Affordable Hair Skin And Nails Vitamins In Ghana

What are the most affordable hair skin and nails vitamins in Ghana? 

  • Nature's bounty HSN vitamins as well as the gummies. The nature's bounty HSN we have is 230 capsules for 120gh which is the cheapest on the market. The same applies to the gummies. 

  • Next is Now Foods biotin. The price ranges from 40gh to 120. The 40gh is 60 capsules which can last two months 

  • Beautifully bamboo vitamins: These are also very affordable for 90gh when others are 140gh!  Takw advantage of this and pee order yours. 

  • Last one is spring valley biotin which is the same price as the now foods biotin. 

  • You'll also find manetabolism Plus vitamins,  mielle organics hair vitamins, hairfinity in the online shop ( and perfectil at the pharmacies) . 

I've taken all these supplements before buty favourite for now is the beautifully bamboo. The one with immediate effect was the mielle organics vitamins and the one with the most visible result was the manetabolism Plus (if I were to take these two vitamins again,  I'll stick to one capsule  a day because juat one a day equally works. 


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