24 February, 2017

Wash Day (TWA)

I've been enjoying a simple routine. No need to fight with bobby pins and comb. The tapered cut was not a long term thing; I intend to grow it out the TWA; let me  have fun with it. I'm now 7 weeks post relaxer too.


I used the carion shampoo to cleanse the hair and deep conditioned with Dark and Lovely Amla legend mask. Though the natural hair is short, proper care will ensure fast hair growth as well as healthy hair. 

I applied kinky curly knot today leave in (I've mixed the last bit with water Lol). I sealed with my hair growth oil mix consisting of Jamaican black castor oil and a host of natural oils. I scarfed the hair down and applied mousse to the relaxed parts for smooth drying. 

At night, I apply a bit of the oil to the natural section and off to bed.

I have 9 weeks more to reach the first goal I've set for myself (no disclosure yet). When it happens, you'll know so keep reading posts to stay up to date.

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