30 July, 2016

I've Won The Battle With Acne!

I'm such a goal-oriented person that once I set my heart on achieving something, I go all out to get that and this battle with acne is one fight I'm not going to lose.

The latest issue is the acne breakouts on the right cheek whilst the left cheek is fresh Lol. Why? I'm suspecting it's because I sleep on the right side. In any case, the line of action was to figure out how to stop new breakout and that's when I discovered something else.

My face felt oily within hours of bathing and even when I use oil free moisturizers! Can you imagine that? So, I realized I had to wash my face twice a day to remove those oils.

Additionally, I realized I broke out each time I use the Avon anew retexturizing peel, perhaps because I had pimples  on my skin, I was just aggravating the skin. With 10%glycolic acid, my skin might be suffering from the harshness of the product.  That's just my theory so I now use it on my pimple free part of the face and guess what? My skin responses very well to it! 

As soon as I got consistent again, within 48 hours, my skin improved. 
The Facial Routine 

This is what I've been using :

  1. Wash face

  2.  Use facial scrub

  3.  Use toothbrush to gently to scrub - I've upgraded from a bit hard to gently  to avoid being rough with the skin.

  4.  Use another  scrub (if I wash my hair) rinse off

  5. Use exfoliating toner, allow to dry and apply the  clear and smooth acne pimple medication and allow to dry and then oil free moisturizer. 

Once in awhile,  I'll use a facial peel or clay mask either in the morning or evening. 


Wash face with facial wash and apply aloe vera gel. By shower, I apply the wash again and scrub. I follow with the toner and acne pimple medication and fade serum. (check my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/EmprezzAbena  for all these products. 

As I mentioned,  just 48 hours of this routine reduced the bumps on my face. This picture was taken on the 10th.



I got forever Clair exfoliating toner and maxitone fade serum for the night. I apply the serum more on  the cheeks as that's where I have the  darkening due to the pimples. 

I'm using the fade serum in the night because you are not to be in the sun with it. I saw forever skin tone too and will pick it up anytime I go to the mall again! 

The next thing is to prevent recurrence of the acne aka pimple. 
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July Favourites (2016)

I've not done favourite posts in a while because I really didn't have any. However, this July was different. I had three products I enjoyed using.
1. Cantu sheabutter anti frizz foam leave in conditioner

I absolutely love the feel of the foam in my hair. It penetrates the  hair so fast and easy. Because it dries up fast too, I'm able to use it daily. A full review soon. 

  1. Irish Spring Gear Body Wash: This wash is amazing on my skin and though I won't be restocking it yet,  I know I can always fall on it when the need arises. 

Sheamoisture Superfruit conditioner 

[caption width="331" align="aligncentre"]Sheamoisture Superfruit conditioner Sheamoisture Superfruit conditioner [/caption]

This conditioner changed my perception of Sheamoisture conditioners, especially, with its moisture levels. I really love this. 

What's been your favourite for July? 
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29 July, 2016

Vitamins Challenge Check in #4

This is week four  of 24 weeks of vitamins and I know most of the participants are really diligent with their vitamins.

Don't forget to leave your check in there too.


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Do you have a Hair Buddy?

Never heard of them? Then you probably don't have a hair community. Where have you been?!:o

Hair buddies are the best thing you could ever have when on a healthy hair journey. It isn't a platform for any competition, but rather for the exchange of knowledge as well as keeping each other in check. 
Here are some tips in choosing your hair buddy as well as the benefits.


▪Get a buddy who has a similar;

  • hair type

-hair length

-hair goal

▪Choose someone you're really comfortable with within that community.

▪Be prepared to learn-we all don't know everything.

▪Be willing to share


▪Your buddy constantly reminds you of healthy hair practices to do daily.

▪You can go on hair challenges together- for moral support lol.

▪You don't only exchange products you could even swap products!

If you dont have, one get one! There are so many hair communities with different people; from WhatsApp to Facebook; Twitter to Instagram! Just look around you'll be surprised.😎

Do you have a hair buddy? Tell us your experience. Comment below!
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28 July, 2016



If you want longer, healthier hair then don’t forget about Biotin. This is quickly becoming one of the most widely used supplements for faster hair growth. While biotin is a B vitamin it plays such a key role in keeping hair healthy that it needed its own spot. This vitamin helps produce glucose and break down proteins into amino acids. Since hair itself contains keratin, which is a form of protein, this supports healthy locks.

While most people do get enough Biotin from the foods they eat each day, it is a water soluble vitamin. Again, that means your body can’t retain it and flushes what it doesn’t use. So you need to get enough of it each day or you’ll run a deficit. Many hair care products now contain Biotin. However, that doesn’t mean you should ditch biotin-rich foods or supplements. Rather, a combination of both an internal and external supply seems to work best.

Some food sources of Biotin include mushrooms, avocados, eggs, salmon, peanut butter, and more.


Niacin is another vitamin that’s in the B family but deserves its own recognition. This vitamin helps to nourish the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. Without adequate amounts of niacin, your hair stands the chance of becoming brittle, lifeless, and may even fall out.

Niacin deficiency is a condition called pellagra. Signs of pellagra include:

Delusions or mental confusion


Nausea (sometimes)

Scaly skin sores

Foods that contain niacin include turkey, chicken breast, tuna, mushrooms, and avocado (just to name a few).

Thanks alot friends.

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4 methods of Trimming hair

There's a term in haircare most people try to avoid at all costs: Trimming. Believe it or not, trimming does more good than we think, especially when you hit a growth plateau (a stage where your hair does not seem to grow anymore).

What is Trimming?

Trimming is the cutting off of your ends, in a bid to rid one's hair of split ends and single strand knots. Some ladies trim yearly; some twice in a year and others every time they style their hair. Depending on your goals,your duration will be different. In trimming however there are four methods. 
The Straight Hair Trim 

Some natural haired ladies prefer trimming after they've flat ironed- this isn't compulsory, it depends on one's preference. An advantage however, is that the shrinkage element has been eliminated prior to trimming, so you probably will not cut more than you planned to. 

Search and Destroy

This method is one that conserves hair the most, even though it's been known to consume a lot of time. Here you're looking diligently and singularly for split or damaged ends to snip off.

Trimming Braids/ Twists
This is my personal method. This involves twisting your hair (the smaller the twist the better), and cutting off your desired length.

Straightened Curls Trimming
Some of us have some curls that suddenly decide to look straight lol. This trimming method has a principle of; smoothing wet, lightly conditioned hair then trimming off the ends that are relatively straight. This keeps your curls in check,  making you twist outs or braid outs look more fleeky.

Trimming must not be seen as a chore or the Devils incarnate. Think of it as pruning (yes what we learnt in jhs), and reap the benefits for your hair.
How often do you trim? what method do you use? Let us know!
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Flexible Rods To Create Lasting Curls

I haven't mentioned flexible rods in a long, long, long, time!!!

