathing, cleaning and shedding is minimal. Brushing your weave also leaves strands around which can be dangerous when it wraps around your baby's fingers.

  2. Your own hair twisted up/ short twists or box braid with or without extensions : These are also very great for the occasion and easy to maintain till you are ready to deal with your hair. image

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11 September, 2015

Do You Visit Natural Hair Salons?

Yes, in Ghana, we have natural hair salons. If you have two left hands like me ☺☺ when it comes to braids and weaves, then, you probably visit the salon for those services. However, this creates another unpleasant situation for us naturals.
Have you ever been charged a higher price because you are natural? I have! For regular salons, I wouldn't expect much from them nor be offended with exorbitant prices. When it comes to natural salons though, it's a different playing ground. One would expect them to handle our hair better and also be cost effective yet reports indicate otherwise.
Personally, I haven't done my hair at an all natural salon yet; I plan to do that when the hair is longer. I want some flat twists and these salons offer that.
Back to the issue of cost, most naturals I've met complain that aside not getting a stylist who can tend to their hair needs, the natural salons are too expensive for them.  Now, let me clarify that we Ghanaian ladies have our own definition of expensive [even a $1 can be expensive depending on the size or value Lol]. However, when ladies on a healthy hair journey complain, it is genuine. Spending on hair products is something a lot of ladies who care for their hair don't mind doing thus when a salon is rated as expensive, it raises concern.

I had the chance of getting my hair braided by a natural hair braider and there's no way she'll have me in her seat for some styles regular salons can do. She was damn very expensive by all standards. She was fast alright but for charging me almost 3x what I usually pay, I won't want to use her again.

Have you had such an experience?
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10 September, 2015

10 Hair Products Worth Buying (2015 edition)

For ladies on a budget like me, spending on a hair product should be an investment worth our money so I've put together 10 hair products worth buying this year. You can easily get at Madina market, Kaneshie market or Accra central. You can also find some at Shoprite, Max Mart or Marina Mall without breaking bank.

  1. Tresemme conditioners: For their size and price, these are worth it
    2. ORS replenishing conditioner big bottle- at 35gh, this can last a full year of weekly washing.

  2. Hello Hydration big bottle which is around 25gh at Legon Mall.

  3. We Naturals hemp Shampoo
    A little of the Hemp shampoo as I mentioned in the review goes a loooong way. That is my top shampoo now.

  4. We Naturals Hot Oil Treatment: I love this product so much and I know it won't disappoint you too.

  5. Jamaican black castor oil : This oil is multi purpose and even the 4oz can last you a full year

  6. Creme of Nature Detangling Shampoo large bottle. Just around 30gh and it's a large size. This shampoo is also very moisturizing too.

  7. Makola virgin coconut oil: mine lasted almost a year and a half with regular use and that includes daily use for oil pulling.

  8. ORS creamy Aloe shampoo is a multipurpose shampoo as I've mentioned in this video .

  9. Dark and Lovely Hair refresher: This smells so good that I'm considering spraying it on my hair LOL. If you wear weaves or braids, then, don't sleep on this.

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09 September, 2015

Can You Texturize And Still Be Natural?

Here's another question that comes up in the search terms : Can You Texturize And Still Be Natural?

Texturizers are the first thing naturals who want to loosen their curls temporarily reach for. The misconceptions about texturizers make it difficult for some naturals to accept their texture.
One Sunday morning, a lady sent me an urgent message asking for which and where to get a texturizer to loosen her natural hair a bit, just a bit. Instead of giving her an outright answer, I referred her to this simple analogy. Consider texturizers as the younger siblings of relaxers.
Texturizers, texture softeners all PERMANENTLY ALTER your natural hair. The difference is how long you keep it on to get the texture you want. Sometimes, you may feel that your hair still looks natural but when the new growth comes in, you'll be dealing with two or more textures like a fully texlaxed hair. The end result of texture softners and texturizes therefore means you can't be really natural.


