Hair Journal: Castor Oil For Hair Growth Update

From the 31st of March -1st July, I decided to use regular castor oil on my hair for growth. Check out the post on Castor Oil For Hair.
I mixed it up with some coconut oil and used it daily and I totally forgot that it was a challenge I set for myself. I was flipping through some previous posts when I came across the post on it. It also popped up at a time when I have decided to try the JBCO. Well, even though I didn't notice any change in hair growth rate, it did other things for the hair.
  • Moisturized hair: I noticed my hair was more moisturized with that combination more than using the coconut oil alone.
  • Thickness:My hair dresser requested for a bottle for her hair because she noticed the thickness of the hair despite the relaxer.
  • Hair breakage: I used to experience a lot of breakage on detangling days or whenever I combed my hair when I got the hair relaxed. That has diminished drastically and I believe it has worked well with the deep conditioners too.
  • Single Strand Knots: my goodness! this was a torture till I started the combo. I believe the moisturized hair kept the SSKs off
When I obtain the JBCO, I'll set another challenge.

Stay Tuned!



  1. Are you using a liquid coconut oil or one that is solid till you need to use it?

    1. I use the solid one but it melts easily when rubbed in the palms.

  2. Really? Castor oil can also help in hair growth? What I only believe in is the coconut oil benefits for hair. But mixing it with castor oil is a bit new to me. Would love to know more about this study. Thanks for sharing it by the way.


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