My Hair Journal: Testing Mango Deep Conditioner

What a way to start my experiments for this month! I decided to give my hair some moisture because of the dry air this week and assembled some few kitchen ingredients for the test.

What I used
One medim size mango (blended)
Aloe vera "meat" ( one leave)
4 tablespoons of sunflower oil
1 tablespoon of honey

What happened?
I whipped all together and put it on my hair, section by section.

I,then, covered with a poly bag and shower cap for 3 hours.

Wash Time
I contemplated on either using a conditioner after rinsing the mango dc out or to leave it. Ok, I opted to use a conditioner afterwards to note what happens the next day. After washing the hair with water under the shower, the hair felt so soft and had some good hang! Next day, the hair was not dry and felt better moisturized than before.

The Mistakes
The mango was not smooth; possibly because it was not soft enough. Well,I had some real difficulty in getting the particles out. Lesson? Get a very very ripped mango and blend it well.

Friday-Second Time
I won't use a conditioner after rinsing and will report on that too!


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