She informed that her stylist and friends claim otherwise. To give her the evidence she needs, I asked her to Google the ingredients in any of the texturizers I had mentioned( I referred to 3 or so in the chat). She called and thanked me( I was very ecstatic) for saving her from making that mistake. She would have been shattered had she taken the texturizer route because she really loves being natural; she just wants manageable natural hair!
The simple answer therefore is that using a texturizer means you aren't natural.
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08 September, 2015

Amla Powder Treatment

I decided to do an amla powder treatment this wash day and I must confess that it wasn't all rosy.

Wash days just got better for me since I decided to overhaul my regimen.
1) Prepoo: I used Aloe vera gel and I must confess that I now see the hype. My sister mixes it with the pomade even for the skin! I'll plant some to use daily on my scalp too. I bced almost the same time as my sister but you won't believe it.


She uses Aloe vera on her scalp! She is 3C-4A so you easily see the length too. She's really amazing with her routine which is very simple too.


  1. Shampoo : I used the sheamoisture yucca and baobab shampoo after wetting the  hair. The gel made the process so easy and I didn't use a lot of the shampoo.


  1. I applied the amla powder ; it was very watery. As soon as it touched my hair, the hair clumped tightly like using a protein treatment.


I left it on for some minutes and rinsed out using the bucket method.
4. Conditioner : I used herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner. The slip of this product is just awesome!
5. Leave in : Applied kinky Curly knot today leave in and sealed with Grape seed oil
6. Added a bit of Jane Carter Solution Nourish and Shine For Dry hair and dry skin.
I just dried the hair without stretching.

I do enjoy washing but stretching it is another story. Also,  being spontaneous is fun sometimes.
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07 September, 2015

Tips For Make Up Beginners Edition

I used to struggle with make up and I still do but here are a few tips for make up beginners which I believe will help us all!
Here are some things I've learnt in the quest for achieving a presentable face courtesy of make up.

  1. Get a brush set even if it's a cheap synthetic one. You may not get the same finished look but that will get the job going.

  2. Watch youtube videos: doesn't matter if the make up isn't for beginners. The basics are the same for the individual you are watching. He/She layers her products in a particular way so watching any of her/his videos still gives you the routine. All you need to do is pay attention to
    ***the pre application stage: what the person uses on the skin eg primer, moisturizer, milk of magnesia. These are crucial in protecting your skin.
    *** the foundation application process and blending. She might also use a concealer or a base before full application.
    *** the eye shadow application process.
    Each person has a unique technique yet you can have a general idea as to what to steps to take to create your own style.

  3. Get your basic products even if they are knock offs. I still have cheap versions for practice.

  4. Practice before shower, at home,

  5. Get a make up wipe or remover- very cheap to get.

  6. Don't aim too high; you don't have to rush the process. It took time for your favourite make up artist to master her routine.

  7. Have a skin regimen so you don't create clogged pores with the foundation and other products.

Even though I'm getting better at creating basic looks, I don't think I will stress myself all the time to wear make up. The basic is enough to get me through the day Lol
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06 September, 2015

11 Places To Purchase (Natural) Hair Products In Ghana!

Hi my empresses,
For those who've been with me from day one, you'll share in my joy as you read this post since I'm sharing with you 11 places to purchase (natural) hair products.
Back then in 2010,2011, it was hard finding hair products for naturals. That was another factor in my failed first natural hair journey.

  1. Ghanaianemprezz online shop on Facebook (my own shop)

  2. We Naturals on Facebook
    3.Eya Naturals on Facebook
    4.Mejs Naturals on Facebook
    5.Naya Naturals on Facebook
    6.Ghlonghair online shop on Facebook

  3. African Emprezz online beauty shop on Facebook

  4. Urbanmakes.com

  5. SheabutterCottage.com

  6. Avery Naturals on Facebook

  7. Afro Obsession on Facebook
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05 September, 2015

Does Your Hair Have A Name?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Hi Prof! "]image[/caption]

It may seem vain, ludicrous, funny, insane or just ridiculous but ladies do have pet names for their hair. When I was a newbie, I joined the squad and called my mane Emprezz.
Ah, well! What other names have you given to your hair or seen others use?
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Treat Dandruff With Aspirin


