Hibiscus Shampoo Wash Day (2 Months Natural)

I'm 8 weeks Post big chop and about 14 weeks  Post relaxer which means I'm gaining length too.

I didn't Prepoo for the fact that I use oils and butters during the week which are more than enough to protect the hair.

I've done two washes this week: the second time, I deep conditioned with aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor and the Native Child deep conditioner. I left the products on for some minutes before rinsing.
I applied the Jamaican black castor oil hair food to seal the hair. The next morning,  I misted the hair with the rose water glycerin spritz and some hibiscus leave in encoder sealing with the hair food again.

My hair is definitely thriving and it's  very thick. I've been applying the wild growth hair oil and the Jbco sage on the edges daily. My hair shrinks a lot but I'm not bothered about that now. If I can go even two years without needing to stretch the hair after washing,  my life will certainly be easier. I'll read about that for more information.

I still take the beautifully bamboo hair skin and nails vitamins daily. I also drink the bamboo tea.

How's is your hair doing?


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