24 Hours of Torture

 What is the torture?  AfroDiva shared her lock extensions in BAD HAIR DAY: GHANAIAN LOCK EXTENSIONS. Today, I share my terrible experience.
The stylist started the individual braids around 8 am and by 1 pm, the wrapping was started.
 By the time we were through, it was already  past 6 pm in the evening. When I asked the braider to dip the braids in warm water to reduce the stiffness, she bluntly told me it won't work for that braid! I had to leave but unfortunately, our dear Electricity Company did their usual thing; Blackout.
I got home and for the next hour, I began to feel pains in my scalp.
The Wrapping
However, by 9 pm, I started feeling extreme pain around the edges such that I could not put my head on a pillow. I tried to sleep but could not lay down the head so I sat on the bed. When I could not take the pain anymore, I put half a bucket of water on fire to prepare hot water. I thought dipping the braid in the water will loosen it up. This was around midnight and all was quiet. I managed to get dh to help me do the dipping. I used a towel to wipe the excess water. The pain got worse!
End Product
I soaked the towel in the hot water and used heat from the towel to massage my scalp. It did not help. All this while, I was using a torch light to work since the lights were still not back. I sat on the bed with hands supporting the head. I could not close my eyes so I sat on the bed engulfed in darkness. I felt like crying.

Around 2 am, the lights were back so I went to the living room and sat in one of the chairs watching a movie. I managed to sleep for two hours whilst sitting down after I had  taken two tablets of Paracetamol. I took another set around 5 am. By 7 am, I started feeling feverish and when I could not endure the pain any more,  I put another hot water on fire in order to wrap the hair with a hot towel. This did not ease the pain. My head felt like I was carrying a barrel of water and the scalp felt like I was cutting through with a knife. I got up and decided to shower down to cool  the temperature. The moment I stepped into the shower, I grabbed a pair of scissors and starting cutting off the braids. It had cost me money but it could cost me my life!

Snap!The scissors was broken! I stepped out of the shower and put on a dress. I went to the hair dresser and by 9 am, the braids were out.

What a terrible night I had!



  1. Wow, sound like you had quite the ordeal. It is definately not worth all that pain.I used to have sleepless nights after braiding my hair. A friend even told me that applying any vaseline-like cream to the scalp eased some of the tightness. Sometimes it helped, others it didn't depending on how tight the sadistic braider had pulled it. I finally found the dream braider. She DOES NOT yank on your scalp and when you tell her that it is too tight, she eases up. Everyone I have introduced her to comes back glowing. A friend even took her mother ( who would only wear wigs) to her for a weave on :)

  2. First of all, thanks for your comments.
    Thank God you've got a good braider. I've since found a better braider who installed my current braids. Back on campus I had a lady who installed some individual braids and right after leaving, I could twist and turn the hair to my taste. I thank God I found this one. She also knows how to flat iron properly and uses quality products. But I have learnt not to trust any hair dresser.


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