How to treat dandruff with aspirin? The same aspirin you take or use can be extended to your hair too, especially, to treat dandruff.
Before you start this treatment, be sure that the flaky scalp is indeed dandruff. Personally, I haven't experienced any dandruff since I properly started caring for my hair.  You could be doing stuff to your hair but that doesn't mean you are doing it well.
When I get asked how to treat dandruff, I usually, find out your regimen. If your regimen isn't up to scratch, you can be rest assured that you'll have to sort it out to see if that can clear the dandruff like my regimen did. You see,  washing with shampoo without using a deep conditioner afterwards isn't a great practice. Products work effectively when used accordingly.
So, if you've done everything properly and still experience dandruff, here's a remedy you can try.
According to dailymail.co.uk,
Plenty of shampoos aimed at treating dandruff use salicylic acid to control these pesky flakes. Adding aspirin to your shampoo can help keep dandruff under control by simply crushing two uncoated aspirins into a powder and combining them with a tablespoon of shampoo. Exfoliating the scalp helps remove dead skin layers that cause dandruff. Kristen Colon, Owner of Studio 11 Hair Salon in Orlando, Fla., wrote in The Huffington Post guest blog: “…aspirin contains salicylates, which is the active ingredient in dandruff shampoos that contain salicylic acid,” explaining why the method works.
This remedy is very cheap too. If you try this and it works, do share your results  with us.
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04 September, 2015

4 Ways To Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil Effectively


The all famous Jamaican black castor oil aka jbco is in my good books for several reasons. I'm not going to reinvent the wheel about its uses; rather how to make sure you are getting all the benefits it offers.

I bought an 8oz bottle about 3 years ago and haven't finished it nor bothered to do so until recently. When I tackled my postpartum shedding, I used it haphazardly and so didn't pay attention to what it was doing for me until I tried something else and noticed that it was the Jbco that had helped with my edges.
1] In order to use Jamaican black castor oil effectively, decide on which type you want to use and why. There are several brands so read reviews about them and choose. These Jbco don't work in the same way nor have the same potency. I won't mention names but some have been reported to have high salt content which has had negative effects on especially relaxed hair.
2] Will you use it directly or mix it up with other oils? Since the Jbco is very thick, some prefer to add oils to it before use. I've found that using it directly works best; some do the addition because they get itchy scalp. I haven't experienced that so you don't have to dilute it if you aren't having a bad day with it.
3] Another way to use Jamaican black castor oil effectively is to ask yourself how often you use it has an impact on the results you get. When I was diligent with it, my edges thrived. Merely using it once a week on your edges may not give you the quick results you want.
For deep conditioning mix, be sure to be consistent with it in order to get its maximum benefits.
4] Find a reliable way to have the Jbco in your products all the time. I mean mix it up with your daily sealant, the prepoo mix you keep in the bathroom, the dressing mirror and also set a reminder like I do. This will make your Jbco use more effective rather than having the bottle seated comfortably waiting for daily touch.
If you can't afford the Jamaican black castor oil, you can use regular castor oil.
Some swear by regular Jbco and I'm one of them. When I wanted to be cheap, I bought the regular Jbco and mixed it with my coconut oil. I'll be going back to this method because having that mix down made daily use easy and effective. When I had the Jbco, it took my sealing to a new level but when I'm not ready to purchase Jbco, regular drugstore castor oil can be a place holder.
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03 September, 2015

3 Ways To Use Henna On Your Hair

Where are my henna fans? In today's post, I'm going to point out 3 ways to use henna on your hair to avoid setbacks.
A lot of readers have inundated me with questions regarding where to purchase henna and how to use it.
I can say that out of experience, there are several factors to consider before henna application.
***Do you want a dye release such that you end up with some colour like I had? When the dye is released, you get a reddish tint it hue.
***Do you want just a gloss? Then, don't leave it to sit for long. As soon as you mix your henna, apply, leave it on for just some minutes and rinse.
***Do you want black hair? Add indigo( check African Emprezz on Facebook)
***You can mix a bit of henna in your conditioner to strengthen your hair; just don't use too much else you'll get a dye release.
**Be sure to deep condition your hair after the treatment IF you were aiming for dye release else be ready for hard, straw like hair.
After all is said and done, the choice to use henna shouldn't be a one off thing. Read and read about it before application.
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3 Tips To Help You Choose Your Henna

After sharing ways to use henna on your hair, here are 3 tips to help you choose your henna. Since you've decided to dabble in henna, why not check which type is most suitable for your hair.

