28 February, 2017

Chi Silk Infusion Review

When you have protein sensitive hair like mine, you don't take some products for granted.

 It came  to my attention through YouTube reviews. This Chi silk infusion is a protein based oil and as such, acts as an instant source of protein minus the hassle of doing a full protein treatment. 

A few years ago, the Chi silk infusion was the bandwagon to join. Though the noise has fizzled out, I still love this oil. This is the second year it's been with me and I intend to empty it and buy a new one. I use it in several ways and for different purposes. 

Watch the video for more details. For this year, I plan to use this oil on wash days as a sealant to provide protein for my hair. 

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February Hair Goals Review & March Goals

I'd worn my cornrows  for just 3 days when I experienced the neck pain and had to take it down( the fault was how I laid my head at night) 

The Braid

I clarified and chelated  after the take down at the salon and got a roller set. During the month, I used a bit of the Sulphur oil on my scalp and the Jbco on the edges daily. This time, I use the Jbco right before bed. That's a good way of ensuring I use it twice a day. I want to see results sooner than later.

Goals Review 

  • Stopped the Mielle organics adult healthy hair vitamins! I'm so excited to have tried this supplement because my hair did grow like crazy! But for the fact that the pills are too bug for me to take, I would have loved to use it as my regular supplement. I gave up with just a few capsules to go. I just couldn't psychologically take it anymore. Because I had experienced that nausea, my mind associates the vitamins with the nausea.Hmmm 

  • I used the Sulphur oil mix on my scalp very often and the Jbco on the edges twice a day! Yes, I use it before and after work. 

  • I got a roller set once in the month and it was OK. I just wanted stretched hair for the week. However, I'm now about 80% natural so my regimen will change a bit.

My favourite style was the beaded bun.

    March Goals 

    • Be consistent with  2 litres of water daily. My bottle takes 700ml so filling it three times a day makes me reach the goal. As soon as I began drinking more water, the petty headaches I had been experiencing seized.

    • As regards vitamins, I've switched to Mane choice vitamins. This is the perfect time to test the effectiveness or otherwise again. I saw growth with Mielle so I hope I gwt better results.

    • Use the Jamaican black castor oil daily on the edges. I've noticed a considerable amount of new growth on the hair line hence I'll keep using the Jbco. During vacation, I'll use the wild growth oil to finish it up. I get quite conscious of the smell so when I'm home, I will have the liberty to use it without being self conscious of the smell.

    • Use up the cantu sheabutter conditioner which I'll use  as my cleanser. The raining season means the opportunity to have super moisturized hair so leaving out shampoo won't hurt since oils will be low key in the regimen. I won't need to seal as often as during the dry season. I may use the conditioner into April so I  will add the sheamoisture superfruit in April.

    • Use my hair growth oil mixture daily on the scalp. Post on that soon.

      I trimmed off about 5 inches a few weeks ago and then took the plunge and cut off everything.  I'm still on a healthy edges journey so that's the focus for now. As the edges fill in, I'll be able to divert my attention to other areas. 

      Nothing drastic has changed in the regimen. In fact, I have a few products to use up now. When your hair is short, new growth doesn't matter. I don't want to jinx anything so let's keep the growth going. 
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      27 February, 2017

      Manetabolism Plus For 30 Days

      You know I won't sell what I haven't used or won't take so I'm also taking the manetabolism plus for the next 30 days. 

      My starting length is obviously this picture. 

      Check the video for details.

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      Products I Want To Use Up in 2017

      As an unintentional hoarder, I tend to have hair products from 2013 that haven't been used up but this year, there would be a massive emptying of stash; let's see.

      • Kinky curly knot today leave in

      • Sheamoisture super fruit conditioner 

      • Rose water ( it has about 6 months life span

      • Chi  silk infusion ( it has to be emptied because it was supposed to be used up within a year of opening.)**Given to a friend.

      • The insta argan oil ( it has to be used within a year of opening )

      • Cantu sheabutter gel oil( it is meant to be a sealant so I'll use it as such)

      • Cantu sheabutter anti frizz foam wrap

      • Cantu sheabutter split ender mender: I actually intend using it on the ends of the hair as it gets longer so this year is the right time to use it. **Since I'm not bothered about shrinkage, I'll use it as a daily spritz.