But first, a hair Update : I relaxed a couple of days ago. I ended up with  more texture than intended but it's OK.

This will make it easy to monitor the growth from the nature's bounty HSN. I've washed twice already too.

I got small flexible rods for curls and if you've been here since 2012, then you know they  are my go to styling  tools. The rods will make styling  a lot fun and simple since I get the same results as roller sets. I'll get a foam wrap so the curls can last.

To be able to do flexible rods again is such a relief! It means more curls, no more spending on braids and wigs , I can wash any day and any time as well as do scalp piling and massages. I  means there are a thousand and one reasons to be exciting about the change in styling.

I tried the rods on dry hair and in a matter of minutes,  my head had turned curly. I'll be posting each use and probably a video on it too.

Here's my relaxer update video


I'm so hyped, I tell you. Just 2 more inches and we will be on our way to shoulder length hair.
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27 July, 2016

Natural Hair Inspiration : Aretha

Aretha is a Ghanaian YouTuber,  make up guru and has a gorgeous set of afro hair.





Images : courtesy of Instagram
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Attitudes that Will Keep You Frustrated with Your Hair

​Going natural is a learning experience and things can get emotional. Re-learning how to manage and style your hair after years of relaxing can be a challenge, and it can be made more difficult depending on your attitude. Here are  attitudes that will keep you frustrated at your hair.


Ah, impatience. We’ve all dealt with it, whether it’s waiting to grow out those last few inches, sitting through an hour long detangling session or trying to master the art of flat twisting. It can be easy to let impatience get the best of you but consider that you are in a process of re-learning your hair and it’s just going to take time. Anticipate that the first two years of journey might be bumpy and progress may sometimes seem slow. If you did a big chop, you won’t have back length hair right off the bat. If all you know how to do is flat iron, then natural hair styling and maintenance techniques will take time to learn. But don’t fear! Many veteran naturals have their routines down to a science, and spend less and less time on their hair as the years go by. There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Compensating for your hair

Some women don’t like what they find on the other side of the big chop. They might have expected looser curls and ended up with a tight z pattern, or wanted hair that grows up and out, and ended up with soft hair that flops down. A kneejerk reaction can be to get a dye job, do a press and curl or put in a weave. Although none of these practices are bad in and of themselves they can do damage to your hair and sense of self when used as a perceived ‘compensation’. If you are feeling disappointed or unhappy with your natural hair try getting to the bottom of your dissatisfaction, and adjusting your outlook. And realize that changing your perception of what is beautiful will take some effort.

Stubborn Defensiveness

When you read natural hair articles or hear natural hair ‘gurus’ talking, it can be tempting to be defensive and discredit them. You might think; ‘What do they know?’ or ‘And who are they to tell me how to take care of my hair?’ While you certainly shouldn’t believe everything you read, it’s important to have some humility. If you’ve tried taking care of your hair, and it’s not where you want it to be, there’s nothing wrong with admitting you don’t have all the answers and trying new advice.

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The 411 on Crochet

Crochet braids! I see them everywhere! Different styles and colors (some colors more worrisome than others I promise!). I’ve always been one to be very skeptical about certain styles and crochet was one of them. Why? Oh it was very simple; HOW CAN I REMOVE CROCHET BRAIDS ON MY OWN WITHOUT CUTTING MY OWN HARD EARNED HAIR AWAY?! It seems like a silly reason but true talk that was like my crochet-phobia reason. I just seemed to think it’ll be difficult to differentiate between your hair and the crochet knot. So for months and months, this girl was avoiding eye contact with all those bold enough to try this protective style lol. Now one day, I saw a different kind of crochet- the pre-braided crochet hair- and my mind went blank! Everybody say thank you to my Whatsapp group, ROCK_THE_NATURAL! For showing me this type of crochet. At least with this kind, all I had to do was unloop, no cutting needed lol. Shantè fixed my braids (duh!), and might I say so myself I felt jerh some style bi lol.

  1. Crochet braids are super heroes of our edges!

Now I know, this, all crochet stylists know this, and you should be told too! Crochet is bae to our edges trust! During and after installation, there’s no stress whatsoever on your edges (saves you the Naomi Campbell look!). One of the things I did not really fancy about crochet was the fact that the frontage showed a part of the cornrows-where our edges lay in all beauty. Now, oh I love the look! It’s kinda different, kinda cool and hey, it’s saving my hair! An added tip to the protection and growth of your edges is to massage the area daily with Castor oil. I use a mix of castor, amla, coconut, olive and peppermint oils, applying it with a toothbrush in in the mornings and evenings.


  1. Wash/No Wash?

In response, one should consider; the type of hair you’re using, and if you have enough time to search and destroy tangles. I attempted to wash my braids two weeks after installation. Beforehand I researched on whether it was advisable to wash your hair while in crochet and I found varied responses. Since I had product buildup, I did not want to risk having terrible hair odor so I decided to wash. In washing, I diluted my shampoo and applied it using a spray bottle. I then massaged my scalp, trying hard to make sure I got as much dirt unsettled as possible. After this I rinsed off the shampoo from my scalp first with water, then with a mixture of acv and water to act as a dc. My scalp felt really clean and smelled really nice after that, with my braids having minimal frizz since I didn’t wash them as well. Since I plan on keeping my braids in for 6 weeks, I plan on washing it after 3 weeks this time, with weekly acv+ water wipes to refresh my scalp. I don’t forget to moisturize and massage daily either (This is a MUST for every protective style).

3. Crochet hair maintenance

In taking care of your own hair, it’s equally important to take care of the crochet itself, as that’s what everyone sees. If you installed braids like mine these could help you in maintenance;

  • Try applying a little leave-in conditioner on the braids. Not only does it give it sheen, but it reduces the rate of frizz. If the hair happens to have tangles, as you apply the conditioner, you just have to run your hands through the braids and detangle. Doing this weekly should do the trick!

  • When moisturizing your scalp, you could also moisturize your braids. Now I do this because, shortly after installing the braids, they begun to itch and I HATE that feeling (we all do right?) so in moisturizing the hair, it keeps it rather moist and not soo itchy and straight.As a first timer, I’d say crochet is slowly becoming a style I’d love to do all the time simply because, you can do all protective styles- from mambo twists to kinky to afro- using the crochet method. And it’s way safer for your hair as it doesn’t stress it so much. It’s a method I’d really recommend to everyone on a healthy hair journey for optimum length retention and edge protection. Has anyone installed crochet braids? How did you maintain the style? Kindly comment with all your tips and tricks below! And thanks for reading!

