I May Never Be Able To Wear Braids

When you caution yourself several times and fail to heed your own advice, know that you'll pay for it.

After the aloe vera treatment to calm my scalp, I've been paying extra attention to the scalp massages. I find them quite relaxing but unfortunately, I'm unable to use the massage brush due to the pain.

I'm certain the pull and tug of the braid, cornrows have made my scalp sensitive. I've been off braids for months and yet the pain has isn't subsided.

Pictured is actress Moesha ( Ghanaian actress).
I can't touch the crown region at all. When I massage the scalp, that part hurts so much that I've stayed off touching it. It's that bad. I guess from the tone of the post you've realized I'm quite worried and sad. If not braiding will help heal my scalp, I'm in.
I haven't discussed this with any of my journey partners as the decision lies on me.

I'm off braids and probably forever. I'm really down guys and I hope the next post will bear exciting news.


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