      There are others that aren't pertinent. These ones are emergency ones Lol.

      What do you want to use up?
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      25 February, 2017

      Manetabolism Plus Sales?

      The manetabolism plus is a more potent hair vitamins from Mane Choice. The good thing about this supplement is that you can pour the content into your favourite beverage and take it or swallow it too. 

      It's available for 120gh! Contact 0541458372
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      24 February, 2017

      When Your Natural Hair Takes Over

      Well, no need to say much.

      Now that you've seen what has been cooking, let me add that there will be nothing spectacular about the routine. It's not going to be so different.
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      Wash Day (TWA)

      I've been enjoying a simple routine. No need to fight with bobby pins and comb. The tapered cut was not a long term thing; I intend to grow it out the TWA; let me  have fun with it. I'm now 7 weeks post relaxer too.


      I used the carion shampoo to cleanse the hair and deep conditioned with Dark and Lovely Amla legend mask. Though the natural hair is short, proper care will ensure fast hair growth as well as healthy hair. 

      I applied kinky curly knot today leave in (I've mixed the last bit with water Lol). I sealed with my hair growth oil mix consisting of Jamaican black castor oil and a host of natural oils. I scarfed the hair down and applied mousse to the relaxed parts for smooth drying. 

      At night, I apply a bit of the oil to the natural section and off to bed.

      I have 9 weeks more to reach the first goal I've set for myself (no disclosure yet). When it happens, you'll know so keep reading posts to stay up to date.
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      23 February, 2017

      Mane Choice Vitamins Sales!!!!

      We've finally stocked up on the mane choice hair vitamins and at a discount price too. Contact 0541458372.

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      22 February, 2017

      My Semi Big Chop and Tapered Cut Lol.

      I call it a semi big chop for the reason that I have a bit of relaxed hair raining at the front. The cut is more of a tapered cut so I pay more attention to the leave out part. I can put it into flexi rods to style it. It won't be uncomfortable sleeping in it too as the hair is at the top so I plan on doing more flexi rods.

      The no buy challenge continues  because I have enough for the year. The exceptions are the aloe shampoo, regular shampoo and a styling gel. Currently, I use Eco styler argan oil but I want one with a more stronger hold- perhaps the olive oil one.

      As for length, I'm not perturbed at all. I want to enjoy every minute of this cut and if possible, document each week's progress with you. I love long hair too so I'll push to get the length back in no time.

      I feel more at peace with this tapered cut because I enjoy a bit of length as well as having no stress over hair and relaxer stretch. The little tapered front cut will be off by the 7th of the 7th month of this year (7th July) so I can wear a natural tapered cut. More details will be given as the weeks roll by.

      The no braid challenge continues with even better twists because I can't braid this hair yet. I mean I have the length to braid the leave out which can cover the whole head but I won't do that. However, I'll most likely braid it up in April for the Easter season. I've already decided on a senegalese twist zip braid (just like the one I did in 2016). 

      That means I have 9 weeks to grow the sides into about 2 inches more. Is it possible? Yes but I won't stress myself. I'll keep up with my vitamins and routine.

      Why the cut?

       I've been facing serious health challenges and this year, I knew I wasn't going to relax the hair as I mentioned in some few posts. I made that choice because I got to know that the relaxers may be a part of the causes of my poor health. You don't have to eat the chemicals to get the side effects, just having it on the scalp has its own effects. I want to eliminate anything I can get rid of so I get the positive results I want. Even if the relaxers aren't part, I won't lose anything.

      I'm so unhappy about these health issues. As if that wasn't enough, I have personal struggles I'm working on so  I know that keeping the hair in a short tapered cut will give me some free time to attend to the pressing matters. Even six months of no hair stress is more than enough time. By July, I pray to have a more positive health update.