Till the next post loves,

Kuujya (Shantays)
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26 July, 2016


Bananas are exceptionally healthy as they provide numerous health benefits. It is a versatile fruit that contains many nutrients including vitamins A, B, C and E along with minerals like potassium, zinc, iron and manganese. Just as eating a banana helps in keeping your body in good health and great shape, application of this fruit on your hair and skin will help you to keep them in great condition.

Hair Benefits Of Banana:
Banana is rich in potassium, natural oils, carbohydrates and vitamins which help in softening the hair and protects the hair’s natural elasticity preventing split ends and breakage. Banana creates manageability, shine, growth and controls dandruff. Just like a banana facial mask enhances the glow of your face immediately, the following banana hair masks will also improve your hair dramatically. Here are some of the banana for hair benefits.

Pack For Soft Hair:

Mix ripe banana with avocado and add coconut milk to the mixture. Apply it on your hair and wait for 15-20 minutes. The pack conditions damaged hair and makes the hair soft. Instead of avocado, you can also make the same mask by adding cocoa. Presence of cocoa helps in bringing out the natural colour of the hair.

 Pack For Shine And Health:

Peel a banana and add 1/4 cup of olive oil and one egg white and put in a blender. Puree for a couple of minutes. Let it stay on your hair for 15 minutes followed by hair wash with your favourite shampoo and conditioner.

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Be younger for longer: Quote reflections.

​Hello lovely readers! Today I'll be reflecting on a quote I found not too long ago. Hope you enjoy and learn from it:)


This quote is one of many I found in a chapter dedicated to youth and age. It's a rather simple quote at first glance, but it really does represent our very system of existence.
In our youthful age, we're considered 'fresh minds ',  which simply means we're at a stage where we're able to recover quickly from our experiences. With this knowledge, it's safe to say that our youthful days are supposedly when we're at our mental peak. We're able to imagine beyond the barriers of all things called normal; we're exposed to various methods through which a single task can be accomplished; we share moments we would have never imagined, with people we may have never considered.
As we grow, we change (change is after all, the only constant element in life). We suddenly have to consider the reactions and needs of others (try marrying and having kids). Unknowingly, we let go of the otherwise carefree mentality we had back in the day because most of our activities are going to be pre calculated.
Before you reach that stage of 'mind wrinkling', assess your youthful self;
~Have I really lived during my youthful years?
~Have I thought of and undertaken any activity that'll cause a positive stir/change in my circle of existence?
~ Have I wrinkled my mind before its due time?
These ought to put into perspective the state of your mind and how youthful it really is. Are you living life based on the dream of another person or are you living your own?
Are you living and learning, relishing the joy of your youth?
When I was younger, I was taught that if you frown, you wrinkle early. Since then, I've been the ambassador for teethy smiles (😆).

 In the same way, let your mind smiletoday. Don't let anything prevent you from enjoying and creating a world of your own in your youth. Make mistakes, and learn from them. Running away from mistakes simply means you really aren't living- life has never been a smooth road.

Thanks for reading everyone! 
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No Buy Challenge Check In

It's been a while since I went on another no Buy challenge. 

So far,  it's been good. The fact is I actually don't need anything yet so it makes the challenge easier. However,  it doesn't mean I haven't been tempted to  purchase stuff but I channeled all that into skin care products which I'll be reviewing soon. 

The good thing about channeling the desires is that you get to focus on another part of your life that was not part of your budget. By getting these skin care products, I've satisfied a desire for flawless skin. 

This step will also ensure that my life isn't lop-sided. I'm able to enhance several areas of my life that can get neglected because of purchasing hair products. 

[caption width="400" align="aligncentre"]Cantu sheabutter products Cantu sheabutter products [/caption]

I have about 2 months to go but I had  two items to restock or replace. My leave in conditioner has been restocked with the Cantu sheabutter leave in foam and the co wash, as well as a split end mender that I got to help with the ends. The aim is to apply to the ends each might to moisturize it. 

 The other products are forever Clair exfoliating toner and maxi tone fade serum for fading dark parts. 

[caption width="400" align="aligncentre"]Skin care products Skin care products [/caption]

I think I've done a good job and now the only thing I need is a foam wrap. 

For my skin,  expect more hauls because this a year for my skin.   Also,  I'll be showing you some few look book from fashion haul. I still have a long list but one at a time
What have you purchased or not purchased? 
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25 July, 2016


Last week,I touched on how to spend money intelligently.Today we shall discuss a way of saving effectively. You must determine the amount of money you want to save.Write down the amount of money you can save per month.Remember,it's not the amount of money you can save but the amount that you will like to save monthly in order to reach your future goal.

For instance,you can decide that in the month of August that you will save thirty-one Ghana cedis only hence you will save a cedi a day.

So how do you save a cedi a day?

Firstly, aside having a savings account which your money is 95% safe and which luckily many banks have made it easy for everyone to have a savings account with a minimum amount of money, I will still introduce to you the common one every student and everyone knows about.PIGGY BANK OR SUSU BOX.
A piggy bank aka Susu box is one of the easiest ways to have quick access to some cash in times of need.

They often say 'little drops of water make a migthy ocean' That is why we must be dedicated and stay focus in order to make manageable sum of money annually.The best part is you do not have to put in a huge amount of money in your susubox.

So where my friends at?

What hair product or item do you have in your wishlist?

Everything is possible if we save.

Why not join in the challenge for August?Everyone ,parents and mostly students can join.

You have this week to grab a susu box .

Save a cedi a day starts on MONDAY 1ST AUGUST 2016!...

Thanks for reading.

Share to help a friend to save.

Comment to let me know if you are in.
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23 July, 2016

Foam Wrap Lotion vrs Setting Lotion


We are all familiar with hair dressers mixing their setting lotion with water before use as directed. However, I find setting lotions to be too drying for my hair and haven ventured into the world of wrap lotions, I'm certainly looking forward great roller sets.


I know some ladies also prefer setting lotions; we have different hair needs, textures and we live in different environments.

If you have difficulty with any of these products, try water only roller sets too and see how it works. I used to do water sets until I discovered how well wraps work on my hair.
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22 July, 2016

3 Ways To Neutralize Relaxed Hair

When you relax your hair,  the relaxer changes the pH of your hair. To restore the pH, you need to Neutralize the hair. There are 3 products that can help you.

  1. Neutralizing shampoo: Some salons  have neutralizing shampoos but to be safe,  carry your own bottle to the salon. The one I use is the ors creamy aloe shampoo.

  2. Apple Cider Vinegar: Dilute apple cider vinegar in water and apply to the hair after rinsing out the relaxer. The vinegar will restore the pH of the hair.

[caption width="278" align="aligncentre"]Roux Porosity Control Conditioner Roux Porosity Control Conditioner [/caption]

  1. Roux porosity control: This line helps a lot and I loved it when I used it.  All the products claim to restore pH balance so give it a try. There are other porosity control products you can add to your stash.

