Coconut Cream Deep Conditioner

Its time for some creativity!. If you have some coconut cream/milk siting around somewhere, then grap it for your deep conditioning. 
Check out the recipes and be sure I'll give you an update on how it worked for me.

Coconut milk contains protein and water which strengthens and moisturizes the hair.
Mixture 1
  1. Get a can of coconut cream/milk.
  2. Place it on damp freshly washed hair
  3. Add a plastic cap to over your head
  4. Sit under a warm dryer or use a steam cap
  5. Sit for about 30 minutes, then remove the steam cap
  6. Keep the coconut cream on your hair for another 30 minutes while you relax
  7. Then rinse out and style
Mixture 2-Banana, Aloe vera jucie, oils, honey and coconut milk
  1. Add 1 peeled banana, a cup of Aloe vera juice and oils of your choice(eg olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil), a teaspoon of honey 
  2. Add your coconut milk and stir/blend for smoothness
  3. Apply to damp freshly washed hair
  4. Use your deep conditioning method-eg covering with plastic cap etc
  5. Rinse out the conditioner and style
Mixture 3- Egg, Olive oil, honey
  1. Pour out the coconut milk
  2. Add one egg
  3. Add the olive oil
  4. Add the honey
  5. Mix it all together and be sure it blends well
  6. Use your  deep conditioning  method eg sitting under hooded dryer
  7. Rinse out the conditioner and style
Mixture 4

Avocado with coconut cream and oils.Iammrssouverin uses this method. 

You can get the coconut milk at Max Mart shopping centres.
PS: I'll post my results from this deep conditioner God willing, tomorrow.



  1. Tonkabelle9:05 pm

    Thanks for the lovely recipes, would love to see your results.


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