21 December, 2016

Grow An Inch A Month 2017 Edition

Around 2016, I'd embarked on a grow an inch a month  challenge that seems to.have worked when I kept my focus on it. In recent times, the attention has been on moisture retention.

Since the hair has grown so much, I'll be dedicating the year 2017 to hair growth, moisture retention and healthy scalp.

The first thing is the healthy scalp. I intend taking the scalp massaging seriously even when going to the salon. I'll take the manual brush for the stylist to use in cleaning the scalp during the wash. I'll use the battery powered brush at night to facilitate blood circulation which contributes to hair growth. This by maintaining a healthy scalp, I create the environment for more growth. I'm beginning this process with the next wash. Waiting for the year to end before implementing this is like waiting to be served a meal when you can serve yourself. It may be a 2017 goal but starting now would build the momentum needed.

Second on the agenda is  moisture retention. I've been deep conditioning twice a week and would be able to do so now that my hair is long enough to wear in a bun even after air drying.

The other moisture retention plan is to sustain the 2 litres a day challenge. Despite the harmattan and Sulphur use, my hair has remained quite moisturized. By staying hydrated, you are nourishing your hair from the inside. 

For the fact that I don't want to indulge in hair vitqiks 
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20 December, 2016

How I Dyed My Hair With Creme of Nature

A friend gifted me the creme of nature C10 jet black and I must say I like it.

These pictures were taken before the application.

 I had co washed the previous night and left the hair without any product. The next day, I went over to my stylist who applied the dye on dry hair. I sat under a hooded dryer for a while. I used a stylist in order to a good coverage. 

After rinsing out the dye, she applied the conditioner that came with it; she loved the dye and the smoothness of the hair after application! We did a roller set to see the result. Honestly, I was too exhausted to take pictures.

When I got home, I noticed the dye was on my edges so I decided to shampoo since she skipped that during the wash. The dye rinsed off easily and since I couldn't read the manual, I just let it be. 

After the Prepooed with coconut oil in the evening, I used warm water to rinse the hair and then shampooed twice.

I then deep condioned overnight with dark and lovely amla legend mask mixed with Jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil again. 

Catch the results in the next post.
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19 December, 2016

My 2017 Hair Goals

I got the nature's bounty hsn vitamins and was gifted a bottle of Mielle organics vitamins too. 

Get the details from the video. Please subscribe; it's free.

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5 Tips When Washing Your Face

  1. Use a clean towel/Tissue  to remove make up and also clean excess water. Disposable wipes are also a good option when removing make up. Don't forget to clean the eye area too.

  2. Cleansing and scrubbing go hand in hand. After washing the face, a scrub does a better job of removing dirt stuck in the pores than just the cleanser. These two will contribute to a healthier skin.

  3.  Get a good moisturizer to restore moisture just as you do for your hair. It's advisable to apply a moisturizer as soon as possible prevent dryness. Moisturizing face is like the hair; moisture has to be retained at all levels of cleansing.

  4. Use products appropriate for your skin type. This is related to the third point.Find skin care products that will work for you.

  5. Be mindful of DIY products so you don't exacerbate your skin issues. 

Enjoy your facial care moments !

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16 December, 2016

Wash Day @ 3 Weeks Post Relaxer

I can't believe how time is flying this December. Well, I get to enjoy some days off before school reopens. In the midst of the celebration, I'll be preparing term notes but let's get to the hair.
I had tracks fixed in the hair but I took it down because I have some length checks to do regarding the new hair supplements I'm taking. 

The Wash

I went to the stylist and she shampooed and conditioned the hair. She did a roller set and funny enough, my headaches ( which had began a few days ago)seized. Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye on the first week of the supplements(post on that soon). 

My hair is fully neck length and by end of this month, it should be past shoulder length.
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13 December, 2016

Length Check T Shirts Available

Good news ladies and gentlemen! The Ghanaian Emprezz Length Check Shirts are available now. We have pink and white shirts in medium.

To make the Christmas more fun, we are offering a discount for the first five buyers ( PS: We've extends to 10 since this post has come late) .

Contact Abena on 0541458372 via WhatsApp or send us a message om www.Facebook.com/ghanaianemprezzpage

I'll be doing a video with mine very soon.
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Hair Products I want To Try In 2017

Now that my hair is gaining length, there are some products that may need to be added to the hair regimen.

Hair products

The immediate one is the root only applicator bottle. That will make it easy to apply the Sulphur oil.

With the exception of the ors mayonnaise and the cantu deep treatment masque, all the others are new on the wish list.

The second product I want to buy is the Giovanni leave in conditioner and moisture conditioner.

The rest include ORS aloe shampoo, replenishing conditioner and jojoba, grape seed oils.
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10 December, 2016

Quick Wash Day

On the election day, I decided to wash my hair.

  1. Prepooed for over two hours with coconut oil.

  2. Shampooed with Carino coconut shampoo ( I fell in love with this shampoo because of the slip it has). I tried a new shampoo technique this time. I applied the shampoo on my scalp and massaged it for a while before going under the shower. This is a technique I've read about and I just say it's quite effective. I used the shampoo massage brush to clean the scalp. 

  3. Deep conditioned for about 5 minuted with the Dark and Lovely Amla legend mask as directed.

  4. My hair was very soft and smooth after air drying. At almost two weeks post relaxer, wash day should definitely be a breeze.

On the other hand, my biotin is finished so I need to get another bottle of vitamins. My goal is to get more than an inch. I'll share the vitamins I get with you this week.