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I always think that  my School mum

 will slap some relaxer into her hair after school....

She surprised me  with her 'konkonsa' pony when she came visiting oneday at school.

Her pony was so little that I played with it...wondering when this small konkonsa pony will grow.

And it did grew.!

Her natural hair grew so beautiful.

I never knew she  had such beautiful pattern of hair back then.

Looking back,I say; my sweet mum...you rock!

She is an inspiration to all.

As we celebrate your hair today,may it grow and grow gracefully till it grows no more....lol.

Any memories of your school mother or school Daddy?

Did they inspired you in any way?

Like,share and comment your opinion.

Thanks for reading.

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Vitamins Challenge Check in #3

This is the third week of the 24 weeks of vitamins. 

[caption width="336" align="aligncentre"]Zip braid Zip braid [/caption]

Get all the details about this week's check in here. 

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21 July, 2016


Most people on a hhj are introduced to pre- pooing early in their journey. Many do it just because they’ve been advised to, without knowing the actual benefits. Others on the other hand, do not include it in their regimens simply because, they do not see the need. First off however, what IS pre poo?

Pre poo simply put, means before shampoo.. So in effect, pre poo is a treatment applied unto hair prior to washing. It is the application of conditioners (in the form of oils, creams, butters or even fruit) onto hair. All you have to do is to section your hair and apply your desired pre poo; cover your hair for 15-30 minutes or possibly, overnight. You then rinse it out and continue with your usual routine. It is important to note however, that if you co wash, you will not need to pre-poo, as conditioners do not completely strip our hair of its oils.


· Pre poo helps in detangling your strands. The use of conditioners loosens most tangles, avoiding excess hair loss during the process of detangling. It prepares your hair for the manipulation that detangling brings and as such, is really needed in your routine

· Pre poo retains moisture in your hair. It is recommended for people who experience drying out of their hair. Bi-weekly should do the trick.  The oils and butters used as a pre poo shield your hair from the dryness that can be brought by the use of shampoos.

· The use of oils such as amla, coconut and olive oils not only retain moisture, but they also give you ultra-defined curl patterns, leaving your tresses super soft! Now who would not want that! Lol.

Do you pre poo? Has it been of help to you? Do you have any recipes to share? We’re dying to know, just comment below! Thanks again for reading.😚

                                                       Kuukua (Shantays)

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20 July, 2016


Every once in a while, we all love to switch up the look of our hair. We see the wildest colours all over Instagram and Facebook and we wish we could try at least one of them. But then we think of the reviews we’ve heard or read about dyes, and how they dry out your hair, causing tons of breakage. This discourages many sadly😦.

One thing we don’t realise is that, those who experience breakage most probably tend to have very little knowledge on the use and implications of dyeing. Dyeing your hair means your hair’s structure has been altered in one way or the other and as such, it will not be able to hold as much moisture as it did before. As a result, you have to provide your head of hair with extra moisture treatments to make up for what it loses. So in conclusion, dyeing simply means EXTRA MOISTURE.

If you’re like myself and would like to switch up your colour about 3 times in one week lol, then dyeing permanently is probably not the answer for you. It’s with this thought that I’ve decided to delve into the temporary dyeing options available to we the indecisive and experimental ones.

· Henna

Yes henna. Henna is one of the ways by which you can dye your hair. This powder doubles as a strengthening treatment that coats your hair shaft, reducing breakage and adding sheen to your hair. Henna can be found in various colours, but be cautious of the imitations. Henna used on your hair must be of the BAQ (), as that is the purest and healthiest option for your hair. If you’re in Accra, I’ll recommend making friends with some Muslims, as they get easy access to henna for their wedding ceremonies. Don’t eat their Salah food only, use their henna!

· Hair Spray

These are a more temporary option for the likes of myself. It causes no dryness, it’s easy to wash out, it’s cheap (trust me I know!), and fun to use! Hair sprays come in a different range of colours for all your innermost desires! All you need to do is to spray it on freshly washed hair, massage it a bit to spread it to your liking and voila! You can rock a colourful head of hair.

· Hair Chalk

This is yet another temporary type of hair colour. These look like the normal chalk we used back in the day, but without the added harsh chemicals. This is also easy to apply and wash off, although the colour isn’t really as strong as that of the hair spray. You’d have to use a lot of the chalk for the colour to ‘pop’.

· Lipstick

Close your eyes lol. Lipstick is a messy but fun temporary hair dye. And guess what? Most ladies have it already. That means no additional buying! Lipstick gives your hair a subtle shade, just like the chalk. The appearance of the colour is largely dependent on the application. Lipstick can be a very messy hair dye so be mindful when applying it. Apply it before wearing that white shirt and when wearing the shirt, do well to place a satin cap over your head before. Otherwise, you’ll be very sorry.

So there you have it! Many ways to colour your hair without the full commitment. If you love to experiment, try one or two of them and post a picture on the forum. If you’re having any difficulties with your dyed hair as well, we’re here to help! Comment below! Thanks for reading:)

Kuukua (Shantays).

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*Remove luxuries from your Budget.

*Use cheaper forms of transportation. 

*Have fun for free in your own small way.

*Avoid expensive addictions

*Set reasonable savings goals.

Thanks for your time.

Always remember; the lifestyle you can't finance you don't purchase. 

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Natural Hair Inspiration : Priscilla

From our days on campus till now, Priscilla has seen all the ups and downs abut my hair and she has also taken the plunge to take care of her hair. I remember when we would wonder how to get out sand from the hair after a marathon prayer section at the gardens  on  Saturday mornings 

She started taking better care of her relaxed hair and along the way,  decided to give natural hair a go. She's been very diligent with her products and the results have been very inspiring. 

When  Priscilla gets to waist length, I'll definitely share the update with you. At this rate,  she will be  Bra strap Length by next year. 

Interact with  Priscilla on the forum too. 

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Natural Hair Inspiration: lizlizlive

Liz is a Ghanaian living in the UK and making it big time in the YouTube world with  her beauty and fashion tutorials. She also wears her hair natural.





Which one is your favorite look?
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19 July, 2016

Need Perfume To Last All Day? TRY THIS.

When you are looking good,  you want smell good too and the first thing that comes to mind  is a perfume. 

However,  the problem isn't really about the kind of perfume you use (well sometimes is it) but with how you can make it last longer as you go through the day. 

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Last week I spoke about Dates.Today is tigernut.Have you tasted it before? Tigernut has amazing health benefits which I will love to share with you.. Tiger nuts are one of nature’s super foods. They are high in fibre, highly nutritious and are believed to contain ingredients that can help prevent heart attacks and improve blood circulation. People in North Africa and Spain have been snacking on tiger nuts for centuries.

