Seven Things (TAG)

I got this  from Ally at myhealthyhairjourney in a 7 things about me tag. The rule is simply list seven things about myself.
  1.   I completed my senior secondary school education at the age of 17. The average age is 18!
  2. I love watching "House of Payne" by Tyler Perry. Curtis Payne keeps my day fresh.
  3. I prefer a dog to a cat. I can't stand the hairs that come off cats.
  4. I can't swim but I love going to the beach. The feel of the sea water on my feet is just amazing!
  5. I spent more than half of my life in Tamale (the Northern Region). I'm from the Central Region. I miss the place so much!!!!!
  6. I love to surf the net. I started checking my mails when most people were learning the parts of a computer.
  7. I visit my facebook page mainly to send goodwill messages to birthday celebrants. But I do chat with friends occasionally.


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