A Time To Heal

I've been  racking my brains to find a suitable title for this post and the only word that came to mind is a time to heal.

This May,  though my birth month,  has proven to be a tough one too for my health. I fell ill,  got treatment but the medications failed. I just got worse and had to be admitted again.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="288"]image The last picture I took despite the pains I had[/caption]

All is well that ends well so I think I still owe God a Thanksgiving. It's not something I wanted at this time of the year, especially when things were looking brighter financially.

It's been a rocky healing process and I still have to keep my prayers up so the treatment works this time.
I'm not sure I'd wish this on my worst enemy; I'd rather pray for the person.
It's difficult but it's a time to heal.

Lying on the hospital bed felt serene in a way. I shut my mind to all my cares and burdens and realized that it was the only way I can heal faster and stronger. Too much negativity can drain your life away so stay positive.

I'm sure I'll be back next week with a testimony for God's people. Stay blessed,  nothing  less.


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