My Hair Journal: Yoghurt Deep Conditioner

This Saturday, I used a yoghurt deep conditioner. My Verdict? Keep reading.
Since I've run out of protein based deep conditioner, I gathered the following ingredients for a home made one. I shampooed first with Mane N Tail moisturizing shampoo.
What I used
Three tablespoons of plain yoghurt
One egg yolk
Aloe vera "meat" (one leave)
2 tablespoons of Olive oil
1 tablespoon of honey

What happened?
I whipped all together and put it on my hair, section by section, covered with two poly bags, shower cap and a beanie for 3 hours.
Wash Time
This is where I noticed something unusual. After rinsing with cold water, the hair felt like a bag of fresh concrete had been poured in it; it was so clumbed together and felt harrrrrrrrrd! Gosh, I was scared! I washed twice with Optimum Stay Strong conditioner which eliminated  some of the hardness. But, when I applied my leave-in, coconut oil + sheabutter and combed through, the hardness became minimal.
Post Wash
I added about 1 teaspoon of ORS heat protection serum and blow dried a section on cool setting to check if I needed an emergency moisture dc. The hair was surprisingly ok and I noticed another thing. Instead of being puffy like it normally does, the hair laid down pretty well.
To me, I think this combo qualifies for protein treatment for my hair but I will be using it in conjunction with a moisturizing deep conditioner.

Second Attempt?
Either only egg or only yoghurt.

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Stay tuned for more experiments!


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