I Am Not A Ghanaian?

From my experiences and chats with my friends and fellow naturals, I've noticed four main assumptions about naturals in Ghana. To be  natural means:
  • You are a Foreigner
  • You are Poor 
  • You are Religious or
  • You are Uneducated
Today's post is about not being a Ghanaian if you have natural hair.
I once  traveled from Cape Coast  to Accra. On the bus, I had the opportunity to share a seat with a young man. The minute the bus took off, he struck a chat with me about my hair and wardrobe.  The first question that popped up was "Are you a Ghanaian?" I asked him"why?" His first statement was "you don't look like  a Ghanaian". This was not the first time someone had said that to me.

I inquired as to why he had that notion and the response was because of my hair! He answered,"you have the appearance of a Jamaican woman or Black American lady". I couldn't stop laughing.  I am 100% Ghanaian from the central region of GH. He nodded but you could sense he was not convinced.

Have you ladies had such encounters before? 



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