Change In Hair Plans

Yesterday, I carried out the first part of the  September Deep Conditioning Rendezvous. Here we go!

I was supposed to co-wash before applying the Dark n Lovely Ultra-Cholesterol but just as I stepped into the shower to co-wash, I recalled that the first time I used this product, I had co-washed with one of my conditioners before application. The hair came out feeling a bit hard implying that I had too much protein; the conditioner is probably protein based. So I put the conditioner down and just rinsed the hair with water.
I applied the DL cholesterol for the stipulated 7 mins and rinsed out. Let me borrow some terms; the hair felt soft, butter like smoothness, light, am out of words! I was completely taken aback with the results! Truth be told, I hadn't used any Dark n Lovely product before I went natural. I used this cholesterol treatment when I was natural to stop breakage and a few weeks ago when I wanted a cheaper alternative to the ORS Replenishing Conditioner. I absolutely loved the end results so am sticking to this technique especially since it has replaced the week day co-wash!!!

I was asked by one of my BLMGirls if I won't have a protein overload. Well, during my first stretch, the only product I had was the ORS Mayonnaise which I used every week. I didn't have breakage or severe shedding during the 13 weeks. I, only, chose to try a combination of moisture and protein deep conditioners to see how it works.  It is from this experience plus the ORS replenishing conditioner results that I finally decided a little protein will do my hair a lot of good. Aside this, I use a moisture based deep conditioner (Queen Helene Cholesterol) EVERY weekend so I believe it will work out well.

Because I won't carry out the rest of the rendezvous, I got my hair corn rowed for wigging for the rest of the month. I'll deep condition the hair whilst in this style.

Oh! I nearly forgot. During my rounds yesterday, I mustered courage to venture into one of Max Mart centres around Legon ECG( People kept saying their products are expensive). I needed to stock up on sunflower oil and because I had a difficult time locating one  in the markets, I decided to  take the bull by the horn by going into a no-go zone lol. When I entered, I went to the oils section and they have a variety to pick from- grapeseed oil, corn oil, sesame seed oil etc! The price of the sunflower oil was the same as the market one. Curiosity got the better part of me so I scanned through each of their sections. They  even have a  discount on most the hair products which means that these were cheaper than those at the mall.
*Granier Fructis hair products
*Heads and Shoulders
*Herbal Essence

Now, I have another shop to rely on.

Stay tuned for more updates!!!!



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