The Benefits

It has a high fiber content, Vitamin E, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. A diet high in fiber helps with your blood sugar control, weight loss as well as irritable bowel syndrome. The Vitamin E helps with sperm motility. By this the sperms are able to move actively to fertilize the egg. This is what fascinates the men…yeah right. No wonder traditionalists in Ghana use tiger nuts for medicines that treat erectile dysfunction. I cannot recommend one to anyone but well I guess it all boils down to that “men’s special role “that people usually ask about when they discuss the health benefits of tiger nuts. However,  there are many more.

The tiger nut milk contains higher magnesium, iron and carbohydrates than cow milk. It has no lactose hence good for individuals who are lactose intolerant. The fatty acid composition is similar to that of olive oil. The oleic acid (fatty acid) content helps with lowering of natural fats and oils and cholesterol making it essential in heart health. It also reduces the risk of colon cancer and helps with constipation and flatulence too. Tiger nuts has many added benefits to the human health so ladies step up your game and start enjoying it too.
More benefits.....

They are very high in fibre.

Tiger nuts are a very rich source of dietary fibre. Over 30% of a tiger nut is made of fibre and that’s more than oats, bran and most vegetables and fruits. We all need fibre to keep our digestive system in good working order, and it call also be an aid to weight loss, by making you feel fuller for longer.

 They help to control blood pressure

Another wonderful health benefit of tiger nuts is that the nuts are high in amino acids, especially one called arginine, which has been shown to be beneficial to those suffering from high blood pressure. Arginine has been clinically proven to reduce blood pressure.

 They are a good source of magnesium

Tiger nuts are a good natural source of magnesium, which is needed by the body to help with muscle and nerve function and for the proper functioning of the immune system. Magnesium also helps to regulate heart beat and maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

 They are a rich source of protein

Protein is a vital ingredient used in the building of muscle, skin and bone, and tiger nits provide a rich source of protein. Tiger nuts are in fact one the best, non-meat, sources of protein that there is.

The next time you go out,grab some tiger nuts as snack. 

Thanks for reading.


*Beauty and nutritional book. 

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6 Weeks Post Relaxer Update

This update is an absolutely late post but I still have to give you a rundown of events. 

 For the whole of the 6th week, I used the jbco on my edges almost daily but for the  Scalp , probably once. 

My scalp isn't itching like it does when I braid it up sometimes. This braid is versatile so I switch styles whenever I want to which kills boredom. 

I've been extremely diligent and consistent with the hair vitamins too and my skin is already showing the awesomeness of the supplement. 

The right cheek that used to be a headache is clearing up so fast! Together with the fade serum, my face is almost back to its former glory  and that's an exciting news. 

To more exciting news :Our forum is back! Moving from bugger to wordpress messed up the forum but it's has been  sorted out and it's now bigger,  better,  more fun and interactive. You can post topics on all issues concerning your hair, Wight loss, Skin care and make up! 

Just go to the forum here 

Let's invite our friends and family, colleagues to the forum. 

Send them this link. 


We also have debate topic of the day on the forum so do drop your views anytime. 
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5 Tips For Protecting Your Hair During The Raining Season

As the  rains come down, so does our moisture levels in the hair increases. However, too much of moisture can reckon havoc on your hair so here are some tips on protecting your hair during this season. 

  1.  Finger detangle: when the hair is soft and especially when you are caught in the rain,  it's essential to use your fingers to undo the tangles. For relaxed hair, detangling wet hair with a Comb  is just an invitation to  breakage. Using the fingers to removed knots and tangled hair will even be better on semi dry relaxed hair rather than the wet hair, more like damp hair. 

  1. Protein treatment in order not to suffer moisture overload. A bit of protein whether through deep conditioner, leave in or shampoo would curb this situation. 

  1. Shower caps to protect your hair when you are out. Though you and I know how to handle our wet hair, it's better to also avoid too much exposure to water. Naturals usually say they aren't afraid getting caught in the rain yet how about preserving the style that took you 8 hours to create? 

  2. Mini bottles of oil to carry about can help trap in the moisture your hair absorbs from the atmosphere. Take advantage of that and seal with oil.

  3. Blow dryer to dry the hair or a hooded dryer since air drying during the rainy season can take hours. 

I'd take rainy season over harmattan any day yet we can only make use of each season whenever we have it. 
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18 July, 2016

Product Review: Eya Naturals

Hi loves! I trust we are having a great week. This week I decided to make a review of some products from Eya Naturals in response to a special request by a cherished reader. 😘 These are specifically Eya Naturals detangling conditioner, black soap shampoo, leave - in conditioner and Aloe vera hair mist.


I bought these products with my own money. I wasn't paid to make this review neither do I intend to make any monetary compensation by doing so. The opinions about these products were objectively made devoid of any bias. The purpose of this review is to share my experience but does not however serve as a guarantee that they may or may not work for you.

Eya Naturals Black Soap Shampoo

Description: This product is formulated with the time honoured african black soap and coconut oil to hydrate and condition the hair while you shampoo, to help reduce breakage, and promote growth. African black soap is known to thoroughly cleanse the hair and skin. Coconut oil is known to hydrate the hair.

Consistency: It's liquid-y and has so much lather. The ingredients tend to seperate from one another so one needs to shake the bottle a little to get a uniform mixture before application.

Fragrance: Mild ashy smell that doesn't linger in the hair for long.

I found this product super cleansing and moisturising as well. I was able to rake my hands smoothly through my hair with less difficulty. My hair scalp felt squeaky clean even with just one wash but i still didn't miss my usual two to three washes.😁 My hair felt bouncy as it stretched out my natural curls. I rate this product a five star 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Eya Naturals Detangling Conditioner

Description: Enriched with shea butter and coconut oil to help nourish and condition your hair.

This comes in a quite colourful purple and white squeezable bottle. Getting product out comes with ease.

Consistency: Light to medium thickness with little slip.

Fragrance: Quite strong

After shamwash, (shampoo washing) I applied generous amount on damp hair and finger detangled lightly with some difficulty. I left my hair covered in a plastic cap and rinsed it out about an hour later. My hair actually soaked up all of this product. It left my hair feeling very soft and easy to style for the day.

I rate this product a four star 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Eya Naturals Leave - in conditioner

Description: The goodness of shea butter and coconut oil in a deep penetrative lotion, without any greasy buildup. Great for twists, braids, locs and other natural hairstyles. Can be used on wet or dry hair.

Consistency: It's a light creamy lotion and feels non greasy.

