Hair Journal:Wash Day With Vitamin E Pre-poo

I decided to do a pre-poo with cayenne pepper infused in olive oil with Vitale hair growth serum. Wondering what pre-poo is? Pre-poo refers to the use of oils or conditioner to before shampoo since shampoos can dry out the hair by stripping it of all its oils. Remember the squeaky clean feeling you get sometimes after using a shampoo? A pre-poo can also be a form of hot oil treatment(a full post on this).
Even though I'd planned on using cod liver oil as part of the pre-poo, I found some left over vitamin E oil in capsules and chose to use that. I used two capsules and the smell was sooooo fishy and awful. I topped it up with the cayenne vitale hair oils. That did not mask the smell completely but made it more tolerable for bed. The pre-poo also rehydrated my hair. How? I put a poly on the hair first, followed by a shower cap and a beanie just to avoid a smelly pillow case as well as offending dh's sense of smell. That produced a green house effect (a post on that soon).

Next morning, I shampooed the hair and it felt awesomeeeeeeeee!!! I then applied the Queen Helene cholesterol deep conditioner and covered up again with the same materials. That was washed out after four hours, followed by leave-in. Since I wanted a smoother hair whilst air drying, I used my favourite-flexi rods(I will use rollers when I get a hooded dryer because I can't sleep in those).

Fortunately for me, by bed time, the hair was some how dry so I took out the rods.

Catch you later!


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