I love the thickness of my hair ; I must say that the ORS relaxed really left me with the right texture.

How did your wash day go?
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09 December, 2016

December Hair Goals

See the November hair goals November Goals

The main thing in November was to finish the biotin and indeed I've been so consistent that I have only a day's worth of capsules! That's a good one.

As for the deep conditioning, I did well to do it with every wash rather than twice a week because of shrinkage. Now, though, the hair is longer so I can si the twice a week. However, the moisturizing and sealing  has been quite on point so moisture isn't a problem.

December Goals

  1. Start taking a new  vitamin. I'll share the before and after pictures with you next week. I choose this one for now because I'd compare it with the beautifully bamboo hair vitamins when they arrive. 

  2. Apply Jamaican black castor oil on the scalp 4 times a week per the boot camp rules and seal the hair with it when I moisturize.

  3. Keep moisturizing and sealing more often.

  4. Lastly, purchase the ORS aloe shampoo for chelating the hair.

What are your goals for December?
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08 December, 2016

Did I Achieve My 2016 Hair Goals ?

At the beginning of.the year, I was so excited about seeing my hair get longer after the previous year's big chop. 

Unfortunately, I got another hair cut and had to set new goals. In the video, j talk about the things I achieved and how I was able to do that. 

Did you achieve your hair goals?
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05 December, 2016

5 Things I did To Grow Hair & Retain Length in 2016

As my hair gets longer so does getting it into a ponytail become easier. Although I was 7 weeks post relaxer before touch up, I had more than an inch of growth if not two. My fly away hair has reduced drastically because a lot more hair can fit into the ponytail. To retain this year after the big chop, I focused on a few yet effective strategies and techniques. Let's get into them.

  1.  Stay hydrated: you may drink more juice or water to keep your body hydrated all the time. In doing that my new growth was moisturized so I didn't have to manipulate my hair daily in moisturizing and sealing.

  2. Be diligent with deep conditioning : As soon as I stopped cutting corners with wash days and deep conditioned more often, my hair got more and more hydrated and moisturized for days. Deep conditioning twice a week goes a long way to boost moisture content of the hair as well as make daily moisturizing very effective.

  3.  Use more moisture products to enhance moisture content. I use protein treatment once a while; our weather is too hot to ignore moisture. 

  4. Eat healthy meals. Once I got conscious about my food intake, I saw changes in my hair within weeks. The good thing is that I kept paying attention to the quality and not quantity of food I ate. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables especially in the last quarter  most definitely contributed to the amount of growth I had.

  5. Pay attention to your ends. I wear my hair out 2 out of the 7 days. My ends are always tucked in the ponytail. I'm not an advocate of braids and weaves so I stick to buns. Now that my hair is long enough, I'll certainly be dependent on more buns. If the occasion calls for a catchy hair style, I'll get it done. 

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01 December, 2016

2017 Hair Goals

The 2017 hair goals aren't going to be any different from the 2016 ones.

Hair Length

The first goal is to hit APL at least. My hair is at this moment slightly pass back length. By June, it should be Collar bone length. That's about 6 months of growth with about 3 inches.

The immediate length is  shoulder length by March. To get there , I'm going to keep bunning, deep conditioning, using the Sulphur oil mix, applying wild growth hair oil to the edges and taking my hair supplements.

Hair Supplements

I don't intend taking hair supplements forever. I want to switch to focusing on a healthy scalp and healthy strands. In as much as fast hair growth is desirable, retaining is the growth is much more important. I'll be switching to another women's supplements in the neqr future  which means I may just get to try the mielle vitamins one month and the mane choice too, another. It all boils down to what happens in the coming months. 


Secondly, attempt longer relaxer  stretching. Now that the hair is almost at a full bun, I can style it easily. Stretching relaxer is crucial for thickness and preventing scalp damage. To gain such thickness, at least 12 weeks is advised. 

About three years ago, I decided not to big chop again. Well, that didn't hold but the next goal is to restrain and avoid any cuts. I will trim twice though to get rid of old ends. The first trim will be in June and the next one in December God willing.

In connection with the trim, I'll get a different stylist to do it because I've had a stylist give me an uneven trim which led to some of my hair frustrations.

I'm super-duper excited about 2017 too because 7 is my birth number ! That promises to be an amazing year for achieving more hair goals. To maintain healthy ends, trimming at the 6 months interval will ensure I don't do unnecessary cuts.

Hair Products

Another goal is to stock up on products especially deep conditioners this December as I know there would be sales. There are four brands I'd intended testing two years ago but didn't materialize because of the big chops. This is the time to do that. I want to use the zabrinaturals full product range, as well as other new products on the market. I have a ton of new products to test so stay tuned.

Hair Styles 

If my own hair is going to be enough for buns, why spend money on braids ? Well, once in a while you get bored so I'm not going to rule out braids like I've done previously and failed. Realistically, I know  I will be braiding. I won't therefore limit myself. I will also wear wigs but definitely no weaves. I may get the braided wigs too.


I intend doing the 12 weeks stretch in 2017 which brings it to a total of 4 touch ups. I also will try other relaxers to see how they work though the ABC relaxer has become a favorite. I will  use the Sunny Isle Relaxer a try, the Hawaiian silky and the Creme of Nature relaxers a try. I'll be reviewing them after use.

Hair Products I Need 

For the next few weeks, I'll be purchasing deep conditioners and also get a new leave in conditioner. I'm still reading about two brands I saw.

Overall, I look forward to a good year and more length!
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