The Evening Primrose

About three years ago,  I began taking evening Primrose and cod liver oil (2-in-1) capsules. I loved the results it has on my skin.

However,  it's been a hustle getting the same combination again so I was reluctant to buy them separately. Yesterday, I decided a journey of a thousand miles begins with  a step so I grabbed a bottle of the evening primrose. I've started taking one a day and I know I'll reap the benefits soon. I will add omega 3 vitamins when I have the chance to drop in the pharmacy again.

The evening Primrose is 30 capsules; I'm looking round to find 60 or more capsules one so if you know any, prompt me.

I'm not taking these vitamins for hair, I'm worried about my health deteriorating as a result of my schedule these days so I want to fortify my immune system.

This week,  I've stuck to the biotin 2 capsules a day. I think what I have can last 30 days. I do plan on purchasing mane choice next month too. I'm still contemplating on whether to wait a while or start taking it immediately. I'd love to see growth but I wouldn't want to mix the vitamins too.

I've slacked on daily oiling and rinsing. I'm getting back to the oil deep conditioning every evening.

I don't plan on covering this hair anytime soon so you'll get more daily posts.

PS: I texturized the hair to 70% texture. I'll capture better images soon. I'll be using the just for me texturizer for a while. More on that soon.

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