Growing Hair is Easy

You may be looking at how difficult it is to  grow your hair but actually,  growing Hair is easy.


What do you do to get your hair growing? Absolutely nothing! I tell you. We've been genetically programmed to grow hair. If this is the case, then,  it means we all have hair that is growing so what 's the problem?

The bottle neck is retaining the growth. Simply put,  holding on to what has grown out is the most difficult part of the hair journey. Even if your hair grows 2 inches a month and you can't retain 1/4 of it,  you won't see the length you want though your hair will remain healthy.

Instead of thinking your hair isn't growing, find out why you are not retaining length or the growth you gain. Even if you take hair vitamins and don't care for your hair as you should, you are predisposed to short hair as a result of breakage. Breakage occurs in several ways. From combing when styling to washing, your ends rubbing on your shoulders, using tight hair bands, and not deep conditioning regularly. In addition, using products that don't contain water as first ingredient will not moisturize your hair. Wearing your hair down too often exposes it to the sun which can cause dryness leading to breakage.

When you set a regimen in place to curb breakage and increase moisture in your hair, you'll notice an improvement in your length.

Growing hair is therefore an easy enterprise; retaining the growth becomes the challenge to overcome. When in doubt, google what you have noticed about your hair and will be amazed at to the articles you'll find providing solutions.

If you have been stuck at shoulder length for years, it's time to examine what you are doing wrong.

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