When To Take Vitamins?

nature's bounty extra strength hair skin and nails vitamins

Hair vitamins or supplements can contribute to our overall health when used appropriately. For the past months, supplements have been an integral part of my daily routine. I started with biotin and added some hair, skin and nails later on.

When others embark on a hair journey, the key motivation is long hair. Since one can’t grow long hair overnight, these supplements come in to reach our goals faster, enjoy more thickness and also get to show off all our hard work.

Each bottle of supplement has its own directions and dosage. That’s the first thing to examine when purchasing these products. In addition to that, each ingredient has a role to play and if you have an allergy, it may impact negatively on the body.

If you ask me when to take vitamins, I’ll say do an experiment and find out because we have different bodies and respond to products differently. When I can, I take the supplements in the morning with my breakfast. When I forget, I take it before going to bed. The key advice is to take them as directed- take after meals or with meals. There have been some complaints about nausea when these supplements are taken otherwise. Please stick to instructions.

nature's bounty hair, sin and nails gummies
nature’s bounty hair, sin and nails gummies

I find that I’m more energized and alert when I take the vitamins in the morning instead of evening. Each time I take them in the evening,  I don’t feel the impact it has but the morning routine is easily noticeable.

If you doubt which one works for you,  observe how you feel for about a week. Be sure to follow all the directions and stop taking them if you get symptoms of contraindications.

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