January-March Grow An Inch Update

This 2017, I made the decision to pay attention to the growth and health of my hair.

I was taking the Mielle organics hair vitamins but couldn't stand the nauseating feeling after taking it so I dropped it and moved on to my trusted nature's bounty HSN and then switched to  mane choice manetabolism plus.

As at the end of January, I had about half an ich of growth. Moving from 1/4 to 1/2 is good progress. I notice my growth slows down considerably without supplements so it's a success. 


So far, it seems my hair has been growing at the 1/2 an inch. It will be hard to tell since I big chopped but by June, we'll see if there's been a massive progress.


After the big chop, I increased my water intake, used aloe vera daily on the hair, applied my castor oil mixture daily and made sure to take my supplements. By mid of March, I noticed an increase in the length. I added onion shampoo which I used every day in the third week. I'd to use it up as it was stinking terribly.

I also was diligent with the Sulphur oil daily. I used this at night after wash and made sure to sleep in a satin bonnet.

For week four, I continued with the daily onion shampoo wash. Did it increase growth? I'm not sure. However, that mix is great for stopping excessive shedding. 

The plan for April,  May, and June. 

  • Continue using the sulphur oil and use up the current batch.  I have about 500ml mixture waiting to be used. I also want to use up the wild growth oil. I'll be using on the scalp at least three times a week and daily on the edges. 

  • Take the nature's bounty HSN vitamins and finish it by June. 

  • Scalp massages as often as possible. 

These are the main hair growth techniques and products I use. 

I'll do a length check at the end of June. 


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