My Hair Journal:Wash Day And New Discoveries

My cornrows had been itching like hell and since I know how my hair acts when washed in braids, I took them out.
New Discovery
When I took the rows out, I pondered on whether to use Aloe Vera juice to detangle or use the Queen Helen (the deep conditioner) as I normally deep condition before shampoo. When I touched the dc, I, immediately, noticed that it had no slip like the ORS Mayonnaise.
Somehow, I got this interesting idea of shampooing first so that after deep conditioning, I detangle as by then, the hair will be softer. I sectioned the hair into four and when I lathered on the shampoo on the first section, the hair felt so slippery! This is the first time I've used the Mane n Tail Moisturizing shampoo before deep conditioning. I finger combed the shampoo through each section. I washed it out and did a second shampoo whilst combing through each section to detangle. I couldn't believe that this shampoo could work well as a detangler.

Deep Conditioning
Next was to use the Queen Helen. I placed a poly bag over the hair and covered with shower cap for 2 hours. It smells goooood and my hair was well moisturized. I rinsed it out, applied leave-in, ORS heat protection serum and blow dried section by section. Then came an experiment with a flat iron. Since I purchased it about a month ago, I haven't used it so today, I gave it a try using a maximum of two passes per each section.

What do you think?

I put it in flexirods for bed. For tomorrow, which is a public holiday,  I've decided to go out and have some fun at a lakeside. We'll see what happens at the end of the day.



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