2 Weeks Post Relaxer Hair Care Routine

The tapered cut is getting fuller especially as it is relaxed. I like my hair and although I'm unsure of what the future holds, I've made peace with myself that my hair decisions will always be unplanned and as indecisive as my personality.

Anyway, it's been quite fun in the boot camp and I've learnt new techniques from the ladies too.
For my routine, I use hair milk and seal with with either my ESO hair oil (my own hair growth oil) or with Jamaican black castor oil hair food daily. At night, I use only the hair milk and cover with a cap to bed. Maintaining moisture at this length has to be a priority if I want to have a successful 12 weeks stretch. I don't wish to have over processed hair or overlapped relaxers hence the focus on moisture.

As for growth, I've secured enough supplements and the hair oils are boom! I'll follow the boot camp wash routines each week thus every wash day post from 1st October is in accordance with boot camp rules. 😊😊😊😊

The key aspect of the routine is the weekly wash and daily moisturizing which really ensures moisture retention.
My hair now.

I'd usually aim for 6 weeks first but if my moisture game is on point, adding another 6 weeks wouldn't be a trouble.


  1. It will be great if you post the stuff that you used for your hair care. Plus good to see that it really worked well for you and the results are super amazing.


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