My Hair Journal: Castor Oil For Hair Growth

 I do not usually step out of my comfort zone but with the well-known naturals venturing out to try new things, I finally decided to get adventurous with my hair. There have been a lot of raves about how castor oil can promote hair growth especially the hair at the edges.

I am going to try out  castor oil  to grow my hair. I purchased mine from a pharmacy.

Duration: From 23rd March, 2012 to 1st July, 2012
Application: massage it into my scalp every night through out the week.
Update: Every month

You are most welcome to be my challenge partner.


  1. Hi Emprezz is there any difference btn this castor oil and JBCO? thnx

  2. ghanaianemprezz3:35 pm

    What I know is that the Jbco is not as refined as the regular castor oil.


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