Sperms For Hair Growth?

How far will you go to achieve your hair length goals in the shortest possible time?

Faster hair growth is the dream of most of us. From yeast infection creams to honey, the recent discovery is the use of sperms. I was surprised to read that some ladies are willing to use animal and human sperms for hair growth. Now, I might join all the bandwagons but not this one!

 I don't know where they got the idea but they claim it helps the hair grow faster. In this era of hair care knowledge, I think we need to exercise some constraints before we find ourselves in very uncomfortable situations. So will a lady sleep with a guy to obtain the sperms for her hair?

Let me know what you think.



  1. LOL. Every time this topic comes up it thoroughly amuses me. What I wanna know is how a woman will attempt to capture and contain/store it. Now THAT'S what I wanna know.


  2. I wonder what the guy will think if he gets to know this.


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