Stretching: The Natural and Relaxed Version

--> "Stretch" is such a complex word both within the natural and relaxed hair worlds. Why? Well, let's examine  the connotative meaning then we'll look at the denotative meaning.

Connotatively, in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, there are more than eight meanings which include the following:
  1. to amplify or enlarge beyond natural or proper limits
  2. to pull taut
  3. to expand (as by improvisation) to fulfill a larger function
Now, with the denotative meaning, let's take a look at what it means with respect to natural hair.

Stretching Natural Hair
The most irritating part of wash days is when the hair shrinks! It becomes imperative to find a way of preventing such shrinkage That is where stretching comes in. There are various methods for carrying out this activity. Some involve using heat such as blow drying or using non-heat methods such as African threading and banding.
In order to stretch with heat, you can either use the blow drying with comb attachment method or tension blow dry method.
The blow drying with comb attachment makes use of the comb attachment of the blow dryer. You section the hair and pass the comb through each section. See the demo below by SalonCabelo

With the tension method, you section the hair, then stretch each section with your hands whilst applying the air from the dryer. See the demo below by  nalia1908

The African threading makes use of a form of a rubbery thread which is quite common here. It is known as and it that shiny tiny thread most women use in braiding. See the demo by judy4all

Lastly, the banding method uses hair bands. Once the hair has been sectioned, you place bands on it to keep it stretched. See the method below as done by LaBellaNatural

Now, on to relaxed hair stretching!

Stretching Relaxed Hair
For this type of hair, the issue is not with shrinkage; it has to do with how often you apply a relaxer. To avoid overprocessing and overlapping the relaxer, it is advisable to stretch for at least 8 weeks before touching up. Some ladies can stretch for more than a year; others go for 3 months or 6 months. Listen to how some stretching tips from Sunshyne

Keep on stretching!



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