      If you've read up to this point, then, let me ask you for a favour. Say a prayer for my family. In due time, I'll open up.
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      21 February, 2017

      Natural Hair Softener

      There's a falsehood being peddled by some hair dresses that there are natural hair softeners which make the hair soft and easy to manage.

      There have been numerous occasions where ladies had had to transition again because of these so-called natural hair softener. These are supposedly aimed at making the natural hair easier to manage without damaging the hair. 

      This isn't true. The natural hair softener is a milder relaxer which is a chemical hence your hair won't revert to its natural state ever again!  
      There are several of them on the market. Some are called texture softners, texturizers and loose curls. These will "loosen" your curls and make detangling and washing easier but you are no longer natural.

      The next time you want soft natural hair, use a shampoo to cleanse the hair  and deep condition after that. Apply your leave in and call it a day!
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      20 February, 2017

      Wash Day Plus Major Trim

      I'd wanted to go to the salon but decided the barber is a better place for the kind of "trimming" I wanted.

      After the barber did his part, I went to my stylist to get a wash. I like the results and will certainly get to the APL so don't worry. 

      I have a few things I'll sort out before discussing the reason for the cut and more. Till then, I'm still on the vitamins and still on this journey. 

      I'll keep takkng my supplements but not spend on any product except the aloe shampoo and deep conditioner. My attention is now on the restoring of the hairline. It's a bit scary seeing ladies resorting to hair transplants so I need the boost to grow back the edges. 

      Anyway, more on how I plan to maintain my hair later.
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      17 February, 2017

      Dyed Hair Results

      Where do I begin this story? I wanted a blonde colour but since I've already used a black hair dye and my hair is relaxed, I looked for safer methods and dear good old Google brought up hydrogen peroxide and baking soda- two items I always have at home ( my mom introduced us to the power of hydrogen peroxide in treating mouth sores and gummy bleeding). As for baking soda, the hair care world opened my eyes to it. 

      Put these tow together and you get a fiery result of deep blonde! Catch all the details in the video. As to the state of my hair, let's give it a month and see.
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      Bleaching My Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking soda

      It's one of the craziest and riskiest adventure I've embarked on since 2011! I mean to dye my hair with hydrogen peroxide is a crazy thing but was it worth it? 

      Before the application.

      Watch the video for preparation and application.

      All you need are the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide ( our home always has a bottle that we use for brushing our teeth. My mom was a fan of this product). 

      Don't add anything else to it.

      Because my new growth was dye free, it took the application a short time to work. The already dyed parts may need a second application.

      To take advantage of this dye,  I want to track my new growth as I take the supplements to see if they really work as I've imagined. 

      I'm also not relaxing until after 12 weeks post relaxer so I'm not worried about any chemical touching this already chemically treated hair. 

      Yes, it's like that. I'm not relaxing for health reasons. My scalp is healing very well and I don't want to set it back. To be able to relax only 3-4 times this year is a must! Lol.
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      14 February, 2017

      Wash Day With Light Protein

      The whole wash took about 15 minutes! 

      • Shampooed with carion shampoo

      • Deep conditioned with Dark and Lovely Amla Legend Mask

      • I followed up with aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor.

      Now, I know this change of steps is the first for me. I always use the moisture treatment rather after the protein. However, I deduced that since I want some protein left in the hair, it was better having the moisture first and then infusing the protein in it. 

      After rinsing the aphogee, I applied konky curly knot today leave in conditioner diluted with water because I have just a tad bit left and want to get everything out of the bottle. I air dried and as I was indoors, it took forever for the hair to dry.

      I dried the hair in a bun to reduce tangles and keep it stretched. At 5 weeks post relaxer, my hair is still very easy to handle.

      I like the site pictures; I can compare the edges in a month's time.

      I'll repeat the treatment next wash day to keep the breakage off. 

      Almost dried hair. Air drying in a bun leave sthe hair smooth and soft.
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      12 February, 2017

      Valentine's Day Hairstyle Ideas

      I decided to switch up my looks with some hair beads and it turned out to be the change I need. I will look into more hair jewelry to make styling more attractive.

      The beauty of the beads is that I can wear the same thing in different ways each week. How about that?