[caption id="attachment_3682" align="aligncenter" width="469"]henna on relaxed hair henna on relaxed hair[/caption]

I learnt a lot from my henna mishap (see here)
Based on these, I'm offering you 3 tips to help you choose your henna
*** Avoid market henna.
Let's be honest here. The market henna is obviously cheap so that's the first place you might be tempted to purchase your henna. What you should know is that there are different sources of the henna. Some are grown in the North, some are imported. It's very difficult to determine the source of your henna as you don't have the expert's eyes.
In addition to this, market henna is quite grainy and leaves a bunch of left over grains stuck in your strands.
It's also difficult to determine if your henna is body art quality. (Sheabutter cottage and urbanmakes.com have awesome henna).
***Be sure you are buying pure henna. Some Hennas are marketed as releasing brown dye, black etc. These aren't pure henna. They have added chemicals which may damage your strands. Read labels carefully.
**** Have enough water on standby: washing out henna is a daunting task that can make or break your hopes Lol. What I mean is you will need a lot of water to rinse out the henna in order to achieve the results you want. Failure to do so will leave you with stained bedsheets, pillows, clothes and more. Aside that, you will be need to ensure that the rinsed out henna flows away if you are using your bathroom else be prepared to do the scrubbing of your life! Getting the stain out will be a manual labor Lol.

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02 September, 2015

5 Cheap and Easy Ways To Document Your Hair Journey

Hi my empresses, hope you are doing well. Today, I'm sharing with you 5 cheap and easy ways to document your hair journey when you are not a blogger.
In the era of selfies, why not grab your camera and snap away? This is the most common way to document your journey but there are other ways too. How about someone without imstagram, Facebook or Twitter?

  1. Pen and Paper Tracking. Writing down what products you bought, when you bought them, how much, why you bought them, the ingredients will allow you to discontinue or continue using a product even years down the line. I keep my books in a pretty good place and I have some of the entries I made in 2011!

  2. Hair Journal apps. There are two apps on apple store I've tried and found to be very helpful. The hair diary and hair journal apps are designed to keep track of your products, styles, length and many more..

  3. Online Planners/Calendars/Diaries. You can make entries in or on your planner or calendar. That is whether on your phone or your paperback! Some of the calendar apps are connected to Google so you have all your entries saved! For paper ones, you will be able to look back at the year and get all the entries you made!

  4. Hair forums like hairlista.com allow you to have your own blog posts. These are a great source of tracking your hair journey too. Also, you are able to post daily if you want to thereby getting a daily dose of memories! I have seen some of the pictures of products I'd forgotten I'd used before!
    So, here are the ways you can employ to keep your eye on your hair journey.
    Catch more details in the video
    [ youtube=https://youtu.be/HfZxwa_Iv3A]

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Bucket Wash Method For Natural & Relaxed Hair

The bucket wash method is a term I coined out of using a bucket instead of a shower head to rinse out products.image
If you've been using henna, dye or clay treatments, then, you know the challenge of keeping your bathroom from getting stained. It's very easy when you use the bucket method wash for relaxed & natural hair. All you need is a bucket like the one pictured above and a source of water.

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The Coily Queen Regimen

I came across the coily queen regimen when I was surfing for information on how to keep 4c natural hair moisturized for long periods. As part of my non conservative attitude towards my hair, I'm going to do a few hair regimens to help with moisture as I mentioned in my  6 months post big chop Video.
The basic requirements of the coily queen regimen is to shampoo twice a week, deep condition twice a week, apply leave in conditioner daily for 3 weeks, daily scalp oiling and massaging.

