Flaxseed Prepoo Treatment

On Sunday evening, I had to get rid of the gel I used for wash n go that  morning and because I didn't want to shampoo,  I opted for a flaxseed Prepoo treatment and Co wash. Flax seed or linseed oil has a wide range of use, some take it orally but for us, our hair is our priority.

I loved the wash n go look I had in the morning but I wasn't so sure I wanted to show my hair during week at work. I feel ok doing  those styles over the weekend because I have the time to do them and can switch styles should anything go wrong.

Anyway,  I used linseed oil aka flaxseed oil to prepoo. Prepoo means pre shampoo treatment. I wasn'[t going to use a shampoo though but I wanted the boost in moisture with the use of the oil.

The smell is comparable to fishy smell but the We Naturals conditioner covered it up. We Naturals is a Ghanaian based hair products manufacturing company run by woman. If you want to obtain some of their products, visit our shop.

I went on to towel wrap for some time and then went to bed with the damp hair.

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