I applied a good amount on damp hair. There were tiny flakes all over but they disappeared as soon as my hair got fully dried. My hair felt moisturised and supple but hated the strong fragrance that lingered in my hair for the period during which i used it. I also liked the fact that it didn't leave any greasy build up on my hair. After few months of its usage, the tiny flakes no longer disappeared, they stayed on top of my hair and felt grainy upon drying. For this reason i rate this product a three star 🌟 🌟 🌟

Aloe Vera Hair Mist

Description: Water based hair mist enriched with aloe vera and vitamins to provide moisture and shine. Helps to reduce split ends. Use as a daily hair mist and follow with Eya Naturals hair butter or oil.

I didn't follow up with Eya naturals butter or oil. It kept my hair hydrated and soft for days and it smelt so great. It aided in detangling too. I wish this came in a bigger size as i had to stretch it with extra water and some coconut oil to make more moisturising. I rate this product a five star 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
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  1.  Why not cultivate the habit of saving?

  2. Save a cedi a day. Always remember that the lifestyle you can't finance, you don't purchase. Think about it.

  3. Any times we are moved by our feelings to buy this or that.What we mostly forget is that, we don't need to buy everything .Sometimes forget about the feelings and focus on what is real.Funny enough, spending a lot can't make you rich.I have noticed  that spending a lot and unnecessarily can make one poorer and poorer.

    Thanks for  reading. Don't forget to subscribe to the forum. 
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    Facial Routine 11-15 July

    Here are the facial Routines used this week.


    Morning :

    1. Applied sea salt and aloe vera solution

    2. Cleansed with clean and clear advantage soothe foam wash

    3. Used clean and clear morning energy skin facial scrub

    4. Allied forever Clair exfoliating toner

    5. Applied clear and smooth acne pimple medication to the right cheek and Jamaican Black Castor Oil all over the face. This oil helps with acne  treatment too so I use it once in a while.


    1. Washed with foam wash

    2. Used escenti gel facial scrub and rinsed off.

    3. Applied exfoliating toner

    4. Applied fade serum on the left cheek and Jamaican Black Castor Oil on the right cheek to heal the place.



    Followed Monday morning facial Routine, but  used the fade serum all over the face after using the exfoliating toner.


    Cleansed with the foam wash and escenti gel facial scrub. Applied toner and fade serum all over face after using the acne medication one the right cheek.


    Same cleansing steps but after toner, applied fade serum to whole face.

    In the night,  I did the same thing again.


    For morning,  I used the foam wash and escenti gel scrub, then, toner and Neutrogena visibly clear oil-free moisturizer.

    For evening, I shaved the two cheeks with a shaving stick  and applied fresh aloe vera gel. I allowed it to dry.


    Same routine for morning and evening, I used the  fade serum alone. I think the serum is working so I'll keep applying it twice a day and monitor the progress of the skin. 

    How do you care for your skin? 

    For more skin care tips,  go to 

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    Going From Ear Length to Neck Length

    The ear length is usually the starting  length of newbies and so,  this is the opportune time to move with  me to get beyond that length.


    By journeying together,  we get to see progress and encourage each other. For me,  neck length isn't a new thing as even with damaged hair,  I had more than shoulder length hair.

    There are three things to help get to Neck length.
    **Consistent routine : deep conditioning,  moisturizing and sealing  as well as healthy diet which includes supplements where needed.

    When my hair is out, I'm going to continue the mid week conditioner wash and deep condition. As for moisturizing and sealing,  I do pretty well with it at least twice a week.
    I'd like to have at least 1.5-2 inches of new growth  by the next touch so these practices can help with that as well as retention  of the growth.
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    16 July, 2016

    Poem; A Reflection on Growth

    Hiiiiii!!! Today sadly isn't hair day but I promise this is equally  beautiful. It's about growing. Most of us (myself inclusive) are scared of growth. One thing we should note is that growth doesn't necessarily mean age only, but behavioral, spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth. True, old people find 'nonfa' stuff funny lol, but i think growing older molds us as individuals and teaches us that there actually is more to life than what most people settle for. Hope you enjoy this piece everyone! xoxo...


    The bus doors open and she walks in,

    A rather fragile being at the first sight.

    Grandma looks for a seat; her chance to rest her weary knees.

    As I offer her mine, my heart feels rather light.

    I begin to see myself in her eyes

    And I imagine what it would be like……..


    …………My hair will tell of what life revealed to me.

    My wrinkles would lay proudly on my face, telling of all the times a smile couldn’t find me.

    My smile today, will show my response to all the attacks from the enemy called fear.

    My hands, soft and fragile, would tell of my survival throughout my active years.


    I would tell my children stories of my young and active days,

    Watching as they laugh and cry at stories of my cunning and solemn ways.

    I will look at my children with love and affection,

    As they look at their children with love and confusion

    Unsure of what to do or what to say

    The traits of growing parents today.

    I would look up at my better half and we would reminisce

    Rekindling the love of old that never really went cold.


    As I looked at this grandma, her eyes reflecting her smile, I smiled right back.

    In that instant, I had all I needed to know

    In that instant, I wasn’t afraid to grow.

    All my joys and problems were just scenes in my life’s play.

    I knew this wasn’t a stage in which forever I’d stay.


    I’m not scared to grow now; Grandma showed me that.

    I won’t wallow in constant sorrow; pGrandma’s smile taught me that.

    I’ve found more joy in maturity; I’ve found joy in the cycle of life.

    I found beauty in life; Life in the eyes of a grandma.

    Thanks for readiiing!! I really appreciate it. Leave a comment, like this post, and share!

    -Kuukua (Shantays).

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    Vodka on smelly feet, aspirin for spots and olives to beat TRAVEL sickness.


    You can end up spending a lot of cash on expensive creams and medicines to treat everyday ailments - but sometimes just using items in your store cupboard will do the trick.

    Internet users have been sharing their best home remedies online, ranging from the seemingly sensible to the plain bizarre.

    If you suffer from chronic smelly feet, vodka may be the answer to your prayers - but not by downing shots of the stuff. 

    The experts at Nature Hacks say that all you have to do is soak a cloth in vodka and use it to wipe for your feet.

    The high alcohol content will kill the bacteria growing on your feet, which causes the strong odour that some people are cursed with.

    Meanwhile, toothpaste can be used on insect bites to help soothe the itchiness by cooling down the bite. It'll also help draw out the the fluids from beneath the skin and help to reduce the swelling.

    Some anti-fungal creams from the chemist can be expensive, but one Imgur user says that your mouthwash could do the same trick in treating your toenails. 

    Simpy soak your toes in a tub of mouthwash, allowing the antiseptic properties of the mouthwash to work its magic. 

    While horseradish might be a more usual accompaniment to your steak, it can apparently be used as a massage oil. 

    One internet user advises mixing a tablespoon of the condiment in a cup of olive oil. Let it sit for 30 minutes before applying it to the problem area. 

