Tropic Isle Aloe Vera Jamaican black castor oil review 

Smell: Extremely mild. It’s like aloe but the scent is very subtle.


Thickness: not like the regular Jbco. I like it that way because that means no need for dilution and it’s very easy to massage onto the scalp.

How I use it

In my oil mix as sealant and for my son’s body oil. I use different oils because I have normal skin; he has dry skin but normal skin for face.

Results? I’ll have an updated review in a couple of months time when I  use it alone in several ways. For now, I’ve mixed it up with other oils to help keep our skin healthy.

Author: abena

I’m Abena Nyarkoaa and I’m passionate about healthy hair and skin care. My fvourite is sharing what I learn with others.

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