27 August, 2017

Growing Natural Hair Quickly

I've been enjoying the tapered cut and the back, which is mostly natural is getting fuller.

I don't intend reshaping as I want to grow it out to braid up. I've been contemplating on this for a while and have decided to still keep the hair natural. The target is to braid by October but if that doesn't happen, I'll settle for December.

The only growth aid I'm using is the mane choice oil which is amazing!
I use it as often as three times a week on the scalp and hair.

As for supplements, I'm back on the women's vitamins since I didn't finish the last set Lol. No wastage here. It's enough for about some months after which I'll be back on the regular hair skin and nails; most likely beautifully bamboo vitamins.
So, join me on the quest to grow back this hair for a braid!!!!!

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