Staying In-Betweeen: Texlax And Thermalax

--> These two terms have different meanings but follow a common principle. Whereas texlaxing is deliberately under processing the hair during the application of a relaxer in order to keep some texture, thermalaxing (thermal texturizers, heat training), on the other hand,  refers to the deliberate use of heat on natural hair to slightly change the hair's texture for manageability. 

When it comes to texlaxing, some relaxed ladies argue that the essence of the relaxer is to straighten and as such, it should be allowed to do its work to the fullest. However, some ladies have experienced series of set backs with bone straight hair and have opted for a better way of keeping some of their hair texture which also helps them to wear textured styles regardless of the fact that they use relaxers. 
Some have also discovered that texlaxing prevents them from experiencing relaxer burns among others. Texlaxing may be done by means of applying conditioner or oils to the relaxer before application. Some also use mild relaxers and reduce the relaxing time. Others also make use of texturizers and texture softeners. Here is an example of texlaxing by 

For naturals, the use of heat can generate serious conflicts but some have chosen to solve problems like SSKS (single strand knots) and shrinkage via regular application of heat. Others use heat during length checks to obtain a better view of their length. Some naturals have taken the step further to maintain straight hair by means of heat rather than chemicals but also maintain some texture in order to rock textured styles. Now, how is thermalaxing done? Watch Brittanynic16



  1. Tonkabelle11:17 am

    I never knew heat training was also known as thermalaxing. Thanks for this.

  2. ghanaianemprezz12:44 pm

    it's a combination of thermal and relaxing.


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