The Apprentice

Sometimes, an apprentice becomes the first point of call upon entering a salon.

What happens when the madam is absent?

Back in my undergraduate level, I lived in one of the new settlements on campus. The only salon available was about 20 minutes walk from my hostel.  I went there one day to have my hair done. Unfortunately for me, the madam was not available. Since it was the only available salon, I decided to give the apprentice a try. At least washing hair shouldn't be difficult.

I was wrong! I ended up with a wet dress and tangled hair during the wash.It seemed she had no experience with  this routine. I asked her how long she had been there and she said six months. My goodness! I again asked her if she had done someone's hair before and she answered in the affirmative. So why was I the unfortunate one?

She then had to roller set which took about an hour. When it was time for styling, she asked me what I wanted. I told her to create any pretty style. What a mistake! For close to thirty minutes, she kept combing the hair back and forth. Eventually, I asked her to do what most stylists in Ghana know best; turn up.

I 've since then, learnt not to allow any apprentice to touch my hair except for braids. I'd rather postpone my hair appointment.

Have you had an experience with an apprentice? 


  1. Oh yeah! Just last weekend I went to a salon for proximity's sake ... hmmm. The sink was way too high for my neck. I mean, I had to practically sit on my hands and try to push up. The madam wasn't there, and senior apprentice was fixing a weave-on, so I got stuck with apprentice junior. She, was scrubbing my scalp way too hard and usiong her nails and was pressing my head/neck into the basin. I know I'm short but come on, I have been to other salons with no problem. I eventually told 'junior' to lay off of the nails and pressing. I got some looks from some of the others there... and when I said I didnt want any setting lotion in my hair, one girl actually made a rude noise. The back of my neck just stopped aching. Ahhhh but I love Ghana.

  2. This is so unfortunate. I have learnt to wash my own hair and air dry or rollerset.
    Give it a try and you'll be amazed at what you can do.
    I'll only visit a salon for a touch up; I'll keep my eyes wide open for any mishap.


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