Bleaching My Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking soda

It's one of the craziest and riskiest adventure I've embarked on since 2011! I mean to dye my hair with hydrogen peroxide is a crazy thing but was it worth it? 

Before the application.

Watch the video for preparation and application.

All you need are the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide ( our home always has a bottle that we use for brushing our teeth. My mom was a fan of this product). 

Don't add anything else to it.

Because my new growth was dye free, it took the application a short time to work. The already dyed parts may need a second application.

To take advantage of this dye,  I want to track my new growth as I take the supplements to see if they really work as I've imagined. 

I'm also not relaxing until after 12 weeks post relaxer so I'm not worried about any chemical touching this already chemically treated hair. 

Yes, it's like that. I'm not relaxing for health reasons. My scalp is healing very well and I don't want to set it back. To be able to relax only 3-4 times this year is a must! Lol.


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