      I'll keep thus style for a week, recreate another one for each week. I've seen a couple of YouTube tutorials I will try when I'm free. 

      I'm sure the beads will be a trademark very soon Lol.

      Here's the tutorial.

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      10 February, 2017

      4 Wash Day Tips For Relaxed Hair

      There are a variety of things you can do  to enhance your wash day experience.

      1. Prepoo treatment is not overrated. I know some bloggers don't see the need but do what works for you. When I ceased doing the Prepoo, I into get the same moisturized hair.

      2. Use heat to deep condition. Unfortunately, I know getting a steam cap is a problem but do try to get one for your hair. It makes a huge difference .

      3. Air drying in sections helps stretch the hair and leave you with smooth hair too. I don't worry about too much shrinkage during the air drying.

      4. Use detangling products especially shampoos and leave in conditioners to reduce knots and tangles when manipulating the hair.

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      08 February, 2017

      3 Months Castor Oil Grow Your Edges Quest

      I'm a firm believer of castor oil for hair and skin as result of the positive results I get when I use it. This post is late because it's been over a week since we started. 

      Pardon the "sexy" face Loool. This is the best angle of the edges. When the challenge is over, I'll post a similar angle.

      The goal for me is to get full hairline as I don't have any braiding in my calendar for this year. As if by divine orchestrations, my last cornrow experience was terrible! I'd decided not to braid this year using extensions and possibly my own hair. The attempt to use my own hair having failed me, I've resigned myself to focusing on making good use of this 'ban'. 

      The rules.

      • All you need is to use the castor oil twice a day- morning and evening. The first check in is end of February to see our progress. I extended this challenge to readers here for those who wish to do it.

      • We are using undiluted Jamaican black castor oil. No addition of oils like coconut and olive. Just apply the castor oil directly on the hairline.

      • You may use any castor oil of your choice be it black or regular. It's a about why a works for you.


      The challenge runs from 4th February to 4th April, 2017 and application is daily as already mentioned.
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      07 February, 2017

      The Most Terrible Braid Experience!

      If you had seen me during the week, there's no way you would have believed that I was in excruciating pain as a result of how I slept with my Cornrow.

      I couldn't turn my neck the next morning and for the next three days. It was so horrible! It wasn't the braid; it was the way I laid down at night because of the cornrow pony at the back.

      By the third day, I had to take it down to relief the pain. I'm back to wearing my own hair as the neck heals. I'm able to turn it a bit but the pain is a different story.

      I used hot water massages and hot ointment to reduce the pain. This is the most terrible experience I've had with my hair, even the dreadlocks one doesn't come close. 

      I decided to get some hair beads to add to my styling options. I'll do a practice style and see how it goes.
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      03 February, 2017

      One Month Post Relaxer

      Can you believe that it's been 4 weeks already? 

      Health Update 

      I feel better now but I'm still cautious with the supplements. I take the Mielle every other day just like the nature's bounty HSN. I've decided to work with just the nature's bounty for the rest of my journey. I may pause it occasionally to try a biotin or the bamboo vitamins. I won't be taking Mielle again because even though it works, my body doesn't tolerate it so well. Other ladies love it though!

      Before the wash.

      I got my hair cornrowed for a while to take a break. Since it's my own hair, I'm still in the challenge. 

      I'll share more pictures when my neck heals. ( I have a severe neck pain I can't seem to understand). 
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      Moisturizing and Sealing Products To Use Up

      One of the oils in my stash is the cantu sheabutter gel oil. This will be the oil for sealing until I empty it.

      I'll use it after moisturizing with water, rose water and then the Mielle Organics hair milk in different combinations. I will also attempt a Prepoo with it and see how it goes. Lol. The things we do for hair.

      The next one is the cantu sheabutter split end mender. Honestly, I don't see anything unique about this product. It's just too watery for me. I'll use it as a braid spray to keep my hair hydrated each time I wear cornrows ( Yes, I got the pass to braid my own hair in cornrows so that's OK).

      The last one is the cantu sheabutter hair lotion. When these three get empty, I can then use up the newer items.

      Have you used the gel oil before ?
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