My Hair Journal: After Weave Care

Last week, I took out my three weeks old weave (yeah, I can't do it for more than a month). My SO undid the braids with a pair of scissors. He's been doing it for me for the past four years and I love him for that (hi dear!).

I proceeded to put the hair into four sections, drenched it with ReFlexion conditioner in order to detangle. I used a wide tooth comb first followed by a medium tooth comb. Since I prefer to shampoo after dc, I added my ORS mayonnaise, put on a black poly bag, shower cap and satin scarf for firmer hold and went to bed!

Next morning, I used my Mane N Tail moisturizing shampoo followed by my ReFlexion conditioner. I mixed the two together because I felt too lazy to do a one-step at a time application. I, gently, scrunched with a t-shirt and added MVP leave-in. Since I had to go out, I put in a ponytail.

By evening time, the hair was dried. I'll be doing either a flexirod set or rollerset for the week. Stay tuned for a post on that.


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