    Aspirin is said to have a number of health benefits - with one being treating acne. Crush an aspirin and mix it in a small amount of water to form a paste. The simply apply to the your spot. 

    A number of home remedies for earache have been recommended online. One hack, explained by the Home Remedies blog, involves using olive oil or coconut oil. 

    Firstly, warm a small amount of the oil until it becomes lukewarm. Then put four drops of the oil into the ear using a pipette. 

    Another hack that features on the blog involves using onions, which contain powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties. 

    Extract the juice of an onion by crushing it up, and then heat it up until it becomes lukewarm. Put two or three drops into the ear.

    A rather strange hack shared on Imgur involves using porridge to treat arthritis pain.

    The user suggests mixing two cups of oats with one cup of water and warming it up in the microwave.

    Cool for a minute, before applying to your hands - it will apparently provide a soothing effect. 

    Olives are recommended to help cure travel sickness, as the contain tannin which can reduce saliva production - helping to see off feelings of nausea.

    Meanwhile, eating parsley could help you get rid of bad breath. The chlorophyll in the herb can help neutralise the odour. 

    Teabags can be used to treat burns - place two or three wet bags on the affected area. The tannic acid inside the teabags will draw away the heat.

    Vinegar is recommended by some internet users for treating bruises as it increases blood flow at the skin's surface. Soak a cotton ball in white vinegar and apply to the area. 

    Honey is known to have numerous effects for the skin, but one more specific home remedy involves treating blemishes.  

    One Imgur users suggests covering the blemish with a dab of honey, before sticking a plaster over it.

    The honey is said to kill the bacteria and speed up the healing process.  

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    15 July, 2016


    Hello friends👪,thanks a lot for your comments and shares!Keep it up fans.I am grateful. ☺

    So I have been observing the tunes 🎤and beats🎶of life and I realized that if we don't appreciate the little things 💝we have,it will vanish into thin air.To show appreciation is very important👍. It releases stress in this hectic era. Looking around, I noticed 📝that there are a lot of things to appreciate .Just the way a baby 🚼🚼is formed through sexual intercourse 💏💑is wonderful and beautiful. The same way the rate at which hair grows👰💇 is greatly amazing and wonderful too. Have you thought of that?

    Everyone's hair grows at different  pace👣👣. Some are faster ,others are slow, even others are slower. Often times, we fail to appreciate the hair on our own heads. But we appreciate other people's hair and forget that our own hair also needs some praises.!

    Why not start today?😄

    Say something positive➕  to that circumstances➖. 

    Say a nice word♥ to that stubborn friend 👿of yours.

    Whisper words of wisdom to those who needs it👥👥.

    Give your  hair positive look👀👀!

    Give your hair👩 a pet name. 

    Treat it like a princess💟. 

    Appreciate it and it will appreciate you☝.

    Thanks For reading.😘

    Stay blessed. ✌

    I will love to read your comments. 👓

    Have a great day 

    Stay positive➕ and be good.
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    Hair Vitamins Check in #2

    I've been on the nature's bounty for a week.

    So far,  I've been taking  the 3 capsules of nature's bounty hair skin and nails vitamins daily as directed.

    The one thing I'm watching out for is breakout. I already have two bumps I'm working on so another breakout isn't a welcome news. However, so far, there hasn't been any breakout.

    I'm hoping my skin benefits from the supplement quickly. I need a glowing skin, especially, on the right cheek.

    See more at 

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    Wash Day in a Protective Style: Kinky Twists

    In my bid to retain more length this half of the year, I decided to embark on an 8 week long protective styling challenge. This was simply because I did not want to continually have my fingers rummaging  perfectly through my hair, pulling and tugging at my strands, especially when I’m thinking and trust me when I say that it’s almost always lol🙈. I installed the protective style on the last Sunday of the month of May and I’m proud to announce that I’m celebrating my sixth week tomorrow! (Insert chocolate prize here please lol😎).

    [caption width="2000" align="alignnone"] 4 weeks and two wash days later. Source: Personal album[/caption]

    I decided to install kinky twists as my protective style for the 8 week long challenge. This is because it has a similar texture to my actual hair and thus, if it gets to the ‘messy’ stage due to new growth, it would not look utterly unpresentable. Today’s post will be looking at my wash day routine whilst in these twists. 

    For my challenge, I decided to wash my hair once every two weeks, to reduce the rate at which my hair will be disturbed. As a result, by the time I’m done with my challenge, I should have had four full wash days. Even though I’m in a PS, I try as much as possible to stick to my regular routine of; pre poo; shampoo; deep condition; moisturise and seal. I like to try treatments whilst in protective styles and this wasn’t any different. I tried the onion juice alongside, a review I’ve decided to post only after the complete 8 weeks. Check my personal blog for the deets! Okay we're travelling lol. Let’s focus now shall we!

    Pre poo. Before shampoo. It’s that simple. I section my twists into four, applying either a detangling conditioner or oils. My favourite oils for this purpose are coconut and amla oil. I keep that overnight most of the time for the oils or product to seep deeper into my hair strands. In the morning, my hair is ready for a bath!

    This process involves shampooing of my scalp. Yes, I shampoo my scalp only. This is because I apply most of my products directly on my scalp (hair food, oils, spritzes, etc.). In rinsing however, I tilt my head such that the water runs along the twists, cleaning them on its way to the drain. This helps me manage my shampoo, and also reduces the amount of oil my hair strands lose. I then proceed to condition twice. I said it, TWICE!🙊

    I protein and moisture deep condition, protective styling or not. Call it personal preference, but I believe my hair needs a little of both every time I wash. For my protein DC I use a rinse mix of green tea, black tea, mint and rosemary herbs. After steeping and cooling, I add 2 tbsps. of ACV and about 5 drops of essential oils to the mix. I then ‘invert’ for four minutes, ensuring that all parts of my scalp benefit from the mix. After my inversion, I proceed to pour the mix over my head 3-4 times, massaging my scalp after each pour. I either baggy for some time after, or rinse it out and immediately apply my moisture DC. I leave my moisture DC on for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off as well. I then leave my twists to dry at their own rate.

    When the twists are about 85% dry, I proceed with moisturising and sealing, and I do this using the LOC method. This is a simple method which involves the use of a liquid, oil and cream. I use a leave in conditioner, oil and Shea butter. I then style (or not) for the next two weeks.

    [caption width="2000" align="alignnone"] A roll, tuck and pin. My Go-To style after washing.[/caption]

    During the washing process, I ensure I thoroughly cleanse my scalp to prevent any microbial infection or fungus growth under my cornrow parts😟.  The thorough cleanse will also make sure that I’m able to make it successfully through the two weeks scheduled.

