My First Relaxer Stretch!

If I advice others to do something such as stretching, then, it's vital to apply the principle of leadership by example. This is how far I have come in my first relaxer stretch of the year! It's not been so difficult as I perceived it to be.

I deep conditioned the hair once a week with a medium protein treatment- ORS Hair Mayonnaise. I have found where to get Queen Helen Cholesterol treatment which is a moisture based deep conditioner. I'll alternating between the two to increase the moisture in the hair.

I also enjoyed the stretch because I had some braids and a weave to when I got bored with dealing with my hair. If you are out there contemplating on how to stretch, I encourage to read this post and start a healthy hair journey.

I love my hair so much now since I take better care of it and to show its appreciation, it got people asking me whether I had dyed my hair and how I have been able to achieve such a healthy looking hair.

I will also post some comparison pictures after the touch up for you!



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