You can find out more here.
This is the regimen for September (we are about 15 people trying it) and at the end, I'll share my verdict. The aim is to increase moisture in the hair, reduce tangles and single strand knots.
If you'd like to join this test drive, just follow the instructions or steps as listed by coily queen.
The sheamoisture yucca and baobab shampoo will be used, kinky Curly knot leave in, body butter coil crown deep conditioner, grape seed oil, Jane Carter Solution Nourish and Shine For Dry Hair and jbco mix for pre shampoo treatment.
I may take away or add products as time goes on.
I'm currently in cornrows but I'll use this to see how my hair will respond to being washed in that state. My first wash will surely be this Thursday.
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01 September, 2015

How To Make Forever Clair Products Work For You

After sharing my own techniques fr using forever Clair Products, I realized I hadn't touched on other reasons why the FC products may not be working for you.
1. Use the whole range. This is the first  lesson I learnt a couple of years ago. When  I bought the entire blemish control line, there were weeks I skipped the face cream and rather used a different cream.  What I noticed immediately was rough skin. Just 7 days were enough to setback from achieving the flawless skin I was working hard at.  By using a different cream,  I'd broken the chain of reaction. This principle also accounts for why your hair  gel might flake when you use it with a product from another line. Specifically, each line would have similar ingredients in order to work thus to change one product or substitute another would render your efforts ineffective.
2.  Use the product as directed.  There's an order of use with every product line which will ensure effectiveness. If you choose to neglect the instructions, you risk not enjoying the benefits.  For example, the blemish control soap has to be used twice daily. I have a night routine too so that means I benefit from the soap.
3. Have a routine so you can be consistent. It took me about a month to see results from being consistent.  That also included making sure I took off my make up before applying any product or cleansed.
4. Choose the appropriate line.  Each skin is unique. You have to use the products meant for your skin type.  Just because your friend uses the acne line doesn't mean it will work for you.  I noticed the acne range works better for me so I prefer that.  If one line didn't work, don't throw in the towel yet.  Try another line.
5. Be sure you don't mix products. Ghanaian women  love to be skin care products mixtresses. They will mix two or more products together with the goal of improving the efficacy of the product. If you do that with any skin care line, including Forever Clair, you will only sabotage your efforts.  You shouldn't mix for example, a Neutrogena toner with FC toner. You'll only fail!
These are the few tips regarding how you can make FC products work for you.
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One on One With Linda

Linda has  fabulous Ghanaian natural hair and it was a pleasure meeting and chatting with her.image
I got the opportunity of meeting Linda during the Afrotastic event and I really had to get her to share her story.
Kindly tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Linda, a final year student of University of Ghana, living in Tema.
What motivated you to start taking care of your hair?
I've always wondered why people would have long and healthy hair after a few months of going natural and mine wasn't, so I decided to pay extra attention to my hair to find out why.


What was your starting length, where are you currently and what is your ultimate length goal?

My hair was at my neck level when I started taking care and paying attention to it. Currently my hair is a little below my shoulder level, my ultimate length goal is to get to bra strap length by January.


Describe your current regimen-products, washing, styling and daily routine

My current regimen is very simple, I ensure that my hair is moisturized at all times and I always make sure to apply oil to seal the moisture in the hair. I have a spray bottle which I use for that purpose (contents of the bottle are water, olive oil and shea butter). I also wash my hair once every two weeks to get rid of all build ups in the hair. Oh and I drink a lot of water too!!!! It really helps. I'm a styling freak and I always want to try or create something new. I mostly twist my hair before sleeping, or braid it, in order to protect my ends I also make sure I scarf it with a satin scarf before I go to bed.


What techniques will you recommend for natural ladies?

I will entreat all natural hair ladies to try their best to wash their own hair as much possible, they can also visit the salon once every 6 months. Drink a lot of water and do little manipulation to your hair. Do less combing or use a wide tooth comb if the need be.
Do you have challenges you face and how do you combat them?
My greatest challenge is not having enough time to detangle my hair. Sometimes I hardly finish detangling the hair before I wash it. I try to detangle my hair a night before my wash day so as to avoid rushing the process and damaging my hair in the process. I also try not to comb the hair often.


Any advice for ladies on a hair journey?
Ladies take your time and enjoy every bit of your hair journey, don't be too anxious of its growth! It will grow. Love your hair and let it Fro!!!
Thanks Linda, for your tips. Of you'd like to be featured, kindly send your email address to ghanaianemprezz@gmail.com
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