My Hair Regimen

This page is all about my  hair regimen. I talk about the hair products, the steps, how often I care for the hair and how I balance the whole regimen.

Wash Routine (See a video of my hair routine here)

I usually wash my hair once a week; I may wash twice if I use gels or some products to test out. This regimen may vary from week to week depending on what I have in store. However, the basic steps are what I’ve listed below.

  1. Pre-poo with oil for at least 1 hour with deep conditioning cap . If I want to go to the salon, I simply apply the oil early enough to allow it to work. My prepoo treatments vary each week with different oil combinations. I may use virgin coconut oil or a mix of oils like baobab and neem oils. 
  2. Shampoo with Sulfate free shampoo once a week; use sulfate based shampoo once every 2 or 3 weeks. There are times I use a cleansing conditioner instead of a sulfate free shampoo. I focus on cleaning the hair whilst maintaining moisture. 
  3. Use a moisturizing deep conditioner weekly. I use a protein deep conditioner when I undo braids, and once every 2 or 3 weeks and follow with moisturizing deep conditioner. I prefer light protein treatments as my texlaxed/relaxed hair doesn’t love protein. I also switch to protein moisturizers or leave ins when I need to add some protein. 
  4. Apply moisturizing leave -in. I prefer creamy leave ins to liquid ones. 
  5. Seal with sheabutter or oil mix. I moisturize and seal at least twice a week though I do daily if the harmattan is severe. 


1. Prepoo with virgin coconut oil or  oil mix for at least 1 hour

2. Do a Coffee or tea rinse. I use this rinse also on wash days or if I’m not able to do it during the week. 

3. Co-wash with conditioner and deep condition

4. Apply leave in

5. Seal with oils or butter

Night Routine

1. Apply Moisturizer. I prefer thick and creamy moisturizers as they don’t leave the hair feeling wet.

3. Seal with oil

4. Cover with satin cap

****Last Updated: 24th March, 2017


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