    How do you wash your hair when in a protective style? We’d love to know so do find your way to the comment section!:) Thanks for reading loves.😚

    Kuukua (Shantays)

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    3 Deep Conditioning Mistakes To Avoid

    After deep conditioning according to the directions on products, my hair has certainly gained it's softness back. It stays moisturized for longer periods too.

    [caption id="" align="aligncentre" width="400"]Scarf Style Scarf Style[/caption]

    In all this, I've learnt 3 mistakes that can occur with your deep conditioning process.
    1. Not using the product as directed: That was my first mistake with deep conditioners. Most dcs take about 30 minuted to an hour to work if you use body hat but 15 minuted under a hooded dryer or steamer. I hardly went beyond 5 minutes with the deep conditioners and that was my downfall. Now that I can't cut my hair again,  I have to be diligent in keep the hair healthy.
    2. Not using the right deep conditioner: Using a regular conditioner and leaving it on for even 20 hours doesn't make it deep conditioning. I've personally been against using eggs because it's unable to penetrate the hair. To benefit from deep conditioning,  you need to get a deep conditioner aka steaming cream.
    3. Not deep conditioning often: The ladies with long hair have two or more sessions of deep conditioning during the week and its something we may have to also do in order to get to the long hair. By fortifying  the hair each week,  the strands are able to resist the elements like the sun due to the increased moisture  thereby preventing dry hair.

    If you've been forgoing these tips,  do well to go back to the basics.
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    14 July, 2016


    Tomorrow  marks exactly two weeks since we started our six months vitamins challenge.

    Have you noticed any new growth yet?

    Have you seen any changes in your skin?

    Are your nails growing well and beautiful?

    Personally,I am in a protective style so I cant say much about new growth until I have taken it down.

    Secondly,I noticed my nails have become stronger and healthy. I used to have brittle nails due to constant biting.This time around I have decided to put a stop to that habit to see how beautiful my nails are.I promise! I won't bite my nails again.

    For my skin,I can't say much.What I can say is that I don't see acne on my face or breakouts. This is because I drink enough water.

    What have you noticed so far?

    Share your views.

    Thanks for reading.😘

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    I love you; Let's 'kind of date'.

    love-wallpaper-10244346.jpgSo it’s Kwansima’s birthday and I’m really excited! 21 on the 21st isn’t a joke oo. I quickly dash to her side of the room-yeah, she’s my roommate- , and jumping on her bed I ask, ‘Sister Girl, tell me, what’s Kojo doing for you on 'our' birthday? All I want is cake and chocolates'. Kwansima just laughs and asks, ‘Why do you think he will do something for me? It’s not like we’re dating or anything’. Seeing my confused look she further explains in the only sentence she finds prudent, ‘We just have ‘a thing’’.

    What IS a ‘Thing’? Call me crazy, but I seem to have a lot of friends around me being in so many ‘things’ that I don’t know the total number of variations. This ‘thing’, which our generation has created so lovingly is in simple terms, SILENT DATING!

    So silent dating, self-explanatory really, is dating silently. A relationship where there hasn’t been any formal known commitment, but the two children practically live together! Our generation has turned out to be one that trembles at the thought of commitment. The whole idea of being ‘in a relationship’ causes peoples’ blood pressure to rise higher than the pressure of water used to wash my mum’s car at the washing bay. Most of us want the comfort of knowing that someone will always be there, without the commitment of always being there for the person. They want to have cute, long and late convos with people they don’t want to consider exclusive to themselves. They want the freedom that comes with being single, alongside all good things that are found in actual relationships (no one likes trials, temptations or feelings of doubt at all!). My generation, simply put, loves the thought of relationship goals, without the actual relationship and we all don’t know how just ‘goals’ can achieve that.

    What we need to come to terms with is that, even though we seem to not want to be in relationships, we actually do. Don’t get confused. Let's look at Adjoa;Adjoa has been one of Cyril’s ‘likers’ for their entire stay in school- I’m talking primary through to junior high! Talk about diligence in feelings and Adjoa was your person. Now someway somehow, Cyril starts to show interest and decides to propose to Adjoa.

    On the inside, Adjoa’s brain, esophagus and appendix are holding praise and worship sessions with resounding AMENS, singing in sounds humans will refer to as hunger pangs (shame on us!) Adjoa opens her mouth in response and ‘I’ll think about it’ is the only thing that comes out. All the worship, for NOTHING!

    When it comes to relationships and dating in particular, we’re faced with two REAL choices;

    • The willingness to BE in a relationship, which will mean welcoming all the joyous, painful, exciting, sorrowful, tempting, adventurous and doubtful scenarios that it may contain. We need to realize that man does not control his life- God does. And He in His infinite wisdom, knows that in order for many to reach their destined life positions, they’ll have to go through a lot of stuff only He can understand, relationships being a major point of impact. If you’re involved in any ‘thing’ merely for the fact that you’re scared of a heartbreak, my friend, walleva you do, if your heart will be broken it’s going to be broken. It may not be your current thing mate. It may be the third, fifth, seventh or even the twelfth! (Que sera sera is not to be played with mehn)No matter how far you run from something, it always has a way of biting you in the butt unexpectedly. A heartbreak is NOT punishment mind you. It’s a terrible thing to experience true, but it teaches you, opens your eyes to things you were once oblivious to, brings you closer to God (contact me for more deets lol) and makes you a stronger person generally.

    • The choice to abstain TOTALLY from relationships because simply put, you’re not ready. It’s never been a crime to not be ready. I mean, if you’re writing a test you know all too well you haven’t studied for, we all know the most likely outcome. You may not fail, but the test results are not going to reflect what you’re really capable of. Likewise relationships. You should know yourself enough to ascertain your level of readiness. Are you prepared to divide your ‘me’ time? Are you ready wholly for the doubtful scenarios, the storytellers, boo chookers, are you really ready? Everyone is ready for the date nights, Valentine’s Day and anniversaries, not forgetting the social media advertisements. But think of the other side- the side most of us try to ignore, and judge yourself accordingly.

    I’m a real sucker for all things relationship, and I get so excited when people around me get into them. I’m like the number one fan of every couple I know personally (ask my friends!). So, as a daughter of Eros, an apprentice of Cupid and Jesus’ princess all I ask for is one thing;

    Choose a stance and stick to it. Don’t choose a fence that allows constant side switching, depending on your momentary feelings. Let's give 'things' a rest and deal in real stuff. If you know you’re ready, go for it chale. If not, join me on my couch and have an Oreo, maybe two if I decide to be kind lol.

    God says; Love is patient, love is kind. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love Never Fails. (1 Corinthians 13:4 7-8).

    Hope you enjoyed reading guys! Till the next one!
                                                     Kuukua (Shantays:shantays.wordpress.com) 

    See more at http://www.ghanaianemprezz.com/